Milwaukee: Black Mob ‘Beat Up Every White Person’

black-lives-photo-2 (1)

Who really cares what caused this violence to erupt? The details don’t really matter. Apparently another black youth was shot by police. The story is the same one that has been repeated every time black mobs tear up a city or town. The blacktivists will dismiss the news that the thug had a long criminal record and was carrying a firearm that had been used in a burglary. He obviously did nothing wrong, and even if he did commit a crime, it was due to White racism and systemic oppression. Black Lives Matter!

The result is what matters. Instead of waiting to find out the specifics of what happened to their black brother and why it occurred – and if the police were found to be in the wrong, seeking proper redress for the injustice – the black mob showed precisely why black people on the whole are viewed as unpredictable violent criminals. They proceeded to destroy cars, torch buildings, and shout “Black Power!”

In addition to arson and other destruction of property, the black mob also viciously assaulted every White person they could get their hands on. Watch this video to see what I am talking about.

While shouts of “black power!” are heard from the crowd, one black asks “is they white?” as a car drives past. “Yeah they white!” is the response, which causes a whole mob of savages to run to the car. “Yeah they white, get their ass!”

Hey, they beatin’ up every white person!

“He white – beat his head – bitch!” another black exclaims. You will see the mob attacking cars and apparently dragging out the drivers.

I think they just beat some white bitch ass for no reason – they bust open the window.

How was this angry black mob able to get away with burning down buildings, destroying cars, and viciously assaulting White drivers? Where were the policemen? You can hear a woman in the video say:

We made the squad cars leave.

The police were ordered to stand down? That seems to be the case. Just like in Baltimore when blacks were given “space to destroy”, these rioters were given free reign to wage a race war against any White people unfortunate enough to be caught in this mess, so as not not “escalate” the situation further. If the policemen were actually doing their jobs, many of these rioters would be shot. However, we do not have real justice (just “social justice”) so I doubt these criminals will ever be held accountable for their actions, and if they do end up in court, they will only be given a slap on the wrist.

Just imagine what would happen if a group of White people got enraged that one of their racial kinsmen was shot by a black cop (which happens all the time), and decided to go out and start “beatin’ up every black person.” Well, the police would intervene immediately, likely killing some of the White “protesters” in the process, and the federal government would swarm the scene within hours, investigating all evidence possible to hunt down and prosecute every single White person involved. The media would be all over the story for weeks, and likely even months and years.

But we won’t see any of that take place. As regular readers to the site know all too well, White people are living under a tyrannical system that is hell-bent on our demoralization, dispossession, and ultimate destruction. This is why the vast majority of politicians and media talking heads will wail on about “Black Lives Matter”, while young children are indoctrinated with lies about “White privilege” and false historical narratives intended to instill White guilt.

These crimes being committed against White people are just one part of the genocidal agenda at play.


Black Lives Matter is a state-sponsored terrorist group – funded by jewish billionaire George Soros, promoted by the jewish media, and enabled by traitors and criminals within “our” government. This violence against White people has been incited, excused, and covered up by these genocidal maniacs. Unless these criminals, from the top to the bottom, are not brought to swift justice, then the flames of this anti-White violence will continue to spread. The world we love, including our friends and family, will be burned down.




4 thoughts on “Milwaukee: Black Mob ‘Beat Up Every White Person’

  1. black people don’t understand why they can’t get a job , really ! who would want to hire a violent , destructive person , certainly not me , plus business’s have to spend resources on riot damage otherwise could have been used to hire somebody ,black people are their own worst enemy


  2. I was about to type a short mex when I found my exact words engraved at the end of the paragraph signed by Sinead.
    The zio system is managing to pull a fabricated race war from the hat. Lets also consider many afro-americans dont share the criminal views of the black butts matter movt.
    This artificial creation is provided by the cabal. When the Black Panthers got infiltrated and destroyed in the 70s, an embrional BLM took its place. This time they dont want their own region where to live separately ( Id praise that solution) but are eager to obey to their shekel payers. The jewish democracy is on their side along with its various police. Hence, Groups of committed and trained patriots should be created and implemented as local Volksturm troops for self defense.


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