Vidme Claims Not to Censor

With statements like this.. who can say NO? lol already joined, easy to use.

“Vidme doesn’t censor content for bad language or controversial subject matter. We like weird. Start your fucking awesome channel today!”


4 thoughts on “Vidme Claims Not to Censor

      1. Southern..

        If the thing works, then its a great side kick to all the globo jewry in the world imposing google owned utube as the monopolistic vid parking lot.

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  1. Every site that specifically deals with White race issues & ALLOWS COMMENTS , Must ALLOW comments from every White race person that claims to be of the White race . White race people that are censored will go away from your site & tell other White race people that your site censors Whites & is most likely controlled by Anti-Whites . That is not good for the White race . If I were one of the producers of the site I would make a special section in the site to move comments to that the producers don’t like or agree with that way the producers won’t be accused of censorship & loose White race readers & viewers like Renegade was 1/2 years ago. Before that it seemed ok to me but after that it seemed to censor a lot more content away from the issue of White race genocide . Sineads site was good at first but now it censors alot more also.


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