Has Ken O’Keefe Been Exposed as a Fraud?

I have been following Ken O’Keefe for many years now, and despite his face tattoos and “brotherly love” type of approach, I viewed him as an inspirational figure. I watched as the flotilla to Gaza was boarded by Israelis who opened fire and killed relief workers, then heard of how Ken, an ex-Navy Seal, disarmed two of the assailants. I saw the videos of Ken O’Keefe and his good friend Max Igan in Gaza building educational facilities for the bombed-out Palestinians. I heard about their ordeal of sneaking in and out of the besieged area, dealing with militants who had taken their passports, and considered their efforts heroic. I have since followed Ken as he has become even more critical of jews, especially on his recent “Fuck the TSA Tour” and was very happy to hear him come out and say Hitler was right. I was even planning to donate to his World Citizen Initiative after it really got rolling since it seemed like a noble undertaking, even though I do not consider myself a World Citizen. This is why it was very disappointing for me to hear the recent scandal regarding Mr. O’Keefe.

Earlier this week Max Igan came forward with shocking allegations that Ken O’Keefe is a fraud and his World Citizen Initiative is a giant money-making scheme that was never intended to fulfill its stated mission. From what I can ascertain from the information Max has provided, the story is that Ken had assured people that the money he was raising, which ended up being well over $100k, would be used to come up with a legal solution (a contract) that would allow for people to stop paying the income tax because it goes to fund unjustified wars of aggression. However, it seems a legal or lawful contract of this nature is not possible, and Ken has instead been working to acquire property in Dominica, where there are no extradition laws, which means he would not be able to be held accountable for perpetrating a massive fraud.

Not too long ago some of Ken’s close associates and members of the World Citizen team flew in from all around the world to meet in Acapulco and hammer out some of the details of their plan. In addition to their frustration over not getting paid for their work, team members also became despondent that Ken was completely inaccessible for most of the trip, as he had met the new love of his life, having left his wife and children not too long ago.

Some suggest that this woman wormed her way into Ken’s mind and corrupted him, but Max now thinks that the whole project was always set up to fail, so as to serve as a way for Ken to make a lot of money quickly, and that looking back, Ken has always been an agent. It was not even Max who originally wanted to make this public; the team members who were working with Ken went to Max to voice their concerns, but Max held them at bay for some time so that he could talk to his old friend about the evidence and allegations against him. Ken’s response was to issue a 30 page “subversion report” wherein he claimed Max was the one who had actually caused the project to fail by initiating a mutiny.

Ken has written a short response to the allegations and assures his followers that they will hear his side of the story shortly. Ken even posted Max’s appearance on the Richie Allen Show, where Max really lays into Ken.

 I used to listen to Max quite a bit during the first years of my awakening, but then moved on since he stopped resonating with me, although he seems to be a genuinely good man. Who knows though, maybe Max really is the troublemaker in all of this, but the evidence against Ken really does not look good, and he has not yet released any compelling rebuttal, though he might be able to set things straight and explain what happened. He is scheduled to make an appearance on The Richie Allen show next week to respond to Max’s vehement denunciation. We’ll see how that turns out.

Regardless, please don’t let this all demoralize you.



6 thoughts on “Has Ken O’Keefe Been Exposed as a Fraud?

  1. I never trusted that guy from the beginning. I always wondered why he fought so hard for other countries with all of his appearances instead of his own USA. Also the extreme tattoos also threw me off. This is typical of how some of the military men are to a large percentage. I admit I am jaded because I have been on the other side of it seen them behind the scenes and what they are really like. They have been taught to pretend and put up fronts and lie to a T. The military is notorious for cheaters, spousal abuse and use of prostitutes. Which is what this girl looks like. It is the “in” thing for the military and cops to do when they have a good wife at home then they live double lives at night and when they travel on their “missions” I have had good friends that are “good” guys testify how the bus load of prostitutes were forced on them and you are lame if you do not partake.
    So none of this is surprising to me at all. Whether he is just gullable and this girl was used to trap him or if he just said fug-it-tall and decided to do what ever he wants and be selfish.
    However.. if that is his move he is making, I suspect that those extradition laws will be especially altered just for him so he gets to spend some time in prison.If nothing happens then it makes me wonder if both him and Max were apart of something to see what kind of response would we would all give. We were given a glimmer of hope and it was ripped away yet again……we are data lab rats and they are testing us left and right. Maybe he is paid and his last job is over and he thinks he is Vin Diesel in the ZanderZone and that is why he doesn’t give a crap anymore :O/

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      1. Plus… Mark Passio (“former” satanist).. Jeanice Barcello (anti satanist) …Ken O’keefe (anti israel) …. all super friends of the Free Your Mind Conference.

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  2. Interesting how Ken’s whole “mission” is to get us to all sign a contract. I am sorry but I am NOT limited to a citizen of the Earth as I consider myself a living being of the universe currently (it seems) being held prisoner as a Jewish slave in the material realm against my will. Citizen implies that I even want to be associated with the majority of the retards destroying this planet. Why the hell would anyone want to sign another Jewish contract to try to void all the other previous Jewish contracts? And like Hillary says.. what difference does it make anyway? lol
    I contract with no one… this world can take every last contract and shove it up their ass.


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