Hitler – The Secret Agent


This is a touchy subject that just won’t go away. And we should be glad to have the opportunity to rehash it. None of us should shy away from the Truth. All of us should be open to have our ideals, beliefs and concepts of Truth challenged. I always think we should be willing to readjust our positions on Truth no matter how painful they may be. After all, we are dealing with masters of deception and subversion. So why wouldn’t we all at some levels not be deceived?

Obviously I am not an academic, historian, nor a deep researcher. Perhaps I am not in a position to cover subjects such as this. But I am compelled to put my penny’s worth in to this important subject. I am only coming from a position of common sense, intuition and relying on other eminent Truth-tellers who have done intense research. I accept I could be wrong.

But before I go through these pointers, I must express that I am not a Hitler fan as such. Of course I respect Hitler’s efforts. I do not go around Sieg Heiling and donning SS symbols. My take on the whole Hitler subject is like all history; we need to take elements of it that we can use as being helpful to our cause. Recognise that Hitler’s policies were way back in the 30s and these policies are not suitable for the present state we are now in. Then was then, now is now. We have to move on from the whole Hitler model, yet take away simple principles.

In addition, many people will know that my view is that we should totally abandon politics altogether. I am suggesting that politics is a trap and has never really served humanity as far as long term solutions. Even local politics never gets to the root cause. Because the root cause is always spiritual. It always has been. Unless we address our spiritual position – both as individuals and a collectively – we will never get ourselves out of this shit. Forget politics, forget political leaders, forget voting.

That being said, if Hitler was an agent for the jews – then why …

  • …haven’t all the key historians/revisionists such as David Irving picked up on this theory in all the collective years of their intense detailed research? David Irving (as just one example) has spent 20 years of his life, at a professional level, detailing Hitler’s life and the logistics of WW2. Are we to believe he just happened to overlook this glaringly awkward anomaly? David speaks fluent German, has lived in Germany, and has interviewed heaps of SS officers and relevant people who were around Hitler’s war effort. He has looked under every stone, meticulously scrutinizing all the German detailed documentation (being able to understand it/translate it himself). David was a super sharp-minded individual at the time of his research. He was a real threat to the jews and was incarcerated for his incredible efforts and levels of accuracy. No way would a man of this calibre just repeat the narrative of others. He was/is a competent and independent researcher. And there are heaps and heaps and heaps of similar detailed WW2/revisionists/researchers like him. Have they all overlooked this fantastic theory? An agent? Come on.
  • …did the jews use a humble man from a humble background, and not use one of their own ilk? Hitler came from a working class background, orphaned later on in his childhood, on the streets so to speak, living hand to mouth selling street paintings. Does this smack of one of their boys? They could have used any number of honed agents. As they have with so many other agent-leaders. And please don’t suggest he was just bought off. There is zero indication of this. An agent? Come on.
  • …why was he the only ‘agent’ who was an authentically brave soldier fighting in the trenches? This man had more courage than all of us put together. Hitler relished the opportunity to fight for his county, and for the spirit of the Germanic/Aryan race. He was injured twice and hospitalised. He loathed cowardliness and those who would not contribute towards the war effort. Just look at reports from someone like Leon Degrelle who spoke of Hitler’s remarkable bravery. An agent? Come on. [please see video below of Leon Degrelle].
  • …did Hitler abolish usury? The jew’s number one control weapon. Why oh why would the jews allow a leader/agent to show the results of a county without this parasitism, knowing this would be broadcasted all across the world? ‘Look, look what can happen when you rid your country of the parasite and the parasite’s main tool’. An agent? Come on.
  • …was Hitler the only ‘agent’ who was clean living? He was a teatotaler, vegetarian, who promoted traditional remedies, anti-vivisection, and promoted naturalistic lifestyles for his people. It is well recorded his affinity toward animals. This is a man of compassion, a man of substance who is deeply connected to nature – not an anti-nature sellout. An agent? Come on.
  • …why would he be slung in prison if he was an agent? And he was! This has been thoroughly documented by eminent historians. That cannot be disputed. Yes, he was not in for so long considering his plot. But this was because the authorities knew the pressure would come from the people if they held him indefinitely. Also there were good people on the inside who wanted change, who were jew-wise and knew of the potential and genius of this man. Society and people were not as corrupt back then. An agent? Come on.
  • …why did he radically improve the working man’s lifestyle? He improved the working conditions, doubling the wages, reduced/eradicated their debt, instigated and provided an affordable Volkswagen (people’s car), built infrastructures to allow the working classes to travel around the country, make foreign cruises affordable/or for free, etc, etc, etc. An agent? Come on.
  • …were Hitler’s/NSDAP’s policies carried through to the T. Just look at the congruency they had. Every-single-one of these policies were anti JWO. P-l-e-a-s-e don’t tell us that this was all part of a bigger plan. That somehow the sneaky jew would allow all these policies to magically work out in order for them to later on smash them down. An agent? Come on.
  • …if he was ‘their bitch’ did he make approximately 20 peace offerings to both France and Britain? It was a well known fact the infatuation Hitler had for Britain and it’s empire, in the theme of Aryan enhancement. An agent? Come on.
  • …if he was just a puppet of the jews did he have 98% of the people on his side? I know voting today is an utter scam. I also am aware how stupefied and zombified people are today, with pro Trump whatever. I know voting is just more of the jewish dialectic. But back then in the 30s the people were not the zombies they are today. Yes, the populace have always been malleable to an extent, but the German people were raw and far more politically aware back then. The people knew in their hearts and minds that Hitler was oozing authenticity, that he surged with passion for his people, for his race, and for Europe as a whole. And with 98% of the people behind you – miracles can happen. Real transformations happen that way. The main base of funding came from the PEOPLE and not from the bankers as too many people like to propagate. An agent? Come on.
  • …why, o why, o why is Hitler THE number one vilified person on the planet to this day? Because he was one of their boys? Because he played his role? Because he sold out? Because he was somehow bribed? No. It is not complicated. The very simple reason this man is portrayed as THE most evil man that ever lived is because he was THE man who stood up to the big bad jew. He made an impact like no other man on earth. He set a precedent. Look world, look what can happen to your country if you just stand up to the evil jew. Kick the parasite out and stand back and watch how things organically naturally heal. And that is why the International Jewry absolutely panicked. That is why there was an all out effort to destroy this healing process. Not because he was part of the bigger plan. An agent? Come on.

