White Leadership is in Bed with the Enemy

By: Kyle Hunt of The Renegade Tribune 
Apparently in 5-dimensional chess it makes perfect sense to have the white bishop sucking off the black knight.

Excuse me for the crude analogy, but I consider it to be an appropriate way to describe the traitorous behaviors of many so-called leaders of our movement and the cognitive dissonance that is required for their followers to go along with the program. Earlier this year David Duke said it was treasonous for White people to not vote for Donald Trump. With a few exceptions, almost every other major White Nationalist (or is it now “Alt Right”?) site and organization agrees. However, I maintain that disgusting displays I have witnessed from those on the “Trump Train” amount to the real treason against our people.

trump anti-semitic

Donald Trump’s family, business, and campaign is crawling with high-powered jews. There is no getting around it, and I have heard every excuse in the book as to why it doesn’t matter, but mainly the Trump fanboys have taken to simply ignoring all evidence that points to their “God Emperor” being a kosher controlled opposition. It’s quite disguting to watch supposedly anti-jewish outlets continuously fellate their new furher, even as he proclaims his wavering support for Israel and their colonization efforts, which causes so much ill-will to America, and assures his willingness to use American lives and resources to defend Israel to the death.


This is why he has been the most popular candidate in Israel since the primaries and was able to raise $25,000 per plate at the recent “Children of Israel” fundraiser organized by Saul Fox.


I respect Israel” ~ Richard Spencer

Watch this video by Ezra Levant about how every good jew needs to understand just how kosher Trump is so that they will vote for him.

Isn’t it amazing how this jew is trying to convince his people that Trump is their guy, while the White leaders try to convince us of the same thing by downplaying the severity of this very same information or presenting the ridiculous conspiracy theory that Trump is planning to out-jew the jew.


What Ezra presents is really only the tip of the iceberg, as it obviously does not dig into Trump’s seedy past with Roy Cohn, Resorts International, 9/11, and other important connections that have been uncovered by those of us at Renegade.

The Jews did 9/11 conspiracy theory is retarded. Sorry. It’s embarrassing.” ~ Mike Enoch, edgy voice of


And then there is Trump’s love for the black community, which has ramped up its attacks against White people without Trump saying a word about it, except for a few small remarks about disruptions by Black Lives Matter. Some years ago he was on the Howard Stern show with Ivanka and told the filthy jew that he would love it if his daughter was having sex with a black man. Of course, this was before Ivanka married the jew Jared Kushner. Trump also considered Mandela, the genocidal South African terrorist, a good friend of his. He has also been close to blacktivists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson through the years.


There was also the recent event at the Great Faith International Ministries, where Donald said that blacks are ‘God’s greatest gift to our nation’. So blacks are our greatest gift while the terrorist state of Israel, which attacked the USS Liberty and World Trade Center (and more), is our greatest ally? Now speaking of gifts, there was a lot of buzz at some of the popular “stormer” outlets about how CNN cut the video feed of Trump getting gifts from the soul brothers at this church because it doesn’t go along with their narrative of Trump being an evil racist. Well, the funny thing about it is just what the gifts were, which these commentators, who are supposedly pro-White and anti-jew, failed to mention.

Trump got a jewish prayer shawl, which he proudly donned, and a ‘Jewish Heritage Study Bible.’ It wouldn’t fit within the Trump Train narrative to mention this, though, so our noble heroes in the “Alt Right” covered it up. Talk about dishonesty.

I don’t care how most of the “lefty” jewish media bashes Trump; no one trusts the mainstream anymore and their attacks only bolster his campaign. This leads me to think reverse psychology is being employed to achieve the desired result. This is just like how the Aldrich Bill was pushed through as the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, with all the hated big banks pretending to oppose it.

And of course there are the “edgy” and “alternative” news outlets that have positioned themselves to be the platform of the “Alt Right”. Breitbart is a particularly good example of how Whites are again being corralled into kosher outlets, thinking they are finally getting a voice. Of course many of the gullible “goyim” fail to realize that Breitbart was conceived in Israel in 2007, when Andrew Breitbart met with Bibi Netanyahu to game plan, and “Alternative Right” was coined by a jew named Paul Gottfried in 2008. Jews plan far in advance.

