JC Penny Pushes Type 2 Diabetes as “Cool”


11 thoughts on “JC Penny Pushes Type 2 Diabetes as “Cool”

  1. The violet haired trash can pushes her agenda for (race) human destruction.
    Zio owned Discovery chan has been hitting same topic for years.
    It clearly tells us ” the fish starts stinking from the head”…

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  2. I can’t help but be a bit triggered for fatties, once upon a time I was about 400 pounds. I am still overweight but not like that. I believe fat people are another symptom of our very sick society, and pushing it is unfair but hating them is also unfair (not saying you are, I understand you see things holistically) The world is getting fatter and they have no idea of the implications, I am only 37 and my knees and ankles hurt all of the time because of the heft they once had to carry. Being that big ages your body and destroys your health.It is a shame when the thing that brings you the most joy in the world is shit food, and lots of it. These people know fast food is bad, but they really have no idea how bad. Something else I noticed is the kind of fat is different. The fat I used to be was like her, blown up, I was on medications and eating McDonalds, KFC, Chocolates, Candies etc Now I eat lots of fruit, veg and plantfoods some shit foods (tofurky or fake minces, chips), rice, pastas and now I am a normal fat, not a weird fat. People eat so much plastic, they start to look baloonish? Hard to explain.
    I still have weight to lose because I put some back on during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and had not reached my goal before falling pregnant so I have another 80 pounds to lose before I am happy. I feel terrible about my weight, because I know it is against everything I want to be and what we should be, but I will not lie, it is a mindset which is very difficult to get out of. It is like an obsession, your constant thought is when can I eat next, what can I eat next, disgusting.
    I went from a healthy thin girl who was given the pill at 11 years old because of cramps and irregular periods, and I just started eating and eating, at 16 I was on prozac and with every year I went up in age, I matched it with a stone of weight. By the time I was 28 I was over 28 and a half stone, and on another anti depressant/sedative. I slowly started losing weight and becoming awake, without the awareness I was coming to, I would possible be, I don’t know, is 37 stone (520 pounds) possible? Or would I be dead?
    People need to wake up, because they are terribly unhappy in this fake world and because of this they are doing everything they can to commit suicide without even knowing it.
    Sorry for the BIG ASS comment.


      1. Exactly. My heart breaks for these kids that are obese. What are they supposed to do? They rely on their caretakers to choose their food options and if they don’t like what their family is serving they will not have any other options.


      2. I feel you. I am trying to lose weight myself. I don’t look like the giant fatties at Wal-Mart but I could def. stand to drop 30 lbs. It’s difficult for me to exercise though because of health problems (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia) but I am trying to eat a much healthier diet to cleanse my system and get my metabolism going again.

        I just hate the way the (((MSM))) promotes fatness as something cool to aspire to instead of encouraging people to better themselves. The fact that we at least recognize the problem and are working on improvement instead of making excuses is the important thing. We will get there eventually. πŸ™‚

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      3. Aria..

        You dont have to apologise.for anything. Any of us has his ‘up & downs’.
        Important is, we are able to recognize the problem and take appropriate solutions, rejecting the criminal mantra of the system wanting us dead.


    1. Instead of blaming the fats I think we should be blaming the companies that purposely get these people addicted to their poison. I was 160 lbs at one point which is very heavy for me as I am not a very big woman. I was able to lose the weight by getting off the pharmajewticals, going vegan and eating clean. All of these people who are overweight can do the same but no massive change will happen without all of these poisonous “food” options being completely gone! Good on you for turning your life around. You will also be able to coach young people about how to do the same.


    2. Any of us can be hit by a ‘system driven’ illness. Anybody is the target of the hyper consumeristic, unhealthy, criminal current society. Thus, been overweight (or having been) it’s a not a shame in itself.

      People are cannon fodder to transnational companies’ experiments, big pharma and much more.
      Getting aware of the actual, sick world is a crucial step in anybody’s mind & body. Knowing what we are & represent for the cabal, is the hinge of changement.

      I contest and fight the axiom on which the suck system lives. ‘Self acceptance’. Wtf, does it mean? Self acceptance or self destruction? It’s an amoral concept before being a slanderous assumption.

      This is the narrative anyone has to reject & fight.

      Yet the msm smuggles the script of these individuals in blatant overweight who praise for social acceptance and …diversity. See the agenda here?
      ”How cool is to be 500 pounds. I have my topic, cut edge style. Wow, Fat is beautiful!”

      Make no mistake here: this is the MESSAGE they are selling.

      We have the possibility of being the victim, the sacrifical lamb or the executioner of the zio system. It’s our choice and yet, our uncut privilege to choose.

      We Are What We Eat & We Are What We Talk: two pregnant aphorisms I’d suggest to keep in mind. The former deals with our choice to keep fit (or try to) and eat properly, depending on our own methabolism and dose of daily activity.
      The other winds over rejecting their inane, criminal messages.


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