Hitler an agent – wotta crock’a shit. 


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Leon DeGrelle video:

David Irving’s 660+ page book Hitler’s War. David rightly lays out all the facts on Hitler from 13 years of intense research. With all his foibles, weaknesses and failures. David does not have a bias towards Hitler, but a bias towards Truth as a renowned factual historian.



17 thoughts on “Hitler – The Secret Agent

  1. Two main reasons leading the globo jewry to unleash WWII against the Ax:

    -creation of the economy of barter

    -nationalization of the Reichsbank

    Stance on Christianity, a note.
    In the Leitheft (instructing books) for the SS soldiers it is reported personal religious beliefs were allowed. There was a certain extent of freedom of thought on the matter. A comparison with the stance the Romans used with submissed populace may be exaggerated. Yet it gives an idea of my claim.


  2. This is addressed to Digger for Truth:
    All Germans before the advent of Christianity were Aryans. True. But this does not mean all Aryans were Germans. The word Aryan is derived from the Sanskrit word ” Āryāvarta”, which is the historic name for the present-day northern Indian subcontinent, including the territories north of the Vindhya Range in India, northern Bangladesh, Nepal and the provinces of Punjab and Sindh in Pakistan. Max Mueller, an employee of British East India company, did cock and bull propaganda at the behest of the opium drug running Rothschild family that how Aryans from Europe invaded India and drove the indigenous Dravidian inhabitants to the south , and how they invented Sanskrit and wrote the Vedas. This is absolute BS of the first order and has been completely debunked by genetic tests.

    Vedic culture flourished along the banks of holy river Saraswati in 9000 BC. The Mahabharata clearly talks about the River Saraswati drying up. The mighty and perennial Saraswati river flowed from the Himalayan Glaciers to the Rann of Kutch where it emptied into the Arabian sea. Dwaraka of Lord Krishna was part of this civilization. Dwarka is now submerged under the Arabian sea.
    When the Saraswati river started drying up around 4000 BC, the whole elite civilization migrated to fertile lands – some to Ganges, some to south west of India from Goa to Kerala. Some went upto Mesopotamia, Sumeria and subsequently Europe.

    This is what Hitler said when he met Indian freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose in Berlin in 1941:
    ” I am the leader of a small group of Aryans. This man, Subhash Chandra, comes from the original Aryan home. I represent only a fragment; he represents the whole Aryan race. Give him the respect that he deserves.”
    All languages like German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Swedish have their roots in Sanskrit. 30 to 70 % of their words are derived from Sanskrit roots. That simply means that all these people have come from the same stock.


