The New Constitution Party of Canada hosts Monika Schaefer, Canada’s most notorious Holohoax skeptic


3 thoughts on “The New Constitution Party of Canada hosts Monika Schaefer, Canada’s most notorious Holohoax skeptic

  1. Wow this is amazing.. I am really seeing what I have heard over and over about what has been done to the german people and the guilt they have. I see how they are waking up to it also. I never knew that this was a thing that was happening. I feel so bad for them. I cant imagine what they went through. And dealing with the rest of the worlds derogatory comments about Nazi’s.

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  2. I think it is important to remember that these Rich Anti-White race controllers of the medias & everything (That control ALL the money in the western world -basically the whole world. ) have been wrecking / destroying peoples lives & successes not just for questioning the WWII events but for Questioning ANYTHING -Like so called established science & historical teachings & race & culture teachings in school or medias . There are a large number of us unknown people out here that have awake lives that have been destroyed by these nameless faceless rich controllers orders to their minions with the help of their paid enforcers to do so . Sounds like she got off easy because people like her music . Others of us awake average people just get squashed economically like a bug never to recover because we are put on secret lists that restrict the amount of money we can get from the rich controllers . Most White race people do not understand that they are just economically controlled goyslaves their whole lives helping pay the Anti-Whites to cause White race GENOCIDE by taking half their paychecks away & funneling that money to Anti-White race interests . This woman Monica has just woke up around the time of 911 . There are some of us that had our lives destroyed back in the early 80’s ,. We could see what was happening to the White race & its culture & tried to wake the White race people up to separate from theses Anti-White race rich people controllers -(We actually had the young White race numbers back then to achieve a separation ) But , Unfortunately , we did not have the net back then so our messages were censored & spun to be bad in some way by the rich controlled medias . A lot of us have been discriminated so badly for so long economically that we only want to find and live in ALL & only White race communities & be left alone but we want to see all the WRT’s go on tv when the system implodes before we go .


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