Little Girl Lies: The Fraud Among You

It’s no secret that the alt-right provides a platform for any degenerate, cretin or otherwise shady character to spout corrupt verbiage under the umbrella of ‘alternative thinking’. There are a number of current examples who have made their way into the alt-right community and are routinely applauded for their courage, independence,devotion to truth, (insert contra-mainstream quality as you wish).

Alt-right supporters are so enamoured of the idea of unpoliced thought and speech that they will readily tolerate any view they deem not-quite-mainstream; whether it is fantastical or uninspiring, right or wrong, is not the point; the point is thus; we must give these vaguely like-minded individuals an opportunity to speak because we totally dig any opinion the leftist media won’t broadcast, and so on. As a result, the alt-right has lost all definition, nobody knows what it stands for, what its values are, it has allowed itself to be reduced to little more than a speakers’ corner.

As such, the movement is at the mercy of those with the willpower to make use of it, and I need only mention a couple of high-profile examples. Jack Donovan, who appears to have built his entire body of thought around the slapstick mantra; Only a real man can take a dick, provides a mental escape for the lowly; let us retreat to the woods, away from them women-folk. Roosh Valizadeh, who dissociated alt-righters have been bending over backwards to defend, is a laughable human mammal; projecting the savage Muslim male worldview (any white woman I see is mine) into the public arena, and watching as adult men (who claim also to be white nationalists) lap it up like thirsty kittens.

These two are not frauds, however, they are exactly what they appear to be; it is only those tolerating them that are to blame for their prominence. Lana Lokteff, whom many might consider the First Lady of the Alt-Right, is a well-known associate of Donovan, and was recently seen to be defending Roosh on social media. This latter occurrence came as a particular shock to many in her large audience, and cast seeds of doubt as to her true leanings.

Lokteff runs a clothing manufacturing business named Lana’s Llama (, which claims to produce ‘Organic Non Toxic’ garments. The ‘About’ page lists chemicals that you will find in most clothes, but not in hers. The idea seems as pristine and unsullied as the fibres themselves; however, as one digs into the content, one realises there is some necessary information that is jarringly amiss.

The website does not tell us where exactly the fibres or sourced, nor does it give any indication as to how the animals the company uses are treated. All we are offered as toLana’s Llama’s background is a vague and inconclusive statement that the business ‘works with USA based sewing contractors who maintain a high standard in quality as well as healthy working conditions for their sewers’. What we can gather from this is that Lana’s Llama does not have a hand in the ‘healthy working conditions’ of the workers who manufacture the goods. Some of the clothes’ pages sport a ‘Made in USA’ label, others have one stating ‘Made in USA of Imported Fabric’; imported from where, we don’t know. These little logos are all that are offered; they do not take us anywhere so that they may be corroborated.

The lack of specifics is troubling; where in the USA are the clothes sewn? Really, how often does a company miss the opportunity to brag about the home-grown authenticity of its products? There are no citations, no accreditations, we are not offered any real evidence that the clothing is what it is; we have only the company telling us what’s what.

When we look at Lokteff as an individual; at her public image and familial background; we see that this absence of information is not exclusive to her business enterprise.

Her father; Ruben J. Lokteff, is an investment advisor. There are a few things we know about him. For starters, he was involved in a legal dispute with the Great American Life Insurance Company in 1989 ( He declared bankruptcy in 1997. And in 2010 he submitted himself as minister of a non-existent church named Touchstone Ministries (of which Lana’s brother, Joseph, was Secretary) in Redmond, Oregon.

Lokteff 2011 Annual Report

Her mother, Vera Agaphia Lokteff, was once principal owner of the apparently now-defunct Piggyback Records; a recording company which helped Lana and her brother set up their own recording studio in Central Oregon in 2003. After milling around the Los Angeles music scene for a while in an attempt to get her recording career up and running, Lana returned to Oregon, studio rental prices in L.A. being too high. The new studio was host to a number of artists and genres, including hip hop. Little else is known about Vera, other than she owns a website ( which appears to have lain dormant for nearly two years. Vera used this site to blog about her personal spiritual quest, and her endeavours toward reconciling the world of the spirit with physical happenings; ‘Why get excited and be happy when it appears that economies are failing and governments are getting tighter with stricter control over masses of humanity, and friends and family members are kind of acting nuts?’ she asks, in a blog post from April 19th, 2013.

