The ‘Cruel’ Committee

It appears clear that the propaganda machine of the first world war created a lasting hatred for the German man whilst embedding in the American man a lust for bonds. The Cruel, sorry, Creel Committee was the propaganda machine of the first world war. The goal was to ensure that the American public was committed to the agenda of this war. This propaganda was crafted with the help of Jewish media Father and overly honest piece of shit Edward Bernays, who “perfected” his “science” in the Creel Committee, as he was the press agent within the CPI (Committee on Public Information). Within the mainstream it is accepted that this propaganda machine was to do the job of persuading a reluctant public that war was necessary and that they should pay for it.

Within the board of the Committee on Public Information was George Creel (1876-1953) himself ,who was the joint founder and then sole owner of The Independent newspaper; he forever stood by his decisions as being the correct actions for his country, always arguing against the criticism he received.

Whilst Woodrow Wilson had been heavily influenced by his Jewish colleague Walter Lippman to enter this war, Bernays was at the ready to help Lippman then sell the war to the American man.

The inaccurate atrocities sold as a part of the hatred for the ‘hun’ was immense and Bernays himself has admitted it was lies to take the position they wanted. He gloats of his abilities to trick a man stupid enough to be tricked:

Reports that the Germans were beasts and huns were generally accepted. The most fantastic atrocity stories were believed”

They had the ‘four minute men’ on trains, in churches, in streets, in cinemas, and definitely in synagogues as this was very important to get every Jewish man relaying the dialogue. They would use their four minutes to sell the war, with a speech to the patriotic American and the new immigrant American; they had pamphlets in several languages and tried to get the brainwashing to every man, woman and child. The four minute men were encouraged to discuss certain pages of certain newspapers, and to read daily the newspapers and keep up to date with the latest ‘events’ and to discuss them, but of course the latest events were lies that came directly from the Creel Committee directly, and they were to use particular phrases. I found interesting when reading the four minute man’s role how they were being manipulated themselves, being told to be aware of the fact that as they were giving this speech that they are talking to the common man, not someone like himself who has a better understanding and essentially higher intelligence, so to ensure his speech was easily understood and direct, passionate and patriotic with words to use and avoid. This was complimenting the man and giving him a sense of superiority within his role. They were to talk for only four minutes as this is thought to be the average attention span of a man in this scenario. And of course the goal was also to encourage them to buy bonds; this was important, that the patriotic American bought them and understood how he and his country would gain from bonds.

The war bonds were known as Liberty bonds, and it was the civilian populous paying into the war; it was like giving your government a loan, buying war bonds at a specific rate and then you would be paid back later at a higher rate once the war was won. I mention these because Bernays was the press agent in this propaganda machine, using techniques to persuade behaviours, which were pretty blatant really. He admits he later refined what he learned here. Although war bonds had been used before in the past, they had not been used so overwhelmingly, not to this extent, with massive marketing.

The first world war saw the US publicise bonds in a way never before, making man go bond crazy. They even let boy and girl scouts sell the bonds. The movie ‘The Bonds’ was financed by Charlie Chaplin, who is still debated to be a Jew, but in an interview he claimed his parents were both Jewish (Jewish Telegraph Agency).

Other films including Pershing’s Crusaders, America’s Answer, and Under Four Flags – they were all put out in an effort to brainwash the masses with the war agenda. All of these films were directly from the Creel Committee organisation. Under four flags was edited by Jewish man S.L. Rothafel.

This massive brainwashing on every level made bonds interesting and fashionable, and after the war American men starting buying bonds in anything now they had a full introduction to the concept. Brokers opened everywhere and con men had their glory days, pulling the people in. After the first world war there was an economic boom and the stock market grew. Investors grabbing the one dollar to ten dollar return could not get enough and everyone could be included, rich or poor; mortgages everywhere were put on bonds, only the bonds were leveraged, which means it is the same margins reversed, and people ended up in debt after the major stock market crashes in 1929 to 1932. Before the crash the federal reserve put billions of liquidity into the stock market at a stable rate, then the record lows in other stocks could be seen. Very much like a sweep programme within banks, they move money, take a snap shot then put it back again, so the money is only gone momentarily and soon to return, giving out false information to the public. It a bullshit portrayal of real circumstances, only they normally inflate and suppress rates over a period of three to five years, but it is the same principle of hiding money to make things look worse than they are. There were later crashes in 1995 and 2012, all done deliberately.

In 1933, all gold was taken from the hands of private citizens. Under the war powers act, a national emergency was declared due to the deliberately calculated stock market crash that preceded the great depression. Where did this gold end up? Into the hands of the Federal Reserve Corporation. The majority is stored in the impervious rock under New York City, Is it any surprise that DTC holds our stock bonds in the same place?” (America Publications).

DTC is the depository trust company. This crash caused the economic downfall and great depression of the thirties in which many Americans suffered alongside other nations, apart from Germany of course, thanks to Hitler.

Whilst the American man was being brainwashed into hating the Germans, which was essential in the fight against the Aryan man, a fantastic foundation of disgust had been given to the American youth who were to later fight the second world war whilst their parents and families struggled financially because of the orchestrated crash. What brilliant timing. Once again bonds and hatred for the German came together.

America believed it was saving its men, and truly paid the price. The majority of bond holders never got repaid for the first, second, third and consequent bonds and loans; they were convinced to forward them into the next bond and the next bond, and as the bonds changed numbers so did the rates, and while the first and second bonds guaranteed gold repayments to avoid currency changes, in later bonds the gold insurance was removed. When the final bond/loan was to be repaid to the American patriot in 1933 the gold was gone, and they were told that they could not be repaid with the currency changes as America was in too much debt to repay in full and percentages were discussed. What a nice way to treat your people. By the time the government had told the people about their bond ‘mishap’ they were already in terrible debt because of the popular, fashionable bonds they purchased after the war. Men were propagandized into giving away their lives and their money for a scam. Our leaders are con men and con men are usually, based on psychological testing, sociopaths.

This is really very sad, that those men of the past have been taken advantage of in the most awful of ways. They lost people, possessions and paid for a war they did not want.

The Creel Committee was cruel and nations suffered at the greedy hands of rich Jewish men playing with our people, our lands, our lives and our futures. Unless we spread these real atrocities, these real nasty and evil truths, they will plan more and more and more.

Today we are still paying them to be cruel. It needs to end before they end us.



4 thoughts on “The ‘Cruel’ Committee

  1. In fairness, the bonds did sometimes work out to the buyer’s advantage IF said buyer knew exactly what they were doing. A very good friend of the family- now deceased- made herself a tidy living based on the equally tidy living her father made off of the same pile of bonds. Correctly manipulated, this system can be beaten.


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