Sinead McCarthy On The Brian Ruhe Show


7 thoughts on “Sinead McCarthy On The Brian Ruhe Show

  1. Great talk, Sinead! And, again, as gay as this sounds: you look radiant!

    He did another interview I just saw on his channel with Monika Schaefer, the sweet flute-playing German-Canadian woman whose video on the Holohoax went kinda viral –

    I LOVE GERMANS AND GERMANY. They are such fiercely intelligent and kind people. I have been all over there, and to the areas in the southeast that are still 98% white (for now), and I just love it. The language, the food, their art and philosophy, their connection to the land and to herbs and plants, their technology. They cater very well to vegetarians and vegans also, as they are a pioneer in this kind of eating 🙂 I will fight for the Germans any day.

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  2. Your comments about Hasidic Jews are interesting but don’t seem to come from an understanding of spirituality. The first rule in spirituality is chastity(Bramacharia). And this Jewish sect practices an extreme version of this. For instance, for “spiritual healing”, or Raiki, or Mesmeric healing, the healer needs strong personal magnetism, and chastity is what allows the sexual polarity to build and radiate magnetic power. Along with sexual polarity the healer needs emotional intensity(like any true believer would have), and the third requirement is mental concentration. If a man can combine these things he can heal many things. However, all magnetic healing is temporary if changes are not made in the patients life. And several sessions are usually needed as well.. What I thought was cool, was that Mesmer would form a magnetic circuit by having several magnetic people sit in a hot tube(proto-hot tube. this was the 18th century), and combine their magnetic power. Another thing to note is that magnetic women are Yin, while magnetic men are Yang, and the sexual/magnetic neutral(homosexual typically) are medium i.e. mediums. As in, psychic mediums. That is why mediums are called mediums. Because they are sexually neutral. In ancient times these people were considered very important, because like God, they were neither male or female. The highest, most powerful, and most important was the Androgyne. And was called The Divine Androgyne. Because also like God, he was both male and female, at a time.. ..


    1. Baphomet, the esoteric goat, is also androgynous. This “transgender” movement now is meant to confuse things in society to a point where they can bring back androgyny full time.


  3. The Thunder of Yaweh when you questioned the existence of the Samson option meant that one shouldn’t question G-d’s people’s destructive power. Amen. lol


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