Lana herself seems to have taken amply from both parents’ inclinations. The bio on her website ( states; ‘Because of her interest in metaphysical concepts, Lana majored in physics and minored in philosophy, hoping to find the bridge between the two worlds.’ Sounding just like one of her mother’s blogposts, it continues; ‘Only to become disappointed with the curriculum, Lana left school to pursue an artistic path in music, film and writing.’ So, from what we can gather; Lana, realizing that the existing curriculum had no interest in accommodating her most noble of quests, and that physics + philosophy does not necessarily = metaphysics, was either kicked out, or, when reality struck, dropped out.

It is difficult to say exactly when Lokteff decided to manoeuvre herself into a fringe political movement; it is not too difficult, however, to see how she’s come so far. Lokteff seems to have spent her alt-right career primarily pointing out white genocide subliminal messages via social media, questioning celebrities who don’t reply to her (or act confused at the question), and interviewing political/journalistic figures on her radio show. She comes across as reasonably articulate, dedicated, and, of course, she boasts those prized Northern European looks; perfect for the face of an up-and-coming, oft-maligned movement.

What has turned some of her audience sour, however, has been her apparent all-inclusiveness when it comes to personal comrades. In November 2015, she was photographed with the aforementioned Jack Donovan, and the Hispanic cage-fighter Master Chim, and was swiftly forced to defend her choice of photo-buddies on Twitter, stating; ‘These men are defenders of European folk. I gladly accept them.’ The position she has adopted seems to be; we will look past anything, we can be friends so long as you say you support Europe. It is this culture of barely-discriminate acceptance that has let the movement slide into a laughing stock.


Lokteff elaborated on this philosophy on Facebook, explaining; ‘“Alt-Right” means a lot of diff things to diff people with nothing defined. There is no leader. There is no meeting place. The fact is you will have cross over ideas even with your enemy!’ The statement is laughable in more ways than one; firstly, a movement that lacks definition and has no leader is obviously destined for failure. And secondly, considering the prominence of the NPI and their high-profile get-togethers, to argue that there is ‘no meeting place’, thus suggesting the alt-right lives only in the minds of its adherents, is rather condescending; we know the most notable individuals in the movement do meet at official venues and outline, together, what the alt-right is all about. In this same post she says; ‘EVERYONE has a past, and for some it is public. Let’s see all of your people’s dirty laundry that people would say is degenerate. I am not going to be a Puritan and judge everyone’ – but, of course, we must judge others, if we care about our beloved movement, a movement that claims to protect a precious people, then yes, we must be able to exercise our critical capacities when looking at a person’s behaviour, character and choices, we must determine whether or not we want such a person in a movement of which we are the living examples.

The above quoted post was a Facebook comment, which Lokteff typed in defence of the earlier-mentioned Roosh V. This is what has alarmed her audience the most. The comment ends with the declaration; ‘Quite frankly, if people are fearful of Roosh, they are weak!’ Lokteff characteristically misses the point. People are not ‘fearful’ of Roosh, a 36-year-old man who lives with his mother, they simply believe a rapist and rape-advocate should not be granted such a large and serious audience. That a woman who defends both European folk and a Muslim savage simultaneously is fantastical enough, but it gets even weirder, and a whole lot more ironic.

FB Comment

In 2007, Lana Lokteff filed suit against Oregon-based U.S. Allegiance Inc., for sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. The court documents listed allegations such as;

  • ‘Defendant discriminated against Plaintiff by engaging in and/or allowing a continuing course of conduct, including but not limited to, sexual discrimination and sexual harassment, which created a hostile work environment.’


