Alternate History Questions

Sylvie has some great videos on her channel with common sense questions and amazing finds. One being what looks to be ancient machine tracks found around the world. Was Earth terra-formed?

Sharing with anyone that has not checked out her theories yet. Maybe you can join her on an expedition.


8 thoughts on “Alternate History Questions

  1. THE THEORY IS , We have been told LIES our whole life . Most , 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%+ OF TEACHERS DON’T KNOW THEY ARE TEACHING LIES . The only things you can reasonably assume are true are basic things like the things we taste see & hear touch through our senses -( But we can be deceived by those as well) . Everything else is just THEORY with a 50% truth evaluation attributed to it as well as a 50% falsehood attributed to it -(A guess in other words) . Don’t trust anyone that thinks they are telling you the truth , they really are just guessing or deceiving you about life & history they are holding you back from learning never let anyone be a judge over you . Think about it , What do ALL the judges that “Claim” to be over & in control of you have in common ? You will find the real truth there.


      1. I think (((they))) will be the ones presenting hidden knowledge to us, so as to control it and not allow us to connect all the dots. Doesn’t make what she’s talking about not true though.

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    1. They usually cover up the fact that white folk brought civilization to most parts of the world. The White God by Pierre Honoré is a good read and recent discoveries of the Luwians support his claim. The woman in the video shows Scythian artifacts and claims that they were made by dwarves, seriously? All the ancient sites with huge blocks are interesting but not impossible to build with simple tools.


  2. Yeah I already suspected that with Michael Tsarion… there is this big push to rewrite everything. I say we storm the vatican and get all the records and kick them off the planet.


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