Meet your greatest ally, Alt Right. How dumb (or paid off) do you have to be to think that voting for the US’s version of the Likud Party is going to Make America Great Again? #MAGA. Interestingly enough, Krav MAGA is the Israeli fighting style. Just a cohen-cidence I am sure.

There is no relationship between Trump and the Alt Right, just aoneway mancrush.” – Grindr Greg Johnson

And of course, with Breitbart and the Alt Right on the Trump Train, there is an absurd amount of faggotry, trannies, and pedophiles now being welcomed in. I have already covered Trump’s promotion of trannies in a previous article, so I won’t reiterate those points, but perhaps even worse was the display at the Gays for Trump event at the RNC, with the Twinks4Trump posters on the back wall. This Alt Right movement has become so degenerate and depraved.


Aryan Futurism, Heavy Metal Entheogenic Mysticism, and pitiless hordes of adolescent warriors in rainbow thongs” ~ tagline for theblog of James J. O’Meara, Counter-Currents contributor and author of The Homo and the Negro

While Richard Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Geert Wilders were mixing it up in the audience, a jewish faggot named Milo was at the podium delivering a rousing address about Trump and the right wing. It is sickening to see just how many people support this piece of filth, who spouts NAMBLA talking points about how a grown black tranny sodomizing a 12 year old boy is part of the “coming of age process” and should be legal. I even saw many “White Nationalists” like Matt Heimy-bach using the #FreeMilo hashtag after Milo was rightfully banned from Twitter. In addition to promoting pederasty, Milo brags about how he loves to take it in the ass from black men. Oh, and he has also promoted “Big Black Cock” for White women as well.

B.B.C.-T-Shirt-Women’s-Swag-by-Milo-618x566 (1)

This Trump campaign has created some very strange bedfellows, but the good thing is that it really shows me the true colors of many who are supposedly on our side in this struggle. Some people on the Alt Right will say that Milo is not really part of their group, or that they just want to use people like him for all the free publicity. BULLSHIT! It is really they who are getting used.

The Alt Right is the new left.” ~Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer responded to Hillary Clinton’s attack (i.e. promotion) of the Alt Right while he was on vacation in Japan, and mentioned how he was upset that a jew was attacked for writing about the Alt Right, and that we need to accept such “fellow travelers.” It seems most member of the Alt Right would rather team up with a jewish faggot, or a jew who talks like a faggot (Stefan Molyneux for example), than work with our own White women, who they have identified as enemy #1, blaming female voting tendencies for the entire migrant crisis, instead of the criminal jews running the whole show. Pretty telling, eh?

I have even seen people who at least used to pretend to be jew-wise and pro-White, such as Angelo Gage, putting out a meme of Trump’s “Dream Team”, which includes such kikeservatives as Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, and Rudy Giuliani. Talk about a big tent, eh?

No enemies to the right

This left vs right, east vs west, man vs woman paradigm has been the way jews have been able to pit us against each other for hundreds of years; I am getting more than just a little angry that so many people are falling for it yet again. They say that if we don’t vote for Trump (as if voting even mattered), then the anti-White feminist Hillary Clinton will get into office.

donald-hillary-800 (2)

They also point out how she is against Putin, the God Emperor of the East, and how she has blamed him for orchestrating the Alt Right. From the Daily Stormer:

Hillary Clinton, a braindamaged feminist icon who is running for President in America, has adjusted her tinfoil hat and accused the last White nation of supporting the last White candidate.

Putin, the Eurasianist who was voted Israel’s Man of the Year in 2015 after outlawing holocaust denial and criticism of the Red Army, is apparently a hero.

…It’s honestly shocking that she keeps saying this. But I don’t know what else she could say. I’m trying to think what I would tell her to say if I was advising the Clinton campaign, and I can’t really think of anything better.

