The Impact of the Christian Church on Germanic Man

This excerpt is translated from an original SS publication. The articles are about the impact of the Christian church on Germanic man. 

[…] The priest portrayed the blessedness of the baptised and painted the hell torments of the damned who did not want to listen to the word of the high priest in Rome. Now Wulfram of Sens turned to Ratbod himself:

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$10 on Third Reich Books

“So take then, king, the water of baptism, so that you, freed from all sin, one day enter heaven with the flocks of the faithful, to sit at the right of all-knowing God from eternity to eternity, while all those go to hell who died without baptism!”

Ratbod’s voice interrupted the talking bishop.

He asked in the language of his ancestors: “You have said, priest, I shall come into heaven, if I have myself baptised? Now tell me, priest, where are my parents, who are all dead and were not baptised?”

Horror swept through the ranks of the band of priests, because the sacred act had unexpectedly been interrupted. The bishop, completely in the fervor of the conversion, uttered the words:

“All of them are with the devil in hell, because they died as heathens!”

Then Radbod smashed the earthen pan basin with the sacred water, so that the pieces fell to the ground crashing. And he hurled his free word into the cleric’s face:

“Then I wish to tell you, priest, I go rather to my parents to the devil in hell than with you priests to heaven!”


3 thoughts on “The Impact of the Christian Church on Germanic Man

  1. Thanks for this. John Lamb Lash’s 2006 book “Not in HIS Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology and the Future of Belief,” nails it. He denounces all three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as a wrong turn in human history.


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