‘Jews are Hereditary Degenerate’

 September 11, 2016  

‘Jews are heriditary degenerate’ according to Richard Kraft-Ebing, who alongside many others came to the conclusion that the jewish race is inbred and because of this – delusional, insane and perverse. They suffer Neurasthenia, which ‘effects the jews with exceptional severity’. Jewish criminologist Cesare Lambroso claimed that 1 in 391 jews was a lunatic, which back in those days was four times higher than any other religion. These observations penned over a hundred years ago linked jews, inbreeding, disease and degeneracy.

This inbreeding is a phenomenon similar to that observed in certain highly aristocratic and wealthy families, whose members, whether from motives of honor or money constantly intermarry, and thus have many insane relatives” (Krafft-Ebbing).

Jews have been suffering type 1 and 2 diabetes for a not longer than Aryan man; diabetes was once called a judenkrankheit (a jewish disease). Because of a work project, I have been looking into type 2 diabetes and for those who did not know, as I did not, stress and diabetes go hand in hand. Under stress your body releases chemicals and glucose to get ready for fight or flight, but if the stress becomes chronic, we do not use up the glucose and the body has to store it, instead of using the fight or flight measures of protection. This results in high blood sugar, causing diabetes. This is something that was only seen en masse in jews a hundred years ago, but not in Europeans. Several scholars associated diabetes with jews and inbreeding.

The list to the right shows other nervous diseases that are more prevalent within the jew. I mention this because the incidence of mental health problems and diabetes are so well correlated, and both a big jewish problem for such a long time now, but a relatively recent problem for the European. Krafft-Ebing highlighted that the jews were not only suffering insanity from their religious delusions and inbred genetics, but were sexually perverse at a percentage very disproportionate with the Europeans they lived amongst. Although I may add I am suspicious that some jews themselves have clearly stated how mentally and physically ill they were in comparison to the Aryan, I assume they were (and still are) just getting in there to alter the reasoning for this phenomenon, like the jews are in foreign environments, often in overcrowded cities and of course there is their constant need to move as they have never been given an opportunity to settle, anti-semitism etc. 

Other reasons for the fact that jews are more at risk of nervous diseases are: their religion requires more leisure time and they eat very rich foods. So in other words, they are unhealthy and lazy. We have an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows diabetes and overall ill health are linked to not exercising and eating food that is fatty, without any nutritional value. Environmental factors today, such as over eating and lack of exercise, are valid reasons for poor physical and mental well-being. But this correlation matches the environment of today, not 1880-1940.

However, whether it was a jewish academic or not recording these findings, the lists of illnesses that are higher within the jewish community is sometimes doubled statistically, so putting aside for a moment the causes for the correlations, the findings are there, and across the board shows that jews have poor mental and physical health at noticeably higher rates.

So the explanation from jews is mostly an environmental one. However, a few scholars claimed that the higher rates of mental and physical illness was in fact an internal one because of intermarriage. Although people debate what they meant by ‘inbreeding’, some scholars argue that inbreeding meant intermarry within one’s own tribe, not within one’s own immediate family or one’s close blood line. The word consanguineous alone can simply mean ancestry or ethnic descent, but in this context of marriage it means ‘blood’, so it is pretty clear that many scholars meant close family:

Some jewish scholars have defended the inbreeding and said  it has aided the extraordinary IQ attributed to jews and that we should observe and learn from such cultural understandings. When presenting the evidence that jews are inbred and diseased, this is not flippancy or anti-semitism. Many academics of that time were disclosing how ‘hysteria’ and ‘intermarrying’ was commonplace amongst jews.

Not only is the jewish man’s mind attacked, but their body is discussed as often being misshaped and their feet flat footed, to the point were they could not uptake any physical activity, or be of any military value to the nation. Again the reasons given were that they were city dwellers, and it is debated whether or not with appropriate exercise their body would adapt to becoming one that can manage physical activity. Tay Sachs is a disease that jewish people often suffer, which is defined as “an inherited metabolic disorder in which certain lipids accumulate in the brain, causing spasticity and death in childhood”.

