5 years of Chaos

This is an old 2006 George Noory interview and its amazing how this interviewee Alan Watt has predicted pretty much where we are today. Syria and Iran set up for the next war, drugs in chemtrailing and weaponized virus’s i.e. Zika.

He also mentions they (of course they never mention the Jews) have a plan of 5 years straight of chaos for us. Are we at the beginning of that now this summer with BLM burning down towns with a race war is to be the population reducer? That caught my attention. Again.. get prepared as much as you can.

Also interesting that they are planning a world without women. So I guess we are out dated models on the way out as men give birth to themselves??

Thought I would share this for anyone interested.


7 thoughts on “5 years of Chaos

  1. They can plan what they want in their psychopatic mind.

    If ‘people’ let them play, it’s people’s fault.

    At a certain time, ‘awakening’ must have an end. Something else will have to kick in.

    I’ve crashed today in a Laureen Southern’s vid in which she interviews a German woman who, despite violence by aliens, brainwashing, crack on dissent being unleashed, she fears to talk critically as doesnt want to be labeled as a ‘far righter’. That is, a ‘naZZi’ (double ‘Z’ mean extreeeme Eevil, for the PC cucks)
    I dont see any revolution at the horizon, with people like this.


    1. There is such a thing as natural law. There are forces at work here outside of human control. The earth, natural law and synchronicity are all working against this evil too. And its on our side not theirs.

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      1. Agree. Problem is the scheduled die ebents might not respect our biologic expectation of lige.
        Off topic, you once talked about healing crystals. Could u tell me something more specific ?

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