Treespiracy: The True Origins of Our World?


9 thoughts on “Treespiracy: The True Origins of Our World?

  1. Whoa. That documentary sounds awesome. I gotta watch it. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. I like insta-vibed (lol) that it’s probably the case. At least close to it, the right direction.

    The mysteries of this world blow my mind daily.

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  2. What does “Treespiracy”? Is it a combination of “Tree” and “conspiracy”?

    PD: Honest question, english is not my native language.


  3. That was mind blowing. I’ll have to rewatch again because the nuclear bit near the end confused me.

    I still don’t get how present day “forests” are no older than 200 years old though. Maybe I missed that.

    I also somehow missed WHY these trees were cut (the ones that were). Did anyone catch the why?


  4. OK – so the Killuminati done gone did it with high tech machinery, or was it alienz?

    If we’re living on a quarry, I missed the part where who, when, and why they turned it into one.

    Does someone mind answering?


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