Nature Knows Breast

Nature Knows Breast

This video below by Similac shows a bunch of parents all arguing about what is best for babies, breast or bottle, as well as whether or not they should work and let dad stay at home or stay at home themselves. As they argue a pram begins to roll away, they all stop fighting to catch the babies pram, giving us the idea that arguing over formula vs breast milk is not a case of life and death, but when life and death are in question, we all rally together.

Because all that really matters is the baby, right? The commercial ends with “No matter what our beliefs, we are parents first”. The website has a #EndMommyWars documentary telling us how we all judge each other, that we judge moms when their babies cry or when they put their children in daycare. They show mums who wanted to breastfeed but could not produce enough milk, as well women who cannot breastfeed because of breast lumps. They then discuss marriage, single parents, and bringing up gender neutral children. Then they have breastfeeding moms crying and apologising to bottle-feeding moms for judging them. Let us face it though, most bottle feeding moms are not giving the baby a bottle because they cannot breastfeed. I am sure some cannot, and this is why formula exists, but for most moms it is convenience. But guess what, I am not judging those mums, because even though they may be told breast is best, they are not told how really bad formula is, and unless you want to make it a life choice to investigate everything, then you only know what you are told.

You are shown commercials that visually lead you to believe that it does not matter because we all ensure baby will survive. They all catch a pram rolling into a lake, then they are relieved. We are left with mom mouthing the words, ‘it is okay, it is fine, it’s fine’. Yep, but it isn’t, though. One of the many reasons why formula is a case of life and death is that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has been linked to casomorphines in cows milk.

When I was tandem breastfeeding because I had two babies one after the other and could not express, I decided to get a formula for when I was in labour with my second, so my 11 month old son would have something like milk since he was still feeding from me regularly. I picked up the bottle of soy formula (because I am vegan) and read the ingredients – soy milk powder, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals. I quickly put it back on the shelf disgusted; needless to say it did not go in my child’s tummy. I then decided to look at a normal formula out of curiosity – cows milk powder, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals. I had never ever read the ingredients before. I fed my first son cows milk formula for a whole year without ever reading the ingredients. Not once did I think, what is in this shit? Never. I am in the UK, but the ingredients in the USA are horrifying.

Image result for similac ingredients

Because I had spent most of my last two pregnancies reading about nutrition I was alarmed to see the second ingredient to be vegetable oil, which a pretty well established carcinogen from several studies that mainly tackle the issue of heating up the oil in regards to cooking. Making a bottle of formula consists of pouring in boiling hot water and stirring or heating in a pan or microwave and then letting it cool. I am pretty sure this would heat up the oil and release aldehydes, making this a toxic substance. The vegetable oil also ends up putting on etra weight and not your regular chub. Babies today are starting to look BIG. We could argue a hundred years ago they did not have enough food so were too thin, and maybe so. But children never really looked like overblown blowfish. I feel terrible saying this, but it is the truth, and an ugly side effect of our children being poisoned. As you can see in the USA there are several oils.

Breast-fed babies are 16 percent less likely to be overweight and 37 percent less likely to be obese than those formula fed.” (Sanderson,Slow and Steady Parenting, 2007)

The reasons given for this are normally overfeeding, consuming too many ounces, as compared to feeding until full on a breast. Also, babies will be picky eaters when they start on solids (in other words they prefer shit tasteless processed poison instead of food, because this is what they have become accustomed to). As breast milk can give a variety of flavours dependant on a mothers diet, breastfed children are more likely to try new foods.

I would like to dispute that these are the main causes, as my babies sometimes fed for hours, through the night whilst sleeping they constantly drank, they must have drank ounces upon ounces, I could hear them gulp; this was not a tiny amount of milk. I think the biggest reason for the weight is obviously the oil that causes weight gain  and they are drinking the milk that is intended to grow a calf and not a human.

It is perhaps a good idea to see formula as a pharmaceutical, as it was invented by a chemist as a substitute for dry feeding when children could not get another human’s milk. A man named Justus Von Liebig, who was adopted by a jewish mother, was interested in chemistry throughout his life and became a pharmacist. Nestle then came to the forefront and mass marketed Infant Formula; there were plenty of problems and children became very ill and many died, so the formula was quickly adapted to include vitamins and minerals as scurvy was rife.