We are now told today that these views are outdated and inaccurate, but it was not just Kraepelin and Ebing supporting these views; many scholars from philosophy, medicine, psychiatry as well as religious figures gave their opinions, as well as jewish men themselves verifying the numbers of the ill and insane. Today we still have higher numbers of disease within the jew (and all immigrants for that matter), although the European men are fast catching pace living in the jews’ world, not only with their insanity and mental and physical illness, but with their highlighted lust for sexual perversions.

The accurate stereotype of the jew had been documented as ignorant, dirty and deviant, but then along came Freud to save them all by simply stating we were all like that. How silly of us! Phew, jew, that was a close one, we nearly thought you were all mentally and physically broken and soulless, possibly because you were all inbred. It seems, though, we were wrong and it is a good thing we are learning from the cultural enrichment that you so wonderfully offer us.

On mass degeneracy:

Emil Kraeplin suggested that hereditary degeneration among jews was most likely caused by their preference for consanguineous marriage. A syllogism is operating here: The insane are degenerates; the jews are insane; therefore the jews are degenerate.”

Scholars today may fight over the meaning of inbred, whether they meant tribe, second cousin or first, but the meaning of degenerate back then was conclusive; criminally sexually perverse with no morality. How odd to have that one word describe the jew, and its ending ‘generate’ describes me and you:

Generate; to bring into existence; cause to be; produce / to create by avital or natural process / to create and distribute vitally and profusely. 



20 thoughts on “‘Jews are Hereditary Degenerate’

  1. Ted Sallis has done brilliant work delineating Jewish genetics. Jew Genes are WEIRD; they are inbred – yet hideously miscegenated. I am not a geneticist, but from what I gather, Jews have picked up all kinds of DNA from other races, but because of the cosanguinous breeding, they are more closely related to each other, then they are any member of any other Race, from which they have acquired DNA. I’m expressing this poorly (time is short for me today, but to summarize; a coal black Ethiopian Jew is more closely related to a snow White Swedish Jew, than it would be to another coal Black non-Jewish Ethiopian.

    Jewish genetics re really creepy. I call them literal Devils for reason.

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  2. Incest and inbreeding is a common theme in the bible. Inbred people often have large noses, big ears, crooked teeth… sounds a lot like Joos to me. Many Joos are sociopaths because its a hereditary mental illness passed on by the mother. There’s also another genetic factor which is often ignored. Many Joos have 40-60% Neanderthal dna, while some Europeans have 5-15%. Neanderthals were short, sturdy and hairy with big noses, sloping foreheads, protruding lower lip, no chin, short necks etc. They were obsessed with sex, religion, magic and mathematics. Joos are still primitive cavemen.

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    1. I didn’t know this. Very interesting. The conclusion has to be that they are not human in our sense. Truely a different race of human altogether. A different spezies. No? A while ago I heard that subsaharan blacks also have a significant amount of a homo Spezies in them, which is a lot more primitive even than Neanderthals. This being true also, we really are all different spezies’.


      1. We all evolved from different species of hominids and are genetically very different and unique. Negroes have no Neanderthal dna and together with aboriginals they are the most primitive man with an IQ below 75. Rhodesian man are the ancestors of Sub-Saharan blacks, the darkest species with small brains, while the bushmen come from the Florisbad man.

        During the Ice Age Neanderthals migrated south to the Mediterranean like Egypt, Turkey, Levant, Spain etc. bred with Homo erectus and nowadays we call them Semites. Europeans are Cro-Magnon, or modern man, and evolved from at least 4 species of primitive man which explains white diversity; blond, brunette, ginger etc. The Denisovans, Sinanthropus and Peking man are the ancestors of Asians, but some Neanderthals migrated east which explains why Asians also have high amounts of Neanderthal dna.

        Scientists say that all these primitive hominids were replaced by Homo sapiens from Africa, but I don’t believe any of that, dna tells a very different story. For example Native Americans have a dna marker called X which is very rare although Solutreans also have it; more evidence that early Europeans migrated to America during the Ice Age. Only Europeans have Rh negative blood which suggests a common ancestor probably Fontechevade and Chancelade man, because all the native Basques are Rh negative.