  • ‘Defendant’s conduct was sufficiently severe and pervasive to alter the conditions of Plaintiff’s employment and create a hostile work environment. Defendant knew or should have known of the abusive work environment and failed to take prompt remedial action.’

Among Lokteff’s ‘Prayer for Relief’, she asked for Non-Economic Damages of $300,000, and Punitive Damages in the amount of $1,000,000. It appears to have been settled out of court.

It is hardly worth illustrating in a literal fashion; that a woman who used Western society’s legal infrastructure to assert and protect her rights as a woman, now advocates an Islamic cretin for whom women’s rights is not even an issue.


This is your Ms. Lokteff; spawned from a kooky hustler family of questionable origin, a woman who, at worst; consistently snowed a movement for her own gain, or is, at best; a contrary fool. In either case, her renown is totally unjustifiable. She has claimed in the past that the opinions of those that do not have children are of less importance than the opinions of those that do, yet she does not have children herself (despite claiming otherwise). She also claims to be married – though there is no evidence of this, and if she is, she hasn’t taken her husband’s name – contradicting her supposed traditionalist stance.


Who knows what Lokteff’s ultimate goal involves – notoriety, financial gain, outright careerism – or, to look at it from another perspective; the discrediting of the right. Perhaps there is no ultimate goal. But the movement, by now, ought to know better.

White nationalists, if they are true to their word, will leave this chewed-up dog’s carcass we call the alt-right, and establish a new movement; a nucleus of noble white Europeans. A movement from whose door the Lokteffs of the world will be laughed away.

Indeed, to quote Vera Lokteff, in a blog post from April 2014 entitled ‘The Next Blood Moon’; ‘We will create it and we will have no fear. For greater things will come our way, and sacred events will come to pass as this which is darkness, tyranny of the soul, and those who are haters of life and breath, are exposed.’



62 thoughts on “Little Girl Lies: The Fraud Among You

    1. She and her cucked husband are activley covering for the mossad, defending non White rapists like Roosh, interviewing “men” who write books encouraging White men to go to the Philippines for sex tourism and lesbians raising White children without fathers all the while calling this “traditional”. She is no ally. She has also said that women who don’t have children should have no say in society, yet she has no children. She is supposedly a “Heathen” yet advocates for a christian gaytriarchy.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Hmmm. That’s weird. You and “Sarah” have the same IP address, which is hosted by WideOpenWest Finance LLC. You know what else is weird? How when I met up w Lana and Henrik in 2015, they had no children and she hasn’t been pregnant or given birth but miraculously they now have a child! Wow! They truly are incredible people aren’t they?

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      2. This obsession with what  Lana did or didn’t say is sick. Only fools hiding in comments sections (and vegan flat earth brain Sinead) would say Lana supports rape, loves degenracy (while Sinead calls her a bitch, cunt and says nasty things on sock accounts) is a fed, comes from a soviet spy family, is mossad, a drugie, a thief who stole Sinead’s hardrive (cuz she’s so brilliant & RI needed the content), sleeps supposedly all day (ooo dangerous), or RI supports Trump for “the money” but made a $1mill in a lawsuit, or that she hates women and pretends to be proWhite to “mislead” while using her real name. And oh Henrik doesn’t really run RIR and his graphics have hidden messages.

        You’re a few paranoid, delusional, gossipy freaks who don’t have a life of your own, don’t give their real name while talking trash, and who have nothing of value to give and who don’t attack the enemy.

        Sinead is enraged with hate and jealousy, a sore loser, while having grandiose thoughts that she’s “saving” her race. Have fun with your march of 20 poor nats “saving your race,” but not Lana cuz Russians aren’t White and she’s a Putin spy and her Swedish husband is in on it! Fucking retards. Ofcourse sick Sinead won’t post this because she’s a liar and sociopath who blocks everyone who is truthful and likes Red Ice.

        If Lana was a fed, she would’ve shut your flapping hag mouth a long time ago.

        How about you pussies, like Kyle, go to NPI or Amren and confront if you’re so tough and truthful.

        Ri will still be going when you burn out from your own mental breakdown.


