White Girl Privilege


White girl privilege is being harassed every day at school by non White predators, kicking their asses when they cross the line and then being chased down by your “White” teacher to be punished instead of the little rat who deserved what he got.  Teach your daughters, mothers, female friends, sisters, aunts and grandmothers how to defend themselves.  Arm yourselves and never be caught off guard.  Not only are these hostile non Whites out to get us, but unfortunately many of our fellow Whites will be quick to throw us under the bus to elevate their own status as anti racists anti Whites.


10 thoughts on “White Girl Privilege

  1. Amen… I punched a few teachers in the mouth in my day after stuff like this. One day they had to handcuff me to the desk and then I just used my feet and pulled the desk all around the office kicking the shit out of the counselor and destroyed her beautiful dike bitch office.. fuk that bitch I hope she burns in hell to this day.

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    1. Fantastic. You really deserve a monument for what you have done.
      When at high school I switched from Conservative to Libertarian Fascist mode.
      The proficiency was too good to pick me on that, so they accused me of jocking too hard during the break.
      They claimed I had disrupted a classroom wall. In reality I was simply warding a flying chair off, which had been thrown at me. The leg crashed into the freshly painted wall producing a little hole. The cucks in the classroom yelled high. They had it repainted during the summer just to show all world how good & PC they were.
      The prof pointed at me asking for the principal to call me. Which obviously happened.

      I took the elevator and went down in the office, waiting for the predictable outcome.

      As he he started rocketing his ‘fair’ tirade ‘…Unacceptable… a slap in the face of your school-mates… questionnable behaviour…lack of symphaty with the other cucktards…’ etc.,

      I interrupted him:
      ‘ Principal, I fully understand & share your current sentiments. Here’s why I’d like to help’.
      That said I pulled off the equivalent of a 5 dollar bill and playing my best innocent attitude, I smashed it on his table. I’m still smiling since then.


  2. The gal of the above vid has the job done, naturally. Then she flees. A great job.

    Remember always that Real Self Defence is protection from a real threat. It is how to exit a Life or Death confrontation (or real harm, threatened rape, indiscriminate violence etc.) being the one who’s walking away.
    In a ‘normal’, bullying confrontation you have to stop the attacker.

    In a threatening one you have to disrupt his reactions. That is to produce INJURY. Injury will maim his capability to strike back. And you have to go on & on until the guy is non-functional or is no longer a threat. It may sound weird, but it is desperately true.
    Violence is just a tool for self defence. You have to use it as the only tool available.
    And it’s the only way Real, Mean, Unfair Violence can be justified. Nothing to do with a bashed ego yearning revenge, to tell it straight.

    Real S.D. is simply based on that.
    Remember that we are likely to be attacked when lesser we expect it: coming out of a supermarket with bags, looking for car/home keys, searching for the wallet, heading for the garage or condo laundry, etc.

    The Fight or Flee tactic must be applied. If you can, run away. On the contrary only an unfair fight can get the work done.

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