Andrew Anglin Pushes False 9/11 Narrative and Covers for Jewish Terrorism

By: Blindlight – The Watcher on the Wall 

I am still pondering the subject of what just happened after the ‘911 Andrew Anglin’ article aftermath. Late last night, after producing this video, I started thinking through the ramifications of these blasphemous claims made by Anglin from his September 12th redo of his 911 article where he back tracked, seemingly, from his original  assertion that Arabs were primarily responsible for 911.

Actually, it turns out he didn’t really backtrack because, as he says, if they coulda done it without Israel’s help they woulda and like Israel, Saudis are fake allies who hate us so, yes, we must blame them because they are actually just “sand monkeys” who dislike us for our freedoms!

After deNugent called him to the carpet in an email stating this:

“Well, it’s been 15 years since 19 Moslems, mostly from Saudi Arabia, blew up our towers and George W. Bush declared “war on terrorism.”

This is the David Duke-Don Black line, and Andrew Anglin is now overtly in bed with them, as even a cursory glance at the DS website demonstrates. Mike Delaney is livid, since this sentence attacks his truthful and masterful 2008 911MissingLinks documentary.  However, I did point out to Mike that a bit over halfway down in the Anglin article I find this sentence: 

“There is also a real possibility that Israel itself planned or assisted with the 911 attacks.”

So is Anglin is having it both ways…. and maybe going both ways just for now? Is he going to gradually tone down the Jew authorship of 9/11 until it is totally gone and go full-Duke/Black on this?

deNugent then asks this:

So I would appreciate your frank answer, Andrew. Do you believe Israel and the Jews did 9/11, or was it, as Michael Moore, David Duke and Alex Jones say, “the Saudis”?

Second question:

“Has anyone that I or Mike Delaney know physically SEEN you in the last month?”

Third question:

 Would you be willing to go on Skype video chat with Mike or with me, and prove you are okay and you are in fact you?”

we have these prime Anglin quotes he gave in response. Within this text, I look back at many WN false flag reactions and see this very same orchestrated behavior in their responses. So what if Arabs did’t do this, we need to scapegoat Arabs out so we will use it!  Anglin goes on to say this:

“The Saudis are stupid, hateful monkeys, and would have wanted to do 911 either way. Moslems celebrated 911 across the planet. They are constantly calling for more attacks……So, there isn’t really any conceivable difference between “Jews did 911” and “Saudis did 911.” They are allies, they both hate America and they both wanted to start all of these wars in the Middle East to take down their enemies. They have both been caught recently providing support for ISIS. Their interests overlap 100%.”

Who does this man work for? 


I have referred to this characterization, that Saudis and Jews are providing support for ISIS as intentionally sloppy truth or in actuality, misdirection. It’s strongly believed by many that Jews are behind the war on terror as well as THE CREATION of ISIS. This allows Anglin, by stating it this way, to claim that Jews don’t conspire and simply try to influence evil, bad Muslims who are already acting out. This also underplays the reality that the Saudi Kings are essentially Jewish, western creations totally being good goy,…assuming the family are goy to begin with, which is in doubt.

Anglin went on to say:

“So, yes. The Jews did do 911. But only because it would have been impossible for the Arabs to pull-off such an event without Jewish help. If the Saudis had been capable of getting the US government to let them do it, they would have done it on their own. They wanted these wars just as much as Israel, because any stable, secular Arab government is a threat to Saudi Arabia in the same way it is a threat to Israel.”

I find it interesting that Anglin has to resort to high speculation to  try and get substance for his evil Saudi Arabs theory, never mind that by stating that 19 Muslims did 911 and not mentioning “controlled demolitions” he is counting on his mostly clueless low IQ white followers to totally miss the misdirection and regurgitate his words to others as facts.

A bucket full of WN shills. 

As I pondered this Anglin article for 24 hours, a bad taste sat in my mouth. He had won over his critics with “lawyer talk” and his critics were pacified. John deNugent was pacified, seemingly!

It took  me about a day to see the problem. It goes back to the fact Anglin has intentionally for the last three years accepted Jewish explanations for false flag events to build an anti-Muslim narrative. At the same time, he has bad mouthed those that would challenge Jewish explanations of these events and basically called them bad for the movement and MAYBE THEY SHOULD LEAVE?

I, now, see that without these lies sold as truth,  he couldn’t make these speculations about Muslim objectives and have them accepted without people falling for the cons he sold. Happily, I pointed out his false flag intentional misdirections almost everytime as they were occurring and anyone who has been a regular reader of mine can attest to that fact if they have paid attention. I began in the spring of 2015 with an all out Anglin assault on these matters.

