Tullia Zevi: Italy’s Barbara Spectre


Italy is getting hit with boatloads of invaders, recently 10,000 in 2 Days.  Tullia Zevi didn’t live to see her dream of a multiracial Europe come true, but her words show an eerie similarity to another Jewess — the infamous Babs Spectre.

In a contribution for a 2004 book called I am Jewish, Zevi wrote:

“Europe is undergoing deep changes:  No longer a relatively ‘white and Christian’ continent, it is now being turned into a multiracial, multicultural society by the arrival from the four corners of the earth of millions of human beings seeking better lives.  It is substantially a positive phenomenon that, however, is bound to create problems and arouse anxieties and defensive mechanisms.”

Tullia Zevi was at one time Vice President of the European Jewish Congress, and in her 2011 New York Times obituary, we learn, “An outspoken critic of intolerance, Ms. Zevi believed that the Jews of Europe should stand in solidarity with the Muslims of Europe against currents of racism and xenophobia.”

In the next telling paragraph, we learn that she refused to shake the hand of Yasir Arafat when he spoke at Rome’s City Hall in 1996.

Tullia Zevi – “How much will you tolerate, goyim?”

She was of the holohoax generation, a journalist at the Nurenburg trials and the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, yadayadayada.

She served her Jewish nation, so you can’t really call her a traitor.  But Europeans see the trend.  She talks of the Jews’ responsibility to remind fellow Europeans of the “supreme virture of tolerance.” That means tolerating the Jews’ well-documented plan to genocide white Europeans through mass immigration.

The European Jewish Congress is well aware that the rise of anti-semitism is being linked to the mass invasion.

In the 2015 EJC report on anti-semitism, there’s this:

A number of extreme right wing individuals and organisations promote the view that the real enemy is the Jews and that there is a malevolent Jewish hand behind Muslim immigration and the promotion of cultural diversity.

Are the Jews really going to say they’re not behind Muslim immigration and the diversity (for white nations) agenda?

The main concern of right wingers is the demographic/social/cultural threat this wave may constitute, as they view the situation, to their respective countries.

Oh, they know very well that this is a threat to the ancient Europa that’s been made up of actual Europeans.

The report singles out the Swedish Resistance Movement, and their notes distributed to several towns on International Holocaust Day.

And it’s worth highlighting, because I didn’t hear about this awesomeness.  The local media was blocked from going in and this note was left in Swedish towns including Falun, Umeå, Borlänge and Ludvika.

“Attention! This place has been blocked as a preventive measure.  The Swedish people are no longer interested in listening to any whining about dead Jews.  Instead of writing about the banal post-war propaganda, why not write about real tragedies such as the occupation of Sweden as a result of mass immigration or the genocide of the Boer in South Africa. With unfriendly regards, The Resistance Movement.”

Back to Italy in the Current Year

Shocking news this week, as it’s revealed that NGOs are picking up migrants 13 MILES from the coast of Libya.

They basically expect to be picked up, and set out with just a “bit of gasoline in the overcrowded vessels.”

I don’t know much about Italy, but was there years ago, and in awe of its ruins and pedestrian-friendly piazzas.  I remember Northern Italy as an exquisite and safe place (compared to the South), so it sucks to hear Milan is now controlled by migrants.

Italians like Matteo Salvini of the Lega Nord party are calling it an organized invasion “that is producing the ethnic cleansing of Italians and Europeans.”

I think we all know who to thank for that.


2015 Annual Report on Anti-Semitism – European Jewish Congress

Top Jew Slams Euro-Patriots – President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) Moshe Kantor has slammed everyone who opposes the overrunning of Europe by nonwhite invaders as promotors of “hatred and intolerance.”


20 thoughts on “Tullia Zevi: Italy’s Barbara Spectre

  1. Rita Levi Montalcini, the credited zio sci-fictionist, Fiamma Nirenstein, a zio cuckservative politician et al: its the local cabal owning the political system and orientating politicos and assorted Bubbas.
    Keep in mind the jewish communities are nothing but the operative arm of i$rae£ in the various european, occupied colonies.

