Just a Reminder of the Numbers

How many billions more have been born since 2010?



19 thoughts on “Just a Reminder of the Numbers

    1. It does not matter if we only have two children we can still sustain ourselves with this average. Our problem is that they are growing so fast because of our aid. We are naturally high investment parents, we believe in quality not quantity. This is our success. Our weakness is our kindness which is currently being abused by the Jewish made society that we live in.

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  1. Its depressing no matter what we do…no way to catch up to them. We are the advanced ones and we can still hope for the earth to create a plague to level the playing field right?

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    1. I hate to say it but I hope our society collapses so all the scum can just die-off and those of us survivors can start over, and do it right. I think that’s gonna be the only way.


  2. We don’t need such a high birthrate, only to rid of those who do not belong in our lands or society. Repatriation. The massive birthrate which they have is also ultimately supported by us, if that stops then they will collapse. At the moment we are impeding mother nature and her wish to restore balance.

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      1. Here was my point: You need at least five kids to double your population. Exactly 4 kids would double, but there is a statistical chance of death/drugs/mental retard. So the 5th is for a margin of error. If you heathens cannot even double, but merely slow the slide into death, then your doomed. The average muslim family in europe has 8.1 kids. The average european family has 1.34 roughly. You’re outbred within 40 years unless you women get those numbers up!


      2. Well I hate to tell you but they sterilized lots of us already too… men and women. So not all of us have the luxury of my grandmother that had 7, with 96 grandchildren and great grandchildren when she passed. I think this is the true outcome of feminism and vaccines. Women would have to have babies artificially…we would need a lab. So I guess quality over quantity is the only route.


      3. He’s no longer welcome to comment here. I have ZERO respect for “men” that want to come in here and start blaming us for things we cannot control, all the while they are too much of a COWARD to go after the real enemy.

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      4. You literally said that women who don’t have more than 2 children aren’t nationalists. Women will not start having more children until we don’t have to go back to work right after giving birth, and jewish parasites are gone from our lands. Every man like you that wants to tell women they should have more children should be out fighting the jew instead of bitching on a women’s site. Not every woman is capable of having children. You are guilting women for things they cannot control and you are not welcome here. Bye!

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