That’s the point, Andrew. Clinton has been set up to fail. Notice how every time she accuses Trump of being a big mean racist his poll numbers keep rising? How she started spazzing out and coughing like mad ever since she knocked out popular jew Bernie and was nominated at the DNC? She is the equivalent of McCain (“the Maverick”) running against Obama after 8 years of Bush.

The country is tired of the same old politically correct bullshit and endless waves of illegal immigrants, so Trump SEEMS like a breath of fresh air. Right now they are throwing a bone to the White working class, providing a steam valve for their agitation, and getting us prepped for even more Zionist Wars abroad. The military would likely mutiny against Hillary if she was to attack Iran, even with all of the manufactured ISIS terror, so they need Trump and his “racist” White supporters, who they can blame for crashing the economy and starting more war.

I am not suggesting that we vote for Hillary, although I do think she would actually be a great boon to our cause if she furthered Obama’s policy of agitating against Whites. This goes along with the “worse is better” theory, which assumes the frog will jump out of the water if it keeps heating up too fast. No, I don’t think we ought to validate this fraudulent and criminal government with our participation in this election. Actually, I consider the whole thing to be a giant distraction from the serious work we need to be doing, and regret having had to spend as much time as I have covering it.

I am told that I should prioritize the threats facing us, but that is exactly what I am doing, and I see the jewish elite as the #1 threat facing us, not illegal brown people, though they certainly present a problem. In fact, I put the following ahead of illegal immigration in my list of threats:

  • jewish usury, fractional reserve lending, and the $20 trillion national debt
  • jewish control of our media, as well as their false flags fake news
  • black on White crimes
  • anti-White education and policies like affirmative action
  • toxins in the environment – vaccines, chemtrails, GMOs, spraying insecticide over huge areas of country
  • zionist wars abroad

trumpaipac-696x490 (1)

So let’s join together with the same people who are committing genocide against us? Yeah, sounds like a real winning plan. Cucks.


11 thoughts on “White Leadership is in Bed with the Enemy

  1. Excellent article. Similar Hegelian tactics have been used in Europe as well. Far right kikes like Wilders, Le Pen, Boris Johnson, Putin etc. are all kosher Zionist charlatans and not to be trusted. Its very confusing that so many people are fooled by Trump, Milo, Wilders and all the other Jewish puppets. Even Henry Ford was a member of the Zion lodge. They’re like the pied piper of Hamelin. Lenin said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    Weird, I stumbled on the degenerate counter-currents to find out that Le Pen is also sleeping with the enemy…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In the imposed democrappic system, everything has been engineered to assure mental control and manipulation of the conscience for the sake of the leading scum. The leading role of the mere number, the fucked masses over the quality: this is demokracy!
      The opposition, populism and right wingers we find gathering around the AdF, Lega, FN is just a tool of distraction. It keeps the neo righterz busy and, as correctly said above, represents the classic bone thrown to the sheeple. They’ll be good for a while with that.
      The system has to go down. It must be slashed in tatters and burnt in ashes.
      It will be regarded as the most vile form of human destruction ever invented by the sick zio minds for the centuries to come.



    All you need to know to face reality and fight the ever lasting enemy.

    I would name the piece ‘Awakening Compendium for Dummies’.

    Straight to the point, concise, clear. Superb job.


  3. “Proclaimed white leaders” in the medias are NOT!!!!! White race people . They are most likely mixed race or other race that just look like White race people and just of the human color white with less than 75% Almost pure White race genetics in them . Most likely ,Trumps genetics and lineage are over 26% Mediterranean race of some kind . A WHITE RACE PERSON WOULD NOT SELL OUT THE WHITE RACE unless, they are a White race traitor that places making money wealth over his / her White race peoples future . Think about it , I would not waste time posting or thinking about “media claims” , its like wasting time communicating / thinking about rodents . We White race people that are awake know the control system is obsolete and don’t talk about it because its for the lowest common denominators -(Ignorant people). Most of us awake Whites use a more advanced control system for our White race awake people on the net its a better more efficient control system than the one today that should have been replaced at the latest in 1998 , when most White race people had access to the netweb . Voting in the obsolete control system just supports it . Its like using wood sticks & rocks to change a tire when new tools are available & they are right there behind you , you just have to want to turn around and look for them . They are right there , use key word searches about laws & rules – (Which control systems use to control things).


