White Man – Have You Had Enough?


21 thoughts on “White Man – Have You Had Enough?

  1. These white spits are as guilty as the sub human dark deviant.
    They wouldn’t even deserve to play as whores in a zio brothel.

    Zios play the drum and they dance. No player, no zio music, no misgeneted sluts.

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    1. I have only watched a couple of seconds of the video and hope that you forgive me for not going back to check again. But I think the first woman is just a bystander and very embarrassed. I can understand your fury, but find this kind of talk about the women offensive. If I misunderstood your words, I apologize. My English isn’t very good.


      1. Very kind of you, being prepped to apologise. ” Excusatio non petita, Accusatio manifesta”. Please google it and since you are there, paste my mex too, picking the english-hasbarah option, this time.
        I’ll be hanging around with my bootSS, in case of further help required. Fear not.


      2. Fact is they let it happen… I think they did act like whores. Sorry if that offends you… but the evidence speaks for itself. Its not our actions… its theirs. You should direct your offense towards those women. Its not even the black guys fault…. they ALLOWED him to hump on them like dogs.

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  2. Enough is enough, that was hard to watch 😦 I would crack his coconuts if I saw something like that. Those girls are not offended by that rape ape or is it a poor (r)apefugee? Women call me sexist when I give a decent compliment, but I guess being a white male is evil… I avoid cities because of this degenerate turd world crap.

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    1. Thats the point. Could you imagine any of us playing tricks like that with unknown ‘girls’ in a party?
      We’d immediately be accused of sexism, rape, stalking, harassing.
      When not pointed out as naZZis tout court who would want to dick those bubbas down with their supremacist, white prick.


  3. And later on that evening….20 white women were raped in the crowd.

    I would’ve sprayed mace in that bastards face straight up and stop his “good times” for the night.


    1. Southernseamstress..
      I’m replying to your last comment.
      The PC ‘righteous discomfort’ of our ‘helene’ sounds not only hairy and hypocritical. It is fake.
      Look. We have somebody who claims:

      – she doesnt get English but types correct, translator free lines.

      – she has watched just ‘2 seconds’ of the footage. Yet enough to jump on the bandwagon of the zio chicks supporting those ‘poor naive chicks who just wanna have fun’

      – the same two secs are enough for her to claim my terms are… ” offensive”.
      Yeah, maybe ‘supremacist’ too, in her mind.
      My gut is, its just a troll the one we’re talking about .
      And if I do not go wrong, its the same old Gaybee (a certified shill) playing the gal’s character. The lack of style is the same…and the stink too. We’ll see..

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      1. Another note about that disturbing vid.
        See, there would be a lot to say about modern dance, street dance, latino dance, show dance, ballet etc.
        Now Id like to focalize your attention on the following points:
        -who gave the permit for such a show & gathering to be performed on public soil?
        -who organized it? I see a couple blacks on a truck behind the dancing queens- -who funded it? They are using homo-style costumes and the dindus behind wear yellow garments. Mic and music are also present.
        -who gathered all those mixed cucks there?
        – are the zio sluts just bystanders or active ‘actors’ in the disruptive show?

        Etc etc.


  4. I got through about 20 seconds of that. I wish I was there, i would have got arrested for sure, but at least I would do something about that. And a cop no less….just disgusting. Is this in England, dos anyone know?

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    1. Guess the fake cop is a queer. In fact a few of his butt buddies can ne seen amongst the coloured mud around. The fact it is dressing as a beech cop, could well be a subliminal way to build some psychologic pressure.

      Ive heard that these kind of ‘girls’ use to party by renting a few males. They gather together and each of them plays her best -seller trick publicily. The rest crawling around, witnessing and somehow helping the performance….
      Same deviancy, same moral stance.


  5. There are porno platforms on the net which promote gang banging of ‘white’ women (namely zio-chicks: libtards, neo feminists pinkos etc.).
    Now, it is possible some of those sluts are under drugs or mental manipulation. Or, professional porno actresses. Nonetheless that filthy, violent, pornographic imagery drives many Boobuses to guess the sick matter is somehow normal & acceptable in a multi-kulti society.
    Which leads to us: the sickening vid we have seen is nothing but a deep attack to White women, who are the main target of that obscene and stinking & criminal zio propaganda. White men are the second, incidental target. Let’s make no mistake about.

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    1. Sadly interracial porn and gang bangs are a catalyst for the rapefugees. They treat white women as whores and even as sex slaves, which is really disgusting. A lot of non-whites think that all white girls are sluts because of porn. A lot of white women even “disappear” when on vacation in the turd world or are kidnapped by gangs, very sad and sick. Jews even admitted that porn is used as a weapon to undermine white civilization… Modern sex slavery is so vile that I don’t even want to talk or think about it, but its a very real problem.

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      1. You hammer it.

        Zios want all white women to be considered as hot whores.
        Check the New Years’ Eve in Cologne and see also how the pinkos feminists insist they want to go around dressed up as brothel whores…because its their ‘human right’. The attack is on White Women!


      2. All whites are under attack. Femen are actually real prostitutes hired by George Soros; I hope he gets infected and dies a horrible painful death!


      3. Femen? Those disgraceful zio bitches and dykes at Soros payroll started their career back in Ukraine, a traditionalist nation despite the crooks who have grabbed the rostrum. Now they sit in zio France. But still perform their unprotected sex with dead chickens.

        Soros has been convincted of death penalty in Indonesia. I’d gladly pay for his low-cost one way flight to Kuala Lampur.


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