Retarded jew Tries to Debunk Holohoax Exposer Goyim Goddess


25 thoughts on “Retarded jew Tries to Debunk Holohoax Exposer Goyim Goddess

    1. I am giving you a comment back…. okay you are former military officer into all kinds of training and UFO’s and had done seminars. Why are you spending time on this blog being ran by a bunch of heathen ladies?


  1. This guy is part of a band of YT kikes that I often see lurking. He uses nizkor, created for debating “deniers”. If it were possible to prove the holoco$t happened as the kikes say it did, Deborah Lipstadt would have accepted David Irving’s offer and we’d have others following suit. But they won’t, because they’ll lose.

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    1. Deborah Lipstadt, called ‘the mouth who didn’t know’ by another holoHoax PAIR reviewed scammer…

      See or

      Currently many updated research from Revisionists is not available, due to the limits of free speech.

      But I hope some of my buddies will manage to upload it back soon.


  2. The holocau$t is today one of the most hilarious scams, zio history has ever provided.
    Nevertheless the amazing, jewish tale magically provided by the rotten brains of Ilya Ehrenberg and a bunch of polish jews, quickly turned out unable to stand any innocent objection.
    The subject here is very articulated and it’d need pages to be expressed. Let me indicate a few points now:
    – war crimes committed by the zio allies (US, England and Russia) rapidly forced the english secret service to kick in with heavy doses of Lies about the troops of the Axis. Due to the mass murders of the soviets in fact, which were about to get known by historicians, they stated to invent the unspeakable. The holohoax.
    Balfour declaration related agenda had its role too, in switching and shifting the most heinous and ridiculous scam on earth in a founding myth of the zionist cancer in Palestine.
    – zionists had to wipe off their long collaboration with the Reich, which led to the Haavara agreements.
    A prominent zionist, too much involved on the matter, was ‘obliterated’ by the new jewish criminals. Heinrich got killed also by the english intelligence, as well as most German hi ranks officials. They’d be uncomfortable for the new narrative’s zio dispensers.
    – a bunch of persecuted revisionists coming from different political experiences and core beliefs (liberalism, far left illegal movements etc) has been able to turn the holoTale into tatters. That’s why they enable criminal laws on speech control.
    The army of overpaid academics, nobel grabbers, hollyjew deviants has been defeated, busted wide open and screwed- the holoTale is heinous and ludicrous for many a reason we all know.
    I call it the Mother of All Hoaxes.
    It’s the stinkimg pillar on which our inane zio society is based. Fight it till the end!

    Let’s not spend much time arguing with a low life cucked fag. What could this little queen of the crapper do, given all his benchmarks have been sinking into his deep hole since long?

    A curiosity. The Germans did know that, by the end of the war, something weird, unspeakable was about to be dropped on them. It turned out to be the holoHoax

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    1. …obviously its Heydrich who was murdered by the mad dog’s led english secret service. Sorry for the typo again!

      The psychopathic drunkard, gambler & zio puppet managed to murder Mussolini too (in accordance with the filthy FDR).

      He was on Lake of Como’s shores weeks after the end of the war just to pic up the compromising letters he’d interchanged with his victim.

      Pls listen to the following piece from Charlie & his Orchestra. A group performing Swing under the direction of Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda.

      Charlie & His Orchestra – You’re Driving Me Crazy German Nazi WWII Propaganda Music

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      1. @thatnazi

        Yes. The most glaring case of murder by the english intelligence was the one of Rudolf Walter Richard Heß in Spandau

        Check among others the biography written by the son Wolf Rudiger Hess.

        And also the biography by Eugene K. Bird.

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      2. No doubt, I know the stories of confessions obtained through brutal torture, that change vastly from before and after. The whole trial was a travesty. They had to kill Himmler. He would have made fools out of the allies and their claims, had they allowed him to stand trial and they knew this.

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  3. Pls read the following, handy compendium of the holohoax forgery:

    Zionists Stage Holocaust – Evidence, Including Official Red Cross Records

    Jews Given Preferential Treatment During WW II – Holocaust Not Possible

    Holocaust is a Complete Fraud – Proof

    The Recycled Heads and Other Fakes of the Arch-Zionist Holocaust Hoax

    The Mad German Doctors and Other Forgeries of the Arch-Zionist Holocaust Fake

    Displaced Heads and other Arch-Phonies of the Holocaust Hoax

    Holocaust Era Starvation Pictures of European Jewry are a Hoax

    Holocaust Against Jews is a Total Lie – Proof

    The Wax Dummies and Other Freak Show Fakes of the Arch-Zionist Holocaust Hoax

    Zionists Fake Holocaust Cremation Deaths Using 35 Year-Old Train Wreck Images

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    1. @thatnazi

      The farcesque trial of Nuremberg with zio Jackson as president, the invented ‘proof’ submitted by zio amerikans and soviets have led JFK to define that scam as a shame for humanity.

      Let’s remember JFK was the one screaming ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ in front of occupied Berlin’s wall.

      He was killed by the cabal for two reasons:
      -enforcing the new version of the govt printed ‘Greenback’, much to the the despair of Jekyll Island’s gang

      – denouncing & exposing Dimona’s nuclear threats

      Despite the mistakes he made I still consider him the last, albeit true President of the US. A man of carisma. VERY different from today’s deviant zio dwarves.
      No left-right fake paradigm here. More: the president has never been the ‘most powerful man’. Another myth to be drowned.

