When Is It Enough? #2

By: Axe of Perun from the RenegadeTribune.com

The Lies won’t hide the Truth forever. But, we must prepare ourselves for the day when the Truth finally is unleashed – it will come like the biggest wave on the ocean you have ever seen – and only those who will be able to ride it will not drown. The point here being – that those who won’t know the Truth, won’t know how to swim.




11 thoughts on “When Is It Enough? #2

  1. These Jews are so confident, proud and arrogant. These obnoxious mortals
    do not have a crystal ball. Fate, in all its glory, awaits them too.


  2. Congrats, great post.

    In a couple pages you have summarized the ontologic essence of what humans intend for evil. And you have framed its polyhedric face too.


    1. Promoters of LSD, cocaine, Mary-Jane, etc., get 2 for 1. Big money and satisfaction in messing up Americans mentally and physically with hallucinogens and
      poison drugs.


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