Vlaidmir Putin Quotes Prove His True Agenda

Russian President Vladimir Putin best quotes

“Russia was eternally multicultural”.

“Today more and more often, under the guise of development of democracy and freedom, various nationalist groups are raising their heads. It is important to confront their dangerous influence.”

“If a multi-ethnic society is hit by a bacteria of nationalism it loses its strength and durability”.

“We need to secure the entire Russian youth from the virus of nationalism.”

“We see the rampage of reactionary forces, nationalist and anti-Semitic forces going on in certain parts of Ukraine, including Kiev.”

“Islam is inseparable part of Russia´s society and culture”.

“Those that preach the ideas of nationalism, xenophobia and religious intolerance must be set rigid barriers” “Russia is dedicated to eliminate xenophobia and nationalism”

“We are going to intensify law enforcement activities and do everything we can so to make fascist elements disappear from the political map of our country.”

“What is pure water? What is pure blood? You know that in Russia they say: “If you scratch a Russian you’ll find a Tatar.”

“Regrettably, in some European countries the Nazi virus ‘vaccine’ created at the Nuremberg Tribunal is losing its effect. The situation in Ukraine, where nationalists and other radical groups provoked an anti-constitutional coup d’état in February,causes particular concern in this respect.”

“Those that preach the ideas of nationalism, xenophobia and religious intolerance must be set rigid barriers” “Those who say Russia – for Russians are either dishonest people or provocateurs”

“First and foremost it is worth acknowledging that the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.”

“The Stalin regime never aimed to exterminate entire ethnic groups.”

“The victory in May 1945 is a symbol of unity of the multinational people of Russia.”

“Russia will never forget Holocaust”. “Soviet defeat of the Nazis should be a warning to those seeking to revive fascism today.”

“The downfall of fascism should become a lesson and a warning that retaliation is inevitable.”

An approximate number of Russian Nationalists imprisoned during the last decade under the notorious Article 282 of the Penal Code (“incitement to racial hatred,”) is around two thousand.


11 thoughts on “Vlaidmir Putin Quotes Prove His True Agenda

  1. This dicklicker presided over the opening of a gargantuan mosque in Moscow last year. The biggest in Europe. It’s grotesque.

    But he’s such an ally, guys! Putang can do no wrong!

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    1. He actually appears to be a jew himself. His mother is said to be jewish and he was taken in by a bunch of jews as a child. His father was the cook for Lenin. I doubt they would have a goy preparing his meals.

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      1. I feel the opposite. The more we know, the more we understand what we’re up against and can fight it.


  2. This is for Rex Brent:
    Asato Ma Sadgamaya.
    Tamaso Ma Jyotir gamaya.
    Mrityorma Amritam gamaya.
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

    From the unreal lead me to the real.
    From darkness lead me to light.
    From death lead me to immortality.
    OM- Peace, Peace, Peace.
    Brihadaranyaka Upanishad ( 1.3.28 ) ……5000 BC

    This used to be the morning prayer in my school. 🙂

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  3. By raving against this so-called “fascist nationalism”, he strengthens the position ( also supported by FSB’s main con artist Dugin ) that only the mystical, “multicultural” State can define what patriotism is. The State not as a people, but as a set of beautiful ideas, enforced by arms, that transcends race, religion and everything else – Ruski version of the ((( American ))) “proposition nation”. Anything not easily defined in concrete terms is a con – and the Russians are probably the most brainwashed people to walk the Earth.

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  4. “The Stalin regime never aimed to exterminate entire ethnic groups.”
    Absolute bunkum! This is what the man exactly did.
    The founding members of the Politburo were Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Sokolnikov and Bubnov. Apart from Bubnov, all of them were Jews . After Lenin’s death, Stalin took over and exterminated all of his fellow Jew comrades in show trials using his intelligence agency NKVD. If this man can execute his own Jewish bretheren, it is not surprising at all that he exterminated other ethnic groups too.
    Now I am pretty certain that Putin is leading the opposition just like Lenin did. Putin was the one who said 3 years ago that 80-85% Jews were behind Bolshevik revolution and Tsar’s family was murdered in cold blood. So, the current state of affairs is shocking to say the least.
    As of now, I am a bit restrained as India and Russia are designing Sukhoi/HAL fifth generation fighter jets and hypersonic Brahmos missiles. But I will watch him closely from now on.

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