  4. Hunter Wallace, of the Occidental Dissent blog, did THE BEST analysis of Trumps’ effect on Whites, that I have read. No other analysis comes close. Trump is an Enabling Dissenter. He gives Whites courage to resist. It Trump “one of us”? NO. No one I know believes that. The “God Emperor” stuff if simple trolling hyperbole. Trump has gotten MILLIONS of Whites to show UP. I was at a local fair this weekend. I live in a very rural, very still-White area. The Democratic stand has all kinds of fun events, and they were going after very young potential votes. My 16 year old nephew got an offer of getting signed up. (He totally knows the racial score, and stood by and taunted the Dem shills. I was so PROUD of him!) I was going back and forth from that to the GOP stand. The Dems had the young folks engaged in all kinds of fun activities – but the GOP stand got actual ADULT tax-paying voters to SIGN UP, including adults who never voted, and Dems who loathe Hillary. My region is working class/poor Whites. The grown up tax paying adults are going for Trump.

    If Trump does get in office, if he does half of what he’s started he will do, we get “breathing room” – and our opposition gets squelched. If Hillary is installed – WE get squelched. We do NOT “rise up” we slink away and hide out. Worse is mostly worse. We’ll just get demoralized, and then KILLED OFF.

    Everything this author writes is true – but how does this help us? Has disengaging for decades helped us? No. Whites should have been fighting our dispossession TOOTH and NAIL, for decades. We are where were ARE. We have to DEAL WITH our actual reality. Voting Hillary destroys us. Voting Trump HELPS. Easy peasy.


    1. Bah, you fall for the dissent control ptopaganda sewed by the regime you pay your taxes to.
      You fuel it by taking active part to its rigged freak shows.

      In ten years you’ll be back saying that a reptilian rep can get the job done for the working class.

      Denise, let me respectfully say, I lose any hope when I read mexs of that caliber.

      Either you are against the zio democracy or you are a part of it (and its sacrifical lamb). It’s your choice.

      But no excuses allowed. Anyone can chose his destiny freely.

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  5. A deviant, vicious zio crook performing his private freak show following the script his masters have written.
    A perverse billionaire. A total sell out.
    How in the world could this Trumped clown be allowed to steal all that money, if he was not in bed with the zionists? Or somebody still believes the rotten scam of the ‘yankee dream’?

    In the economy of the quadriennial freak show, you are important until you drop that ‘choice’ in their software. Then they’ve done with you and you’re done with yourself.
    These fake candidates have been allowed to run the creepy show because they are part of the zio biz. Thus, they have been selected to act as ‘Compensation Chamber’.
    Ask the CFR. They have been refining the tool called democracy for ages.
    What about the fact only two specular parties are substantially allowed to promote their Pre Selected candidates?
    See the tragic scam here??
    The institutional ‘democracy’ allows all running freaks to say whatever they want in their campaign.
    At the end, none of them is compelled to respect his word. And the ‘promises’ always go unfulfilled. Remember the zio mentally cripple named Roosevelt as example.
    You must be assertive and reject their busted, low tricks. They have got to know they lack any legitimacy and get spitted and despised by the majority of the Thinking People. On the contrary any battle is useless.
    You cannot fight your enemy with the weapons he provides you with.
    And the vote, though a farce, is yet a zio pistol on your temple.

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    1. The same people believe Alex Jones when he says “we are war gaming on air” … as Hillary put it once “those kinds of people just want to feel like the are involved in something” …implies/admits that her and her goons are the only ones involved in anything..period. And they laugh in our faces.

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  6. Exactly Southernseam..

    The ‘reality’ we are offered by the system its just a reversed and fatal hologram which has been accurately engineered by those who occupy the button room.
    They use any invasive & pervasive instrument to braiwash, scare, confuse, annihilate & maime the human spirit.
    They want their NJW at any cost.
    Democracy is their instrument. Building forced Consensus in the naive masses, their favourite tool, since ever.

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