      2. @WhiteRaven (There is no reply tab under your message, hence this way)
        Thank you very much for this short and conclusive overview. I had heard bits and bobs of this, but never saw the red line. This all being true (by which I mean the science and overall behind it both being accurate), what is happening on this planet is a war of extinction fought between different species. This is a bit of a shocker for me. I always felt very alienated by blacks, no way of me feeling some sort of bond. “wesensfremd” is the German word that describes this best. I don’t know any jews personally (not that many around here), but had some encounters with them while I lived in Vienna, where they still have their quarters. I was not impressed and found the atmosphere in the area where they live very opressive. I always thought that this was some sort of failure on my part, because after all “we are all humans”, right. This now looks a bit different. Maybe I should drop the word “human” completely. It is misleading.


      3. “We’re all human” is utter BS, its like saying all dogs are wolves, technically canines, but whales are not wolves either yet they evolved from canines? There are unique races with different genes and roots; although some apes look like different species haha. To be honest Rh negative can’t breed with Rh positive so they’re indeed different species… interesting. You could call it a race war, hominids have been fighting each other for almost a million years; survival of the fittest. I highly doubt it that Homo sapiens eradicated every hominid on the planet, that would be the biggest genocide ever… silly scientists…

        I hear you, I always felt the same way around other races. Every race has their own culture and worldview. Each race looks, thinks, lives and even smells differently and its natural to live among your own kind in their natural habitat, just like any other animal and plant. Racism is a very natural instinct, animals and plants are also racist or specieist lol. I’m always on edge with niggers, communicating with them is almost impossible and they’re unpredictable and aggressive; or they’re so lazy and dumb that they’re not worth your time. The Joos I knew were very selfish, greedy, stubborn, unreliable and vulgar, or just egocentric, yet they think they’re superior… No wonder every race has different tastes in music and food etc.


      4. Definition of Morphologic Racism :

        Note:———-> Racism is the study of races

        “We do not support the superiority of one race over another, but the respect that each race has to have of itself, of its own racial form – that means, of its unique ‘identity’, (meaning the
        own culture, traditions, customs, religion).

        The only ones who semantically respect the multiracial society it’s us as we are respectful of the identity of each race.

        We are opposed to the dissolution of the races, the breakup of the peoples and the deformation of cultures via an universal miscegenation.
        An interracial community can be natural only on condition that each race lives independently from the other, on its own land, developing within this perimeter a culture that, as a projection of his own racial entity, is different from other cultures.

        In this sense, by condemning any notion of assimilation and integration, we auspicate an harmonious coexistence between groups of different Ethnicity, which may be conceived as the result of relations where separation and distance among the respective communities is associated with a fair cooperation among them .

        Until each of them has been guaranteed decent living conditions in the area which is tied to the divine plan. ”

        F. Freda


  3. “Some jewish scholars have defended the inbreeding and said it has aided the extraordinary IQ attributed to jews and that we should observe and learn from such cultural understandings”…omissis….

    Topic delusion of grandeur backed by a suggestive amount of inferiority complex and delirium of omnipotence.

    (and probably a sprinkle of sexually related issues: Freud dixit!)


    1. Even the high Joowish IQ is a big lie. The average IQ in Israel is around 90, while most Joos have an average IQ of 75, so most are retarded. Europeans and Asians are still much smarter than most Joos. The average IQ in white countries has dropped considerably due to mass immigration; which explains why homogeneous Asian countries have the highest IQ.

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      1. Obviously the tale about their alleged IQ is meant to forviate and braiwash the masses. The sneaking creatures have built their fake fame on ‘nobel prizes, academic awards & hollyjoo oscars’ as a justification for their past crimes and a Passpartout for the next ones.
        It is interesting to observe they enjoy a similar, baseless benefit on the military & intelligence side, whilst in reality, a few umits of committed Hezbollah fighters have been able to build a renown museum, just northwards the zio strip.


  4. It’s not a real war among Races the one we are witnessing.
    Better said: the was among races for the muddy melting pot to triumph is managed and unleashed by the zionists.
    It’s the old Divide et Impera tactics revisited for their filthy needs.

    Raise the hand the one who’s been to Africa.
    In many towns (expecially there, where the zio-anglo occupation and exploitment has been acting for centuries, or where wars have been unleashed) Whites are advices not to walk around. You get glances of Hate any step you take, even if they don’t know you.
    Women get attacked by local women who name-call and swear at them.