    1. Armenia was the FIRST Aryan nation in this world so stop spreading your bullshit lies about Aryans originating from India.

      The original Armenian Aryan migrations went to Europe as well as Iran and India but the Indians were by no means the first Aryans. Just some of the Indians were Aryans and those Aryans were all of Armenian Aryan descent.

      The founder of the Armenian nation was the hero Hayk Nahapet, who was the great-great-grandson of Noah. After the great flood, Noah’s Ark landed on Armenia’s Mount Ararat, not some shithole in India thousands of miles away.

      Hayk’s great-grandfather was Noah’s son Japeth and Armenia was the first Japethite nation in history. The Germanics, English, Romans, Greeks, etc. were also Japethites.

      There were several world DNA groups sampled and these Western European nations all have the same DNA haplogroups and mtDNA groups as the Armenians with the Armenian DNAs showing the original “ancient DNA” of these DNA branches. Some other nations with deep Armenian Aryan roots are Iranians, Assyrians and Kurds.

      Approximately 30% of Iran today are of Armenian Aryan roots, hence why the country was called Iran (from Aryan). Incidentally, the Iranians (Persians) were the only invaders of Armenia in history who did not destroy ancient Armenian sites and artifacts.

      Etymology of the Words ARYAN and ARMENIAN

      The origin of the word Aryan originates from the ancient Armenian word Ara (God or Creator) and Yan (which means descended from, or people of). After thousands of years, all Armenian last names end in “ian” or “yan”. For example Kim Kardashian, Artem Mikoyan (father of the Soviet MiG fighter jets, from former Soviet Armenia).


      The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle written in late 9th Century describes the origins of the English people. Please READ the 6th line which states “coman of Armenia”, which verifies the Aryan Armenian roots of all English people. It does not say they originate from shit-skinned pakis from India. Although some of the light-skinned Indians with Caucasian features (think Bollywood movie stars) were of Armenian Aryan origins.


      The Western Armenian dialect is the oldest language spoken in the world today. A few thousand years ago, Armenians, Persians and Kurds all practised Zoroastrianism which was a pagan religion that worshipped fire gods.

      In the year 301 AD, Armenia became the 1st Christian nation in the world. To this day, Armenian Apostolic Christianity is one of the very few branches of Christianity that has not been tainted by Satanic entities over the centuries. Other Eastern Oriental branches of Christianity such as Assyrian, Coptic Egyptian and Ethiopian churches had their origins from the Armenian church.

      Aryan symbols were found extensively in numerous ancient Armenian pagan sites as well as in Armenian Christian church architecture, for example the Ani Cathedral. After the migrations of the Aryan Armenians to other lands, other variations of Aryan symbols were created, for example the Celtic Cross.

      Note the swastikas on the ancient Armenian statue in the video above. These all pre-date any swastikas from India.


      Annolid (German Annolied – “Song Anno”) – the German medieval poem describing the history of Bavaria in the poem collected folk tales. Bavarians, telling of the exodus of their ancestors from Armenia. In particular, states that Armenia still speaks the language, which initially said the Bavarians .. The name “Bavaria” is derived from the name of a prince of the Armenian Bayorusa, which is led by his tribe that came from Armenia, from the vicinity of Mount Ararat and breaking a long way, made it to Germany, settling in the south and the land called his name “Bavaria”.

      I hope you all enjoyed this factual Aryan history lesson. Do your own research. There are always lies and half-truths out there but in the end, the Truth will always prevail.


      Armenian Aryan

      “time for all Aryans to wake up and take back your once great nations”


      1. You have a right to your personal beliefs. I won’t challenge them here as this website is not meant for such debates. As far as shithole is concerned, you will come to know in a few years from now whether it exists in India or in Armenia .


    1. While I humbly disagree with you, I can’t prove you wrong either. Most original texts are probably lying in Vatican, London museum and Germany. Rothschilds left Indians with copies and took away the originals.
      However, the archaeological evidence surely does not support the Aryan invasion theory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlO9kBpB1uU


      1. Ishan, why don’t you start a site for Indian people that you think are Aryan? This is for White people. We allow you to comment but now you’re just not really belonging here.


