Sinead Got Shoahed From Jewtube


12 thoughts on “Sinead Got Shoahed From Jewtube

  1. I knew this would happen soon…after they blocked me. My comments have only worked two times this week on I suppose “pre approved” channels for me. Otherwise I am blocked on youtube too.
    Remember the Vidme link I posted? they may work for everyone.
    The internet is getting tighter and tighter… other sites besides youtube as well. We are heading towards that Sept 30th date everyone keeps warning about. I guess thats the internet D day?
    And they deleted you with no warning what so ever… yet blacks can still get out there and post how we are crackers and how they want to kill us with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

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  2. You’re articulate and humorous, Sinead.
    I commented on a few of your vids. I would actually watch and repeat the section from “Club YOLO” Where you smudge the mascara and, “GRRRRRRRR!”
    : ) You’re hilarious.

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  3. Any of us is mentally prepared to get shoah’d by the social-platforms based cabal.
    Hence, lets get rid of their ‘service’.
    No facebook, jootube application . Or, at least, lets start to use them the least possible.
    Southernseamstress launched an idea for an alt platform where to share vids.
    Dont bother if it is not well known yet. It will be soon, as far as you and others keep posting vids there.
    Let me add a likely superfluous suggestion to all the girls: download and use a VPN add on, whatever browser you are using. Free ones are available without paying a dime. Also Tor browser can help.

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  4. ‘Hate speech’

    When I happen to hear that linguistic, filthy and hilarious manipulation from our zioTards’ mouth, I cant help to unleash my ” naZZI” laughter -:)

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