      Back to Hess: He was murdered in the late 80s, being the only, remaining prisoner in Spandau Fortress in Berlin. They wanted to prevent him from talking of his adventure in England in ’41. And most of all, wanted to keep his real reasons and the motives behind his Chruchill managed imprisonment secret.
      In fact, the Gorbachev led soviets showed eager to let him go, at the time, displaying Green Light for his liberty. Too big a problem for the zio democracy!

      In a decrypted interception on the Atlantic phone cable, made by the Abwehr, we see how the two criminals, Churchill & Roosevelt agreed on the fact they could easily enact a trial farce once the war was over.
      But the favourite choice to get rid of the most dangerous enemies, meanwhilst avoiding the back-beats of publicity, was to have them murdered by some partisan, or some jew. Which happened i.e. to Mussolini and his entire entourage (women included).

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  4. It doesnt work.

    The above link has been double checked before posting. When you paste it here it produces a related vid, but not the one I intendend to post………….. 😦


  5. A rapid digression. Above Ive stated the holoScam is the Mother of all Hoaxes.

    Now, let’s see a tiny example together:

    Paris Bataclan zio-hoaxers.

    My mex posted elsewhere:

    ‘Herr Owen Von Zyklon’:

    “The Truther, owner of the site ‘Panamza’ has been questionned and detained for hours by the local zio police after publishing his research on the i$rae£i origin of the italidiotic scammer in wheelchair’s pic (Valeria Solesin).

    Let’s remember the Touitou family (pro-Israeli owners) owned the Bataclan since 1976. On September 11, 2015, the theater in question was given off to the Lagardère Group (cough cough). This information comes from sources that will be difficult to qualify as “anti-$emitic” or “conspirationist”, even if the mom of Idiots is always pregnant: The Times of Israel and the Agence Juive télégraphique

    About the ‘Bataclan’:–brands-293.html&soc=109

    Ehm…….”Raymond Aron, who is also published by Calmann-Lévy alongside Hannah Arendt, Robert Paxton and Léon Poliakov. In an eponymous collection created in partnership with the Mémorial de la Shoah Jewish museum and documentation centre in Paris, Calmann-Lévy publishes a range of texts whose scientific and historical value represent a significant advance in the understanding and knowledge of the Holocaust.″….Double-Ehmm…

    Indeed a hot cradle of zio grass rooters..!……:))

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  6. News from the zio-world:

    the USHMM wants the replicate the Holo-Dunkerque of the Yad Vashem.

    The method is simple, fast, repeatable, you just need …

    1) to Invent a name and surname of a “victim of the holocau$t”

    2) to enter in the online available form, the “victim’s” name you want to add, along with the related date of birth, death & location where the death would have taken place. Moreover, just add your name (any data compulsorily fake, of course). Izhak, Israel, David, Issachar (potent ass….), Abegayle, Anne, Batya, followed by a ‘Berg’ of choice do generally fit the job perfectly.

    A few years ago a committed guy managed to read a tender invitation from the Yad Vashem online Circus.
    ”We strive to mantain the memory of the holocau$t intact and to implement our database with the names of those who suffered and perished in the $hoah”

    He noticed that, despite the promise of an accurate check, the form could be compiled, SENT and PUBLISHED without undergoing any decent scrutiny.
    Thus, he had a coup of genious.

    Presto! He invented a name of a Ungarian jewess and a few, compatible data. The lady would have been slaughtered in Poland back in ’44. A redundant story of the ‘Eeevil of men’ (Triple ‘e’ is compulsory here).

    As a side note, we can add the name of that lady was an anagram of Magda Goebbels!
    Obviously the profile was published and the character added to the one of the reparation asking gorillions ‘gassed’ over there.

    When later the bubble exploded, the profile was silenty taken off the site….

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  7. As with ANY war / major conflict ect. the loosing side seems to Always , have its top leaders committing suicide or some “Claimed by the winning sides controlled medias “, kind of self- inflicted demise , or key people that could tell the winning sides population the REAL TRUTH about what REALLY happened on the loosing side during the conflict having deadly accidents before they could convey the info. . What happens to the outside listener is he or she only hears one side , Therefore , there is sufficient doubt that only 50% or less of the info. conveyed is true So the info. is just THEORY or fiction with some small BASIC portions in it that are truth-, for example: In WWI & WWII a lot of the White race killed each other over political ideologies ,. That would most likely be a basic true fact.

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  8. I’ve noticed that most people are truth seekers. They are concerned with finding what actually happened in the past. Like, say with the JFK murder, or Holocaust. While some predatory type people are not “truth seekers”, but rather “fault finders”. They want to question you about your beliefs, in order to pass judgement on you. They are looking to find fault with you and your opinion as to whether it is politically correct or not. The Social Justice Warrior type and many Jews are this type of predatory person. It is sort of kin to talking with a cop. He is not just passing the time. He is trying to determine if he can justify writing a ticket on you. And you just go on blathering away as if he’s just like you. A person looking for the truth. I call it Predatory Judgementalism. And this Predatory Judgementalism is the real ‘Hate Crime’. When talking about the Holocaust of some controversial stuff, I try and determine if the person who I’m talking to is actually interested in the truth, or are they questioning me, in order to pass some judgement. If their passive-aggressive 20 questions are predatory, I tell them to shove it..

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    1. The sneaking types you call ‘predatory ones’ do not accept any argument. They are there to troll and to show the whole world they still stand to defend the ”truth, democracy and israel” against what the boobuses consider to be the’ absolute evil’.
      No interchange is possible. You’d be arguing with a dummy. You can only overwhelm them with evidence ad abundantiam..until they frack off.

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