Clearly, those in deNugent’s email clique that took part in this back and forth on Tuesday were quite easily sold  that Andrew’s core explanations of why Muslims can be blamed have merit ( a very worrisome, problematic fact and until corrected, there is no hope for our cause)

Then I see a Lana Lokteff or an Angelo Gage, foaming at the mouth over Muslims after a staged event and I see, “It’s not madness, what they are doing, it’s subversion of the movement they are leading  in the service to the Jew!” A trick the Jews have been doing with dissent (making it fake by leading it) for centuries.

It’s called “conning the goy” and you need to know! 


36 thoughts on “Andrew Anglin Pushes False 9/11 Narrative and Covers for Jewish Terrorism

    1. @ Aria..

      They NEED to offer something. It’s a sacrifical gesture from ancient Hebrew symbolism.

      They gibe some ‘real meat’ but in the typical jewish twisted way.

      the mix lies with half truths and truths tout court. At the end the news you get are unspendable. And confusing, to say the least. Intimidating to the masses, to say it clearly.

      You have a test you can submit: ask them how they feel about the Holocau$tianism. A new faith hitting the top of the pops down in the zio-strip.

      It’s the better way to see where they’re leaning to…

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      1. Reading back the article I’m able to find more clues which can further the discussion about these net polluters & gatekeepers, who are nothing but co-starring actors on the global zio stage.

        -they are ludicrous and dangerous. In fact, anybody is currently able to detect the filth into the libtardish movement. The ‘left’ has been used and abused (and still is) by the cabal. But nowadays, it turns out to be deeply discredited. Killary is just a private chess game of the CFR.
        On the contrary, a ‘new movt’, allegedly a ‘nationalist’ one, self-labelling itself and its rainbow warriors as ‘righters’, it’s indeed able to trigger the disgusted, average man of the street’s attention back into the system’s narrative and to push consensus and votes to the disguised enemy: the orange gorillion and his puppetteers.
        These corrupted agents are much more dangerous than a feminist, zio social warrior-dyke.
        They must be bashed and busted mercilessly, as they are the enemy.

        -meanwhile the jews who control the game and dispense the buck do play their twisted games.
        They enjoy themselves in littering what once was the ‘traditional America’ of faggots & perverts. An ‘Open Society’ right into the ‘right’, so to say.
        They enjoy the game as much as putting a homosexual mongrel as president and gifting him of a First Tranny.
        Zio jews always have at least a double goal to aim at! Let’s be aware of it.


    1. I abducted John in his sleep with my fellow aliens and now he believes we’re all Pleiadians destined to colonize Mars with white men and banish white women to Venus. Our home planet is Aldebaran and we should keep it white and bright. My apologies for the sarcasm, but John the Nutter is just as wacko.

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      1. Thank you. That was my point. I met him one time. He won’t remember me; I’m not a cute young man.

        He’s written some good things – but Anglin has accomplished a lot. De Nugent? Errr….aaaahh….uuuhhhh…


      2. Haha lol, Anglin believes in trolls and tentacles, which is just as awkward 😛 The whole alt-right is a muppet show and I’m glad that European nationalists are more serious. Although our nationalist celebs are also corrupt clowns…

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    1. He honestly believes Muslims are responsible for false flags , when clearly these are perpetrated by a Mossad , CIA collaboration with the help of Jewish media to legitimise the lies.Come on Anglin is smarter than this ,why is he shielding these things.He constantly makes excuses about these events by saying ” I’m not into consipracy theories ” Just a little bit of research shows its a Jewish job in all these events.
      Somthing is fishy about it.

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      1. Yes I did.
        Anglin has done good things , but stops short on mostly all false flags naming the Jew,
        “It’s Muslims he yells”
        Come on what’s going here?

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      2. Fuck all of you. Anglin has done a great deal more than any of you. He calls out the jew daily, if not hourly. As for the race-mixing claim, he admitted to it. It was before he was racially conscious. You are all likely paid shills or your jealous for some fucked up reason. There is no reason to denounce anyone who is clearly against the jews. Have any of you read Matt Hale’s book, Racial Loyalty Manifesto? Instead of attacking Anglin, GET TO WORK; there is much to be done!


      3. You’re really okay with a “White” man who blames White women for White genocide? If you think being “anti jew” is the litmus test for who to trust then go make some friends with the arabs. We have been “at work” for years now. What are you doing besides bitching on a comments section?

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      4. I don’t want to argue with other people who are pro-white and anti-jew. I apologize for starting shit on your comments section. Lets not spend our time attacking each other. I don’t agree with all of Anglin’s opinions and tactics. But I like what he’s doing. And clearly, I don’t agree with all of your opinions, but I like what your doing as well. I wish you the best and I will continue to read your posts.