    Obviously there are still a few locations where this doesn’t happen yet and honest people living down there. But the general, followed rule is: ‘hate them’.

    What about Philadelphia or some areas near LA, then? Is it much different?
    How abot the criminal BLM?

    Or what about what’s happening in Europe? These blacks sometimes allows themselves to stare at you with no reason. Generally people get shy/intimidated and turn the eyes away. They fear they might be considered ‘racist’, on the contrary.
    But if you keep your eyes firmly up to their eyeballs, they soon get their shower is going to pour sh*t, not warm water.

    Now, which is the common feature linking different places to the same behaviour?

    It has a short name, beginning with ‘Z’.


    1. Actually I think its a real race war but also divide and conquer. Many Joos believe that race mixing is the only way to end racism… Seriously, they stay pure while they orchestrate genocide on a massive scale? Thanks Joos!

      Blacks can be extremely racist against whites and its hard to ignore the white genocide in Africa. Black power is still popular while helping fellow whites is evil, racist, Nazi stuff. Other races often attack me when they think I’m staring at them, especially Muslims are very paranoid of polaroid. In Europe there are many suburbs which are unsafe for whites, its even better to avoid the cities if you’re white, especially if you’re a white woman, although children and elders are not safe either.

      This is all racism against whites and even genocide. We’re already a minority in our own homelands.

      Jews against gentiles is also racism and even Jewish supremacy; Jewish privilege is an international problem and should be banned. All animals are equal but some kosher pigs are more equal than others. Zionism is only a symptom, just like Marxism.


      1. ‘Many Joos believe that race mixing is the only way to end racism… ‘

        They are the purest example of creatures burning in hate & promoting their own supremacism and racism.
        They have their own casts: A polish or German jew is worth more than a Spanish Jew. A Russian one is superior to a Greek one etc.

        Destruction of Whites is the first step. Whites are desèperately hated for their Culture of which Race is the external Form. The substance is ‘inside’. They fear and hate it.

        They want the dissolution of all races. It’s the melting pot they want. They want bamboozled mud colored creatures. Sodomites, mules, perfect microchipped consumers and First Price Slaves. That’s their intent, lets make no mistake.


      2. We’re on the same page Rudolf and you’re well informed. I don’t know if Ashkenazis are more important than Sephardi… They have a dna test in Israhell for Joo immigrants, so I guess the castes are determined by the purity of blood?

        Whites are the only ones fighting the hydra, so we are the first to be eliminated…
        Spectre already said that our monolithic traditional culture has to be replaced by modern multiculturalism; and I resent the kikes who are responsible for this huge transformation.

        The melting pot reminds me of that movie Elysium with Mad Demon. The Joo World Order is an Orwellian nightmare where gentile slaves gobble as cattle in dirty ghettos and the “chosen ones” live as parasites in paradise.


  5. Correct.

    Falascià, otherwise named Beta israel, Cochin jews, Igbo jews et al. are black jews.

    In i$rae£ they are often second class citizens.

    Time ago there was a ‘scandal’ back in the zio strip. The black jewesses were said to be forcedly sterilized, in order to maintain the jews ‘pure’.

    There was a problem with East Europe jews too. Poland-israel relations, 1958.

    I$rae£ was implementing its agenda on mass immigration to the strip.

    Golda Meir, the walking, striped Pajama Party traded as woman, harshly confronted the Polish government claiming that the newly erected zionist strip wasn’t eager to accept handicapped or ill jews for immigration purposes.

    The horrific, inhibitory image of that Merkel Ante-Litteram (I have a spicy term minted for her, but will skip it now), can be appreciated in her blown, cutting edge style below:

    “”The Committee wants to inform the Polish government that we want to establish a selection in the alyha (Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel) because ‘we can not continue accepting sick and handicapped people. Please provide your opinion on the way in which everything ‘can’ be explained to the Poles without kicking on immigration “.


  6. I also suggest to read the following article by Mike King which I have reblogged with his permission (note: the article in not available in Tomatobubble.com):

    The Anti NYT rebuttals: ‘The number of refugees arriving in Greece nearly doubled last week, to more than 1,000. Many are realizing that an agreement to stanch the flow is not being enforced’.



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