If We Let Them

No one will be safe from what they have in store for us.

They will continue poisoning our air, our water, our food, and our soil. The human body will become so filled with toxins – through GMOs, chemtrails, vaccines, and other “medicine” – that hardly anyone will come close to being even “normal”, let alone great. Soon most children will be diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, while cancer rates for young adults will skyrocket.

They will turn our world into a giant trash heap, with the natural world buried beneath. People will be forced to live in cramped conditions in sprawling megalopolises, far away the lush forests and clean rivers our ancestors once knew. The artificial will be elevated above the natural in every way. Genetic engineering will create utter monstrosities, nanobots will be used to build their new Babylon, and the last remnants of paradise will be paved.

They will continue to flood White countries with the third world until there are no more White countries left. The remaining Whites will be murdered or so brow-beaten with White privilege propaganda, indoctrinated with other social engineering programs, enticed with financial incentives, and scared into submission that they will either not have any children or will reproduce with the “enriched” brown and black people. As Nicholas Sarkozy said when he was in charge of France, if the government propaganda does not work, they will be forced to use more coercive measures to ensure the goal of racial interbreeding is met. The White genocide agenda will reach its completion.

They will make sexual degeneracy more extreme. Pedophilia, prostitution and bestiality will be made even more mainstream, and soon anyone who opposes such acts will become the criminal, registered as a bigoted hater. Love wins, don’t you know? Weimar 2.0 will be far more sickening than the worst scenes out of Berlin in the 1920s.

They will further debase our currency, making us into veritable slaves as they further consolidate their monopolistic money machine. Cash will be outlawed first, then eventually for “security”, everyone will need to have a microchip embedded in the body to make any kind of financial transaction. If a man steps out of line, his assets will be immediately frozen, and if he really goes against the system, his chip will be remotely set to “kill mode”.

They will artificially induce famine with monetary restrictions, deliberate destruction of crops, and chemtrails poisoning the plants and altering weather patterns. The dust bowl and starvation of the Great Depression will be nothing compared to this. Even the Holodomor will pale in comparison to the culling of the “goyim” herd that they have planned for us. They have used us to build their world empire, but now we are no longer needed, at least not in such large numbers.

They will replace their “goyim” wage slaves with cheaper and more efficient robots, who they do not have to pay, but only need to charge periodically. They are already planning sex robot brothels in the UK, which will expand from there. They will roll out killer robots to take over many police and military functions, as they have already done with the shotgun robot at Ruby Ridge and the bomb robot recently in Dallas, keeping the populace controlled through Terminator technology. Swarms of high-tech drones will create the ultimate security grid, a veritable Skynet, which will make running and hiding from this terror impossible.

They will move forward at dizzying speeds with their transhumanist agenda. All of the technological advances we see being rolled out in the public – Google Glass, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, augmented “reality” with contact lenses, implantable technology, and neural dust – it’s just the tip of the iceborg. The borg-like hive mind will be here sooner than you think. Resistance will not only be futile, these technocrats will make it impossible.

They will keep destroying our world, along with everything and everyone we love, with unrelenting accuracy. They will not stop until we are dead or completely enslaved. They will achieve complete control…


They want us to think there is no hope in opposing them. They are too advanced, they are too powerful, they know everything, and they are unstoppable… BULLSHIT! 



4 thoughts on “If We Let Them

  1. I thought I was going crazy when I learned about our artificial future, however its all sad but true, this post confirms it again. The ELite are insane megalomaniacs and we’re almost living in an Orwellian dystopia, like a Brave New World. According to Google our minds can be uploaded to a central server before 2050, called Deep Mind. There are already companies creating AI, VR, terminators and cyborgs; or the Jewish borg and their golems. Assimilate or die, but I say fuck them, its not too late to stop the JWO and escape the matrix, all we need is a rebellion and fight back! Who wants to live in a dark scifi nightmare? We should all return to our pagan roots before its too late… The truth will set us free, better to be brave than a slave!


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