    2. Trying to help who? Maybe degenerates and homos….maybe she’s helping Jews. Maybe herself…either way, she’s not helping our race by being tolerant of what is clearly unhealthy and immoral.

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  1. La Cuckteff really blew it with the whole Rape V thing. I still wonder if she was a shill the whole time or just post the (((NPI))) stuff. Post-NPI is when they started to really slide downhill after having gained some good traction. Don’t forget those NPI homos like to rope ’em in any old way they can. I think they got money to spout Trump + AltRight nonsense. I honestly can’t stand her or Henrik these days. I don’t even care she had Clare the Tranny on – that’s the least of my concern: it’s the chronic promoting of Fatt Forney, Rape V, NPI and Trump, and the not as blatant as some but still blatant blaming of women/feminism for our problems. They’ve also gone really soft on naming the Jew as well as naming White genocide lately.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I think she’s a friggin’ jew. They probably just changed their jewish surname ‘Loktev’ to “Lokteff” when they came over to the states. Her family member, Michael Lokteff even used to do his own radio show “Word To Russia” and is quoted many times in the Jew York Times.
      “Some attribute the immigrant influx to the shortwave radio religious broadcasts that for years were transmitted to the Soviet Union from Sacramento by a few earlier refugees. One of them, Michael Lokteff, president of the Slavic Community Center and whose radio ministry, ”Word to Russia,” dates to 1972, said a more important factor was the relationship he and others formed with American churches to offer housing and other help for refugees.

      ”We prepared a network of people who were able to receive the first refugees quite well,” said Mr. Lokteff, whose family was sponsored by a Sacramento family in 1950. ”There was a welcome mat.”

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      1. Any star of the ontologically null ‘alt right’ must be seen with suspicion.

        The fact they classify themselves as…… ‘right’, is already quite suspicious. Formally, they accept being labelled by the same regime they are supposed to fight. They are eager to accept to play the role previously engineered for them, so to fool the masses. It’s a problem of culture here (and thirst for the buck), before being an issue of political legacy and racial membership. Hence, they want to embody the leftiests’ counterpart.

        At the end, it is always the same pervasive game of characters, led by the same puppetteers.

        It is all a script somebody else has written, stamped and shipped time ago.

        They vote for Trump and support the entire populistic cheap propaganda of the degenerate billionaire.

        Killary will win, making the throne of the US zio-regime available for the first dyke, after the murderous reign of a homo-mongrel.

        Interesting article here:

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      2. This “Michael Lokteff” fits the profile of a C.I.A. operative.

        Is he related to Lana Lokteff?

        If so, then it’s a virtual guarantee that Lana Lokteff is an U.S. Govt. intelligence operative of some sort.

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  2. Loktev comes from ‘elbow’ in Russian. Keep in mind Jews parasite off Euro surnames and always have. All the ‘bergs’? Berg simply means mountain in German. They take whatever the hell they want.

    In fairness, if that is her family member, back in ’72 so many ‘refugees’ up until then were European I thought, aside from the initial Jew onslaught post WWII. He seems to be talking about Russian Soviet refugees. She has said many times she grew up in a strongly Christian household.

    Not playing devil’s advocate here, as I can’t stand the bitch these days, but I am always cautious about calling someone an outright Jew.

    But definitely odd!


      1. That’s my take too.
        Any main actor and starlet of the debunked alt right must be seen with suspicion.

        The mere fact they accept being labeled as ‘the right’ means they accept the dicotomy imposed by the system they pretend to oppose.

        It’s a script the puppetteers have written, stamped and shipped time ago. Not only they accept the fake rules of ‘democracy’ but they brainwash those who lack in culture, awareness and sense of decency.

        Interesting lines about two well known, ‘compromised’ individuals..

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      1. Current military has been representing the cradle for many a zio jew and shammasim for decades.
        Many zio scammers of recent hoaxes and crisis actors have at least one character linked to the DoD creatures.

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      2. If Lana Lokteff and Henrick Palmgren work for the U.S. military, then they are intelligence spooks.