Nestle was the fastest growing seller and I do not need to highlight Nestle’s jewish connections, as I am sure we are all aware that there are many of them and that these connections have only grown and grown over the years, resulting in Nestle and Israel being firm friends, Nestle having many factories on stolen Palestinian land, and actually being awarded honorary status in Israel for their philanthropic work there. Nestle is as corrupt as they come and still today break advertising sanctions by allowing us to believe formula is just as good as breast milk through applying psychology techniques in advertising.

Similac likes to pull at our heart strings in their ad campaign though, and are doing well and are a leading brand. However, they have been found to of lied about their Organic formula, when it was just regular shit formula containing,

irradiated substances, synthetic compounds, or produced from hazardous substances.

Similac is a part of Abbott, also known as Zio-Abbott because of Merck and Vanguard Group inc. Abbott Laboratories is getting funding in millions from Mr “kill us all” Bill Gates, but Similac are adamant that;

From infants to the elderly, we offer science-based nutrition products to make every stage of life a healthy one… This commitment to enhancing health and well-being at every stage of life has made us a leading nutrition company

Miles D White is the CEO of Abbott Laboratories and is on the chair of Mcdonalds. He also used to work for the Federal Bank – such a small world! I could be accused of being a conspiracy theorist for noticing that when formula diabetes and Abbott’s main focus and ching ching is diabetes care. Well, those clients won’t create themselves now, will they? Incidentally a diabetic mum who breastfeeds needs less insulin – how about that.

Nestle, Similac and Enfamil get their foot in the door by supplying to Hospitals, not only in America, but worldwide with the baby friendly initiatives. The hospital initiative causes problems; it puts a bottle in a baby’s mouth before the mom can say breast. Nurses often feed the babies when mom is too tired and babies then become bottle dependent, so mom can dry up and then has no option but to bottle feed. Some countries do not have clean enough water and babies can get diarrhea, so a mom unable to nurse anymore then becomes forced to buy water (what? Nestle sells water and wants to control water supplies, weird). I have experienced this first hand and been told not to nurse, when the truth is staff are too busy or just lacking in compassion to help a mum nurse. I find it awful that we have great nurses who are worn out with no time and then terrible nurses unwilling to put in any effort at all. But this problem is occupation-wide; some people work themselves to the bone, others just watch them and complain. Over the years formulas have been removed from the shelves time and time again because of contaminated products, from bacteria to little beetles. The levels ofAluminium have been found to be over the safety limit on many occasions and in many different brands. Also, correct preparation of formula and keeping it fresh is a big problem that causes malnutrition, particularly in poorer families, as they either put in too little to stretch it out or they do not keep it refrigerated, giving baby the leftovers from earlier.

The truth is man can not imitate nature and from the very beginning of baby formula it has caused deaths and continues to do so with companies settling out of court continuously. Similac’s current advertising campaigns are showing that a mom who breastfeeds should be crying and apologising to the mom who doesn’t. The mom who feeds her baby with her breast should feel guilty and ashamed.

Unlike the advertising claims, I do not judge the mom – I judge the jewish FDA, the jewish capitalist system, the jewish run pharmaceutical companies, the jewish run governments and hospitals, all that let her believe:

it is okay, it is fine, it’s fine.

Nevermind that your baby is at risk of: ear infections, gastroenteritis (stomach inflammation, diarrhea), severe lower respiratory tract infections (pneumonia, can also be applied to other types of infection including lung abscess and acute bronchitis), eczema, atopic dermatitis, asthma, obesity, type 1 and 2 diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), necrotizing enterocolitis (tissue damage to the intestinal tract), and cognitive delays.

Totally fine. So if baby is missing out on optimum health, what is mum missing out on by not breastfeeding?

One of the best-kept secrets about breastfeeding is that it’s as healthy for mothers as for babies. Not only does lactation continue the natural physiologic process begun with conception and pregnancy, but it provides many short and long-term health benefits. These issues are rarely emphasized in prenatal counseling by health care professionals and all but ignored in popular parenting literature” (A well Kept Secret, Dermer, 2001)

As a mother who does not breastfeed, you do not complete the physiological cycle of child bearing. You do not get the oxytocin release when you first nurse. When you do not breastfeed after birth your body does not contract; your womb does not tighten and go back to a non-pregnant state, which protects you from haemorrhaging which is one of the leading causes of maternal mortality.

Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) is the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide” (WHO)

Of course we could argue, but third world countries breastfeed. Yes they do, and they also give birth in their teens, which is another major cause of maternal mortality because of haemorrhaging – more so in the third world than in the USA or Europe.

Image result for healthy mother and childrenMothers who breastfeed often do not get their period back for months, some for up to a year as her body reserves iron, which is not to feed the baby, but to restore what she gave through pregnancy, making her less likely to suffer anaemia in the following months after birth. Not breastfeeding means you do not have the protection against the risk of obesity and diabetes or the three main killer contenders for women that are dramatically reduced when a woman breastfeeds: osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. Research has shown after breastfeeding stops the depletion the woman had in calcium, it not only restores, but her bones become stronger than they were before. Our bodies are miraculous and we are not giving them what they need.

The modern negative view of breastfeeding is actually the biggest stressor, funny enough. Judgment from others? Fuck you Similac. However, breastfeeding is deemed to ease stress because a breastfeeding mom’s babies are healthier than a formula fed baby. Therefore mom is not pacing with a screaming baby but nursing and hugging (which is awesome). I also recall pacing with my son whilst he screamed as I made a bottle, cooled a bottle, and finally gave him the bottle – it was very stressful. Breastfeeding mothers are less likely to suffer post natal depression and intense baby blues, unless they are being told to put their dirty little breasts away of course, and feed their child in a toilet, but this is momentary and never can remove the love felt whilst nursing, never.

Clearly, breastfeeding is good for mothers both physically and emotionally. And yet, many mothers decide to breastfeed based solely on the benefits to the baby. Breastfeeding in the context of a bottle-feeding society tends to be perceived as inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Often, mothers see breastfeeding as martyrdom to be endured for their baby’s health. If they stop early, they may feel guilty about depriving the baby of some health benefits, but their guilt is often soothed by well-meaning people who reassure them that ‘The baby will do just as well on formula’. Perhaps if they knew that continuing to breastfeed is also good for their own health, some mothers might be less likely to quit when they run into problems.

Many mothers are not being told how good breastfeeding is for their health. Whether out of ignorance or due to the influence of the artificial baby milk industry, many health care providers fail to inform mothers of the facts. It’s time for this well-kept secret to come out. As word spreads about these little-known facts, more mothers will not merely choose to breastfeed briefly to provide early disease protection for their baby, but will continue to breastfeed, providing optimal outcomes both for their children and for themselves.” (A well Kept Secret, Dermer, 2001)

We definitely need to expose the corruption of the system, and also shed light on the benefits for the mum need to be just as highlighted as the benefits for baby, then our numbers of post natal depression, cancer and maternal mortality will be reduced.

The elite jew is stealing our health, our children’s health and our opportunity to become real women. This is a part of our nature – our womanhood – which is robbed from us. It is another essential part of who we are that is removed from us. Without breastfeeding our babies, we have not completed a physiological cycle and we are mentally and physically suffering because of it.



5 thoughts on “Nature Knows Breast

  1. Wonderful article Aria! this reminded me of how when I was at a children’s and family expo this past weekend, similac was giving out formula for free! Everyone was walking around with big bags of this poison. They are now even marketing this to 3 year old’s and up in the form of a “milkshake” kind of drink. I was appalled! It should be illegal to give away formula like that! Especially when they give it to mother’s of newborns right away! It’s like saying, “Your body won’t work right so here’s some formula.” Instead of stupid formula we should have breast milk banks and tight knit communities of women that can wet nurse for each other. Formula is poison!

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  2. Wow. I just found your website and this is a great article. We definitely need more breastfeeders to support eachother. I breastfed my son until he was 2 and a half. My period didn’t come back until he was 14 months. I believe the less periods a woman has in her life contributes to her overall health. More time spent pregnant/breastfeeding means less likely to get cancer or less likely to have a miserable menopause.

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