A Woman Supports Her Warriors

Josephine Miller, a young woman during the Battle of Gettysburg, stayed in her home in the midst of battle and baked bread all day to give to hungry soldiers.

On the second day of battle (July 2, 1863) a Union office told her to leave the house, but she had bread in the oven and wanted to stay till it was done. The First Massachusetts troops, which were near the farm, were commanded by Lt. Col. Clark B. Baldwin. This unit brought 384 men to the battle. At the end of the conflict they had 16 killed, 83 wounded and 21 missing. Miller took the bread to these troops, and they ate it so quickly that she decided to stay in the house and made more.

In July of 1886 a monument to honor the First Massachusetts Regiment was dedicated at Gettysburg. The veterans requested Miller attend. They paid for her round-trip ticket. When she arrived they gave her three cheers and presented her with a gold corps badge.

The stove she had used to bake bread during the battle was still in the house. The men carried it out and placed it near the monument. A picture was taken of her beside the stove and monument.


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