White Flight From Black or White ???

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There are many people out there at the moment, that are not very happy with white people moving out of their home areas, because of what is taking place within white western civilisation.  After section-8 or what Australians know as community and/or commission housing is built in their immediate neighbourhoods, including down to their very streets, people often start getting the heck out of dodge knowing full well, who is going to end up living there.  And yes, we’re talking about Abbo’s or Dindus, in the case of the States.  There is however, something that is going widely unnoticed, that needs to be addressed.

Many people are not just moving out of their neighbourhoods because of people of the darker variant.  Whilst this might be the direct reason to their self exile, it is far from the indirect reason that they are picking up and leaving.  And in saying “picking…

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2 thoughts on “White Flight From Black or White ???

  1. The girl you are reblogging has stuff. Indeed.

    If current ‘men’ were half the female She is, we’d be a people of Warriors.


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