  1. Self-confessed Race Mixer Anglin – who once claimed there were no Nazis in Spain, is about as reliable as idiot De Nugent – who claimed recently on the EKP website, that Half Indian Jack Sengupta – was in-fact part Mediterranean and was therefore as good as the rest of us!

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  2. I have been blocked on Twitter – although I still don’t know why. Also, I have not blocked anyone – despite the gossip! Twitter are responsible for it – not myself! Looks like I will have to set up a new account! 14w Grimreaper88


    1. I detest those zio ‘social’ platforms.
      Ive got rid of them years ago when some Revisionist buddies were shoah’d there.

      Its Amazing to observe, no country nor informatic expert group, “hackers” etc. manages to create new and independent social platforms.
      Sounds like the story of Visa & Mastercard. They all criticize them, they all use it.

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  3. Btw, I have been blocked on Twitter – although, I still do not know why! Despite some Trolls suggesting otherwise, Twitter are responsible – not myself! Looks like I will have to set up a new account 14w Grimreaper88


  4. Want a Litmus Test?

    Just check out the production level of those gatekeepers.
    The direction of the vids, the studio, the location used, their on-air interviews. A. Jones, Rebel media, Ice radio too et al.
    They manage to ship their correspondents anywhere, providing them with body guards, if needed.
    Cant u smell any pork’s stink?

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  5. Now, how can a honest, ostracized and persecuted Truther, a real Nationalist arrange and set up instruments like those ones, the above indicated gatekeepers use?

    Trips abroad, interviews, on-air shows, invitations on msm related shows…

    Isn’t it porky enough?

    Where do the bucks for their heinous disinfo come? From donations?
    Or it’s a tax-free ‘gift’ from the cabal?

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  6. Notice also nearly all these disinfo & change agents are ‘alt-righters’.
    The stand against ‘feminist’ (read Females) and musleems. They ‘fight’ the bankers. The stand for ‘freedom’…

    Yet they cuck for the jew.

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    1. Duke keeps calling for donations to his campaign , right I would like a breakdown of money spent with receipts , so donars can see where this money is going .Anything short of this yells suspicious .He also has stop calling out the Jew .These people would be dead if they were a real threat .It doesn’t add up.

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      1. Duke needs not our money. As well as the skin tight dressed belly, secularly know as Alex J.

        It’s damage control tactics, in Cointelpro jargon…

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  7. No doubt: this trash can called ‘Alt Right’ .
    This very repository of colored traitors, misgeneted sluts, terminal deviants and broke-backs is a re-edition of the jewish melting pot.

    A modernistic melting pot, I’d say.

    In fact, except for the discredited feminists and libtards, we see all the possible fashy junk gathering there.

    A typical, smelling zionist tool, to disrupt a movement which was starting to arise: Patriots, Nationalists, Conservatives, WN.
    People who were aware the biggest scam lies in this imposed, illegitimate & delegitimate fucken, criminal and filthy demo-regime.

    Obviously, being funded by the same old scum, the tool named Alt Right offers to our offended eyes what the zios want us to see. The main actors of this scam are the old, rotten ‘truthers’ we have named above. Yet, many others are actively involved too.

    Whether they betray for fear or interest, it’s not my task to investigate.
    I can’t simply wait to see them chained on the public roads. Working Free for the community they have betrayed, alongside their masters which would have been previously stripped of any stolen value.. Let’em stay there, watched closely by the man with the hat and the gun.

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  8. Recent news report that the Orange Deviant Gorillion, shortly named Trump, has jumped on AIPAC bandwagon, doing what the Homo Obongo didn’t have the gut to do.
    Fomenting an aggression war against Iran.

    What the evil zionist jews want.

    Let’s remember onlt three national public banks still exists:
    the one of North Korea, Iran and Syria…

    Milo will be partying all night, his way…

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      1. Can you please elaborate. I’m not trolling. I would just like to know the details of Anglin being outed as jewish. I read the DS everyday, and if you know something I don’t, you should share your info.


  9. Bolshevik jewish tyranny is real, real ugly, and real dangerous. Jewish logic will tie you up like a pretzel and leave you for dead.


    1. I like your description of jewish logic and the evilness of these people. Once a critical mass of people have control of their brains again, the long overdue biological reaction will run its course and the jew will understand that his many spike and crash cycles is happening again. Spike and crash, spike and crash, over and over again, but this time his crash may be his final crash.


  10. Andjew is a total Ziotraitor, I have known him well enough before he went full Nazi to know he knows better than the Jew shit show he produces.


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