Humane Slaughter is an Oxymoron – “Certified Humane” is Ridiculous


2 thoughts on “Humane Slaughter is an Oxymoron – “Certified Humane” is Ridiculous

  1. You’ll remember a few years ago, the term’ eco’ came “in auge”

    Everything had to be ‘ecologic’ to be accepted and sold to the Bubbas. Trendy products had to undergo a PAIR reviewed campaign of marketing & communication where they were turned into brand new, apologetic items of the modern, clean era. We had to learn Exxon is relentlessly working to improve the quality of our air. Bananas are grown in areas where local peasant/slaves of transnational Corps can bath in a Jacuzzi, at least once a day. We had to witness the main sporting events not as sports themselves, but as a way to promote hybrid, expensive and useless cars often driven by a self-referential effeminate tard or a cross-dressed deviant. New a-sexual status symbols for the politically correct cuck. Bot, gosh, so cool!

    Oh and let’s not forget the ‘anti-racist’ messages pushing for misgenetion.

    We were compelled to swallow the logical fallacy Bog (Big) Pharma is working harder to improve the general health in countries of the 4rd and 5th world…as soon as the blue starred bombers fly back to their air strip to get refueled.
    If only you could tip a couple bucks you could do alot to help Merk, Nestlè & Monsanto playing the Three Wise Men over there. Yessir! You need to do your own part in democracy.

    You need cash? Well, you are driven into choosing whether to have your ATM receipt printed or not.
    Not only their sell their own, fake piece of paper to you. The transaction is a simple string of bytes in a accounting software.
    In the latter case, when you reject their receipt, you are being promoted ‘ecologist’ and you may be proud, you’re saving the world from poisonous CO2 emissions (Rolling Eyes/Palms up to the face) and you can go home masturbating your mind in your politically fair couch..Yes, I do my part!

    I could go on for pages..


    All the terms used by the system are oxymorons. They have been ‘trans-littered’ and deprived of their original meaning: ‘Human Rights, Pair opportunities, nazim, fascism, racism, bigotry, conspiracy theory, gender, war on terror, semitism, gay et altera are just Lies, scams, frauds. And the laugh is upon those, who still don’t get it.


    In Europe a person with a physical or mental handicap is gently named: ‘ A Differently Able Person’. Bah, then we say our Boobuses don’t own a golden heart!


  2. Just allow me to add my little aphorism.

    Some years ago, when genderism was still an obscure, freaky weapon yet concealed in the hands of the cabal and I was a teen, I happened to land in O’Hara airport.

    The stewardess had gently provided me of a tiny module, to be carefully filled up by the disembarking passenger. Usual stuff directed to the former TSA: name, place & date of birth, nationality, residence, passport n., motive of the visit and…….’gender’..

    It took me a good five mins to state WTF that word was meant to signify.

    The last alert from the stewardess had already been given: ‘We expect to land in five mins. Weather’s fine and temp is about 78 degreess. Thanks for flying our carrier. Hope to have you onboard again. Pls check the seat is in the upright position and the table in front of you firmly locked. Have a nice stay…’

    The warm voice of the air-lady had just gone and, at that point, I knew she couldn’t help!

    And, hell, I was still stuck on that damned thing.

    Then, all of a sudden, I realized the arcane!

    I grabbed my writing tool and penned down: ‘White Caucasian Male’-


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