        Also, the Michael Lokteff mentioned in the New York Times article you posted fits the profile of a C.I.A. operative.

        I’ve been telling people that Red Ice Radio is a military intelligence operation for more than a year, even before I saw this information you just posted.

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      3. They were both listed as being a military family on this pet moving site that they gave a testimonial on. I brought it to her attention back when I actually trusted them and she had it change.d It’s still on though.

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      4. I checked out that website, I had to move several times as a military wife. First of all there is no help you must move on your own and get reimbursed. There are companies that they will have unsaid agreements with that you are “conned” into using because they are the only ones available or that the military will approve reimbursement for. So you have to use them.
        I tried calling the number 800-323-1718 and it goes right to voice mail. I question if this is a real website. I would love to see everyone verify it. IF this is a real company and not a cover of some kind… they would be busy and they would most definitely answer the phone live as they are doing such important work. What if there were a problem with a pet? They have no emergency line for owners. No business like this runs that way. I would like to ask them what exactly makes the “military” move of an animal different from a regular one?
        Also, every other review is still listed on the page except Lana’s and it doesn’t look to have been updated much at all.
        I just looked up the company and apparently its BBB accredited since 2010 and starting in 1995. And it says this is an “incorporated” company. BBB admits the only way to be listed accredited is to pay them a fee. There are only 2 employees. Bridget and Christain Monrad, what are these two retired navy seals that tandem your pets around the world for you as amazing black ops pet rescuers with magical powers to persuade all airlines and countries of the world??? They list a second number 520-299-3315 that goes to the same voice mail. This great company only communicates with the form on their site. Business must be booming.
        BBB lists the companys address as 4325 N Camino Colibri, Tucson, AZ 85718-6909 and looking at google maps… its just someones house.
        I would call and verify with her the section on their website is true military testimonials and then you know it was an actual military move. If she is running a business she should have no problems answering questions about her website and military services.


  3. I’ll try again to post a few lines, hoping the mex won’t disappear as soon as it gets posted.

    The actors of this political movie must be regarded with suspicion.
    Alt righters accept to perform the role engineered by their puppetteers, the same ones who are behind the black butts matter movement.

    These actors & zio starlets are totally amoral individuals. People ho are used to sell out their butt to the best offer. They are linked to the jewish, apolide (stateless) regime. Maybe they are Halb-Juden themselves, maybe Voll-Juden or shabbat goys.

    The simple fact they qualify themselves are ‘righters’, implies they recognize the existence of the left. That is, of the same jewish-built system they claim to oppose.

    It’s a scam played on the shoulders of the ol’ sheeple, who, on the other hand, will show eternal gratitude to their ‘democracy’, which allows any sort of ‘ideals’ and colors to gather together for an hymn to modernism.

    It’s a cultural problem before being an issue of political membership (if we can call the degenerate show they offer as politics related stuff, which I doubt) and a matter of self consciousness.

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    1. The preamble to the Indian constitution contains the words ” Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”. Most of them don’t know that these were the symbols of Jew Rothschild. Justice from the Bolshevik revolution and Liberty, Equality and Fraternity from the French Revolution.
      About Gandhi, the source is the same. Type into google: MAHATMA GANDHI , RE-WRITING INDIAN HISTORY
      However, you can safely ignore the video on Hitler. The rest of information is credible.


      1. ‘Liberty and Equality’ are oxymorons. One cant stand close to the other. Either you have liberty or you have equality. Tertium non datur, as the Romans said. It’s the legacy of the masonic french revolution who drove the modernistic constitutions to compulsorily pull the leg to the populace by abusing the old linguistic trick.

        Thanks for the link about Gandhi.

        Sri Lanka is another country which has been splitted into tatters by the imported ever jew. Check Lankaweb for interesting articles & news about the chain of events leading to the current situation as well as historic excerpts.

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    2. I just checked the spam folder and that’s where some of yours and Ishan’s comments were hiding. I’ve approved them and they should be visible now.


