White Flight = Accepting Defeat


5 thoughts on “White Flight = Accepting Defeat

  1. Very good points. I’m also sick of all the apologies. Genocide is never ok, and we should hold our ground; be steadfast and vigilant. I would move to a better place if I could but surrender and retreat is not a (permanent) solution. Its also true that invaders get all the benefits, while whites have to survive on their own.


  2. You’re right This is one of the disagreements that I have with the concept of the Northwest thing. Our ancestors built these societies; and, every time we move and create a new community, the multiCULT chases us down again. I saw that video. I would have reported the trespass and theft to the police and property owner.


  3. What you say ist absolutely true. Alas, it can be hard to implement in real life. I am German and moved back to my ancestral region in the northern Black Forest this February (coming from Austria where things are only minimally better). It is part of the federal country of Germany which is a) among, if not the richest of the 16 countries, and b) the second in row when it comes to being invaded. I did come back exactly for the reasons you stated: show my face, be one more of “us”, stop the herd of invaders with my presence. That was the intention. I’m now 8 months in and must admit that I cannot stay. It is heartbreaking to see the beautiful landscape, which makes up my childhood memories, the houses, streets (there was no way of getting into this forest before our ancestors came and cut them), the places, shops and cafes, in short our whole infrastructure being transformed into some middle-eastern ugliness. It is also heartbreaking to think of the animals, the birds and deer, the wild pigs, squirrels, all the little woodland critters which are now being exposed to a breed of people who have no concern for them at all. Not to mention the cattle, which ist exposed to the beatiality of the halal-nonsense. In all this is butchering our very soul. But the WORST – and the reason why I have decided to go back east (Austria or if I can Slovakia or Hungary) – is, that my people do not do anything against it. A heartbreaking number don’t even seem to realise what’s going on. If I say something, I’m hushed, ignored. Even people who in private are very unhappy with the invasion, are not prepared to form a local resistance circle. So, from my side, if you are American and think of going back to europe, do not come to Germany (even if your ancestors were German). You will be disappointed. I do not know how Eastern Europe will develop (and there surely is a lot that could go wrong there, too), but many people here do go there, because they see it as a repository of European/White culture. I, for my part, think that it is the best we can do t the moment. Sorry, to be so defetist, but the situation here is far worse, especially since we do not have your kind of space. What we do have are super-restrictive laws on what one can and cannot say/think and the EU to torture us from afar and without any means of defence on our side. Except, of course, standing up all together as one and say “NO”. But this won’t happen here, the people at large are too satisfied and too dumbed down.


  4. Helene,

    What you say is painfully true.
    Nevertheless some efforts must be spent on building up a tiny, albeit strong community of people sharing same principles. A community where Resistance & Opposition to the criminal system are the unique, powerful basic pillars.
    Its the first brick we need to build the Fortress.


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