      2. It’s an interesting topic. If you start a site, please look at
        [1] Languages: Sanksrit is supposed to be closely similar to ancient Greek and Latin
        [2] Caste system: any info on this and race and invasions and/or diffusion
        [3] History of India including all its subdivisions (it’s very varied) and notably the Muslim invasions: were there mass murders in ‘Hindu Kush’?
        [4] Inventions from India; canals? arithmetic? buildings etc etc
        [5] origins of writing/alphabet/materials in India; and stories/ account etc later copied by ?Egyptians, Christians
        [6] Parasitic groups e.g. Thuggee and comparisons with jews and gipsies
        Loads of stuff; I’d be interested, but of course it’s difficult. You need a decent writing style too. But it’s perfectly possible whites and Indians and Persians have important though deeply-buried roots.


  3. @rerevisionist There is a blogger by the name of Ajit Vadakayil who writes on these topics. You can follow him. I don’t want to diminish the purpose of this website by posting something which is not relevant. But I will tell you something about Heinrich Himmler which Wikipedia will never write.
    The motivation behind German nationalism that duty and righteousness come first before morality was the message given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the Mahabharata war 6000 years ago, when the pupil Arjuna, at the critical moment when the war was about to commence, was in doubt as to whether he was to follow the promptings of his personal affection and reverence for those on the opposite side or follow the dictates of duty.
    In unequivocal terms the Lord asked Arjuna to fight the battle irrespective of his personal ties with persons on the other side. Krishna’s message to Arjuna was compiled in the form of Bhagavad Gita.
    Heinrich Himmler used to keep a copy of Bhagavad Gita in his pocket most of the time. He also asked his Nazi soldiers to understand the importance of duty and righteousness and not to sacrifice these virtues at the altar of morality. Naturally, Wikipedia will never write about Himmler’s connection with Bhagavad Gita and Hindu philosophy.


    1. Ishan, this is no place to spread your racist anti-Aryan ignorant fairy-tale lies and unsubstantiated beliefs while looking like a fool doing so. I’ve presented extensive historical facts, not my opinions.

      You look extremely ignorant if you’re trying to convince the world that white Europeans originated from brown-skinned East Indians who still live in the stone ages in their mud huts. There’s a billion starving people in India right now while living in dire third world conditions. But that’s what happens to ignorant third world nations like India, they multiply like cockroaches because they’re nothing but cockroaches.

      I’m proud to know that my Armenian Aryan roots have generated great European Aryan civilizations which have been the most advanced civilizations in the history of the world. Meanwhile, India is still living on free handouts from the rest of the world… and still starving.

      As Sinead has sensibly stated, you don’t belong here because you’re not white. In addition, you have nothing to contribute to this Aryan-themed website and your racist anti-Aryan views are not welcomed here. In case you’re too stupid to know what Aryans are, they’re fiercely proud white-skinned Caucasians.


      1. “But that’s what happens to ignorant third world nations like India, they multiply like cockroaches because they’re nothing but cockroaches.”
        You have accrued bad karma by making fun of someone’s ignorance and poverty by calling them cockroaches.
        I won’t say anything further. It is not worth the effort.


    2. Thanks for your mention of Ajit Vadakayil. I found his blog, but for my taste he’s too frantic and un-evidenced. I’m interested in European religion up to about 0 AD, and am working on the idea that Jews in effect hijacked whatever early Christianity was; I think Acts etc were faked, something like film scripts or novels. This would fit in with jewish takeover of Christianity, by inventing ‘Jesus’ and a pack of Jews and repeating it ad nauseam, in the manner of the Holocaustian ‘religion’. If you see what I mean, please email me at aryan (at) big-lies.com anything welcome, but preferably soon as I’m doing a youtube.


    3. The Bhagavad Gita is very clear about the origins of the Aryans. They were invaders from the West who were very advanced and riding chariots etc. Aryan literally means exalted or just highlander, but we would say Caucasian today. To be honest there are many similarities between West and East which is often called the Vedic connection, which makes sense if it all came from Europe. Armenia is ancient but not the Urheimat like many Armenians believe, just read more about the Proto Indo-Europeans. Armenians should be more concerned about their survival and preservation of their culture before its too late. India should also be vigilant for the spreading of Islam, the country is already divided.


  4. As long as posters provide historic info dressed in concise, clear & topic related messages, they should have the possibility to express themselves. This is my own, personal opinion.

    None of us is the owner of this blog, though. Hence Id suggest a little bit of self moderation. Skipping futile bickering is a must go axiom for any guest. Or at least, it should.


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