      1. It’s not your fault Sinead.

        I think its an issue of WP or maybe of the browser I was using….. Yes, I’ve lost three comments. Never mind, I’ve tried to sum’em up


    1. ‘You thought…’…Correctly, Mac, you have used the past tense.

      Now scroll up, check the vid and comments in sequence. Then, come back.

      If something’s still unclear, we’ll get the problem fixed. Promise.

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  4. @southerseamstress,

    You’ve made a good job.

    – ghost agency linked to the military
    – old seals managing the activity
    – no phone line available
    – private home in Tucson, AZ
    – BBB rating

    Id dare to say its a “psycho-agency” renting services from real moving companies.
    And, applying its usurocratic fee.
    Whether they are involved in some dark ops or not, I still cant say. Nonetheless, it looks quite probable.

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    1. I was joking on that part lol. But it IS suspicious that they are supposedly shipping so many pets and filling out all of these forms to all these airlines and countries and its only two people. And a two person company doesn’t incorporate… its too expensive for the taxes unless they had to to deal with the airlines? I still wonder what they do thats so magical that you cannot do yourself. Also if you incorporate usually you have a trademark on your name to protect your corporation… I checked the TESS database and they have no logo or trademark registered for this company. Which is odd. Their facebook looks really active and it seems to be a military only ran service. It still would be interesting to question the lady about this business.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Bet ten to one you’d get unsatisfactory replies from those zio moles.

        Shipping pets by air is no easy task at all.
        In some countries such as England they need a pet-passport to be accepted. Moreover great logistics are required for the matter.
        An incorp. company based in Tucson outskirts sounds hilarious for the task they claim to attend.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Lol.. I did always wanted to be one.. I joke that I will catch cheating couples when I retire lol. Its a job that never dies.
        Did I ever tell you that years back I also used to be a security guard and worked for the Navy’s ordinance base guarding secret weapons? Lol.. thats true. Have to ask me about that one on the next ladies round table.

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      3. yep… you would have to sacrifice your pet info on a form to get a call back. If this is a legit business open to the public they must have a secret number they only give to clients.

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  5. Yes, you have stuff. Patience and wit.

    I miss the former at least (hope..) despite my experience in the miltary and else.

    There’s a full world to discover: from the real matters of humanity to daily cheat chatting. From historic, egregious hoaxes, to the evolutionist fairy tale. From the imposed religions to our sad, modernistic faiths and its sci-fi jibbrish.
    From the slaughter of ancient peoples to current crisis actors.


  6. You people in the comments are crazy flat Earth’ers and see conspiracy in everything. Paranoid about a fucking pet mover website? Nuts. If Lana was some secret fbi agent who moved to Sweden to do whatever, doubt she’d use her real name and expose her family. You’re all nuts.


  7. Hey Sarah! How weird! You and JR have the same exact IP address which is hosted by WideOpenWest Finance LLC. And no, Lana never exposed her families past of spreading the good word of jewsus to the Russian (((christians))) living in israel. That’s weird! I thought israel was for the jews.

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  8. @sinead

    “How when I met up w Lana and Henrik in 2015, they had no children and she hasn’t been pregnant or given birth but miraculously they now have a child!”

    Well, technically it is named a ‘zio-miracle’. The Talmud is literally filled up with them.

    Recent history has been gifting us of a fair amount of them too:

    from the ‘geysers of blood’ spurting out the ground where some jews were killed in Eastern Europe, to the shrine of R.I.F. eco-sustainable soap-bars in Hungary (×481.jpg ).
    From the wonder-jewess shittin’ diamonds in a working camp, to the jew who survived by simply drinking his own saliva….for months..
    Not to mention the ‘color coded flames’ belchin’ out the tragic chimneys, back in Poland….:))

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The Miracle of the Color-Coded Flames-

        During the 1985 Zundel trial in Canada, media-certified actual holoHoax eyewitness and “survivor” Arnold Friedman testified that while in Auschwitz he could tell WHO WAS BEING BURNED in the ovens by the COLOR of the FLAMES that shot out of the cremation chimney. Mr Friedman told the court that