White Guilt Dating: Indoctrination of Youth


There is a certain aspect of white guilt that is initiated into the psyche of young people to date outside of their race in order to not appear “racist”. When a white person declines a non-white person’s offer, it’s automatically frowned upon as not being progressive enough and can cause major negative implications in someone’s life both emotionally and socially. But there is nothing unnatural about wanting to date someone who is in your race. In a variety of studies, even babies understand race and most children choose to assimilate with other children who look like them.

“When researchers presented 30-month-olds with pictures of children of various races and asked them to pick who they would want to play with, the toddlers were more likely to pick kids of their race. Likewise, when sociologists Debra Van Ausdale and Joe Feagin observed kids in an urban day care center for 11 months, they found that children as young as three excluded other kids from play based on their race and used race to negotiate power in their social networks, as they described in their 2001 book The First R: How Children Learn Race and Racism.”

“One study reported that in highly diverse schools, students self-segregate more by race than they do in moderately diverse schools, and the likelihood of cross-racial friendships goes down.”-Slate

Yet you will see articles by popular Jewish media like Time’s Your Baby is Racist or Daily Mail’s Is Your Baby Racist? condemning white children and their parents for having a natural racist bias and giving tips on how you can “reverse” such behavior. There have been many studies forcing white children to see other races in a positive light against their own natural cognitive bias and with most white families too afraid to talk about race at all at home, this can travel into other parts and places of life.

As children grow into young adults, dating begins to move into their social lives swiftly. By the time a teenager begins high school, chances are they themselves or someone they know has already had a boyfriend or girlfriend. With the race-mixing pressure on high by popular music, movies and celebrities many white youths are often hit with a discouragement to disagree to dating outside of their own race. In our society, it’s more acceptably tolerant to say yes and to feel guilty if you’re not interested in dating non-white people. We can begin to look at forms of psychological warfare to dissect this influence on our young people. Indoctrination, or the process of forcibly inculcating ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies or a professional methodology by coercion, has a huge hold on us to feel inclined to unnatural and highly destructive comportment.


Rates of abuse, divorce and social challenges are much higher among interracial couples and challenges for offspring are dramatically higher as well. Mixed race children suffer more problems with identity and health and are more likely to suffer from depression, substance abuse and sleep problems. Physical health is also compromising in mixed raced children. These statistics are likely to be lowered by encouraging uniform relationship propriety. 


Encouraging positive and healthy behavior is absolutely necessary to keeping young people at their best mentally, physically and emotionally. There is nothing contrived about seeing the beauty in dating people who share the same skin color and similar phenotypes as yourself. With the young mind being so easily moldable, adults must set the best example by maintaining a strong household and discussing racial issues with their families. Starting the discussion of race early on in life can influence a better likelihood of that racial dignity remaining through the entire course of their lives. This enables a higher probability of them choosing an intelligent, strong and honorable mate and creating a family with that same pattern.




10 thoughts on “White Guilt Dating: Indoctrination of Youth

  1. The article cited above in the post would also talk about the fact, the innate reaction of a kid when looking at colored kids winds through a perception of threat.
    The medicine the zio system has established to ‘cure’ these ‘innate racists’ consists of more brainwashing and misgeneting sub-culture imposed to them since tender age.
    In the lack of parents’ assertive reaction, the damage is done.

    Then, if generally an elder boy declines an invitation from a black girl, the reply he gets is often: ‘are you racist’?

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  2. Reblogged this on rudolfwordpressblog and commented:
    The pervasive and invasive indoctrination from the zio-controlled system is lethal for our offspring.
    Reject their inane sub-culture. Kick their counter-principles back. Punch their PC filthy mantra.


  3. Racemixers, prostitutes, drug addicts, and those involved in pornography all have the same psychological issues. They have developed them over time due to their environment, whether it was their society, family, peers, or whatever combination of those that led them down that path. They are not normal.

    I personally do not accept anyone who has ever been involved with someone not of our race. They are ruined and tainted in my eyes, both physically and mentally. Racemixing is instinctually unnatural and I do not accept anyone who was “guilted” into it myself. This article does have merit though, and it is a good reflection on society today. Leftist/jewish society.


  4. Slightly out of topic, but still linked:

    guns, white normal family disrupted, a mom that didnt want to live in the family due to domestic issues….transplant..

    All the major zio-ingradients are present: I call a hoax.


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