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  2. The Italian navy, the same one whose crooked bosses ” badogliated” (betrayed) during WWII, is the one sailing off Lybian coasts & picking up the brownish scum.
    There is an enormous biz involving the church, NGOs such as Caritas, Save the children, Medicins sans frontieres et al,
    They prepare and train the invaders back in their homes ( puppet nations where the zio trans corps own & exploit the soil) & operate the ‘first response’ when they drop on domestic soil, driven by our Nato operated Navy.
    Skip Salvini, the zio tool. He went to israhell provided with kippa.
    I recently had a meeting at a private dinner with former main party’s presidents, diplomats and former high rank military. What I could report is just UNSPEAKABLE.

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    1. Damn, it looks like an episode of The Walking Dead… I’ve been to Bordeaux, Paris and Marseille a few years ago, and whites are already a minority in these cities. Niggers and Arabs attacked me on the streets for no reason at all. All these immigrants should just be deported as soon as possible, they only cause trouble.

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      1. Indeed.
        But look how they are organised: small gangs each directed by a thug.
        Its not by chance we cam witness this dung. Not only the system is on their side, but they get proper info, help and training from ongs and local ‘antifa’.
        All the dindus you happen to see around are provided with smartphone, valid SIM card and earphones.
        The normal hosting cost of this scum has been estimated in 40-70 euros for each of them. Who’s the one paying for his own slaughter here?
        Boycott the fucking regime and dont give a cent to it, whenever possible!


      2. @ sinead: Yet, somebody’ll say these filthy zionist jews are ‘passionate citizens of the world’.
        A bit like the famous hero in cloak n’ dagger: harry silverstein..


      3. True, I’m not paying for our own demise and I would never support scum. I also noticed that many invaders have expensive clothing and gadgets. Most invaders remind me of braindead zombies and are most dangerous when in gangs. George Soros financed a lot of the invasion, he should be hanged for treason. Booklets are handed out to the invaders in Africa/Asia with instructions written in Arab, French and English with the best routes, shelters, benefits etc. The whole invasion was planned and its offered to them on a golden plate. Some invaders even get military training, crazy world.


      4. Most of these hosted invaders- who cost an average of 50 euros each per day- are provided with griffed stuff, smartphones, selfie stick & headphones. They protest if they dont get the food they pretend, messing up the whole place. Sometimes they enter groceries and come up packed with bags. They get mostly hosted near elementary schools. Which led many worried parents to surge.
        Moral: not only there is an obvious zio agenda aimed at the destruction of peoples, nations and white race.
        The local illegitimate & delegitimate zio puppet govts and the shabbat goys make the buck on these creatures, by offering their ‘humanitarian services’ to them. A few of these libtards have been arrested for that, but it’s just a drop in the ocean. Sometimes the less problematic aliens get exploited by some govt linked mafia organization in poorly paid jobs.

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      1. Let’s also keep in mind that this arch perverse public show is meant to attack White Women before pulling the leg to White Men.
        Who has been organising that horrid farce in the streets? Who gathered the zio chicks there? Who filmed all that trash there?
        Its obviously a zio sponsorized event made up to sell the lie white gals are easy going sluts and their boys just cucked impotents.

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  4. ..a marxist zio chick working in a anti-national globo organization for free immigration, has been raped by the same aliens she was helping, protecting and feeding. She couldn’d be able to disclose the fact for months, as her pro feminist & neo marxist organization for “human rights & pair opportunities” had threatened her of sanctions


  5. Reminds me of news today – an antifa writer and son attacked in France with threats of semitic revenge bigtime…for his book titled ‘Jihad.’ Maybe he’ll wake up… Thanks for all your comments. I know it’s a depressing topic, but I thought a find – the quote so similar to Babs the Ghoul Spectre.

    “Mr Gilberti said he received blows to his back before being called a “filthy white” by four men aged between 20 and 30 years, who held him down while attacking.

    The author reported the men also kicked his 12-year-old son in the head and stomach, shouting “it’s the same price for you” and “we don’t forgive, we don’t forget” at his 11-year-old daughter who was also present.”



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