Scott Roberts: Curstianity

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2 thoughts on “Scott Roberts: Curstianity

  1. Sinead mam, here is some interesting info about the Bible’s views in Indian context:
    Q. DId Jesus die for Sinners according to the Bible ?
    A. NO

    Q. To whom did Jesus come to give gospel?
    A. Israelites

    Q. What did Jesus say when a woman asked him to heal her son suffering from sorcery?
    A. I am here to save the people of Israel with eternal salvation.
    (Exact words: Bread brought for children should not be fed to DOGS/PUPPIES- NON-ISRAELI)

    Q. Am I an ISRAELI ?
    A. NO. I am an Indian Sanatani .

    Q. Then who are we Indians ?
    A. DOGS according to Jesus.

    Q. Will Jesus save us then?
    A. NO. Then what the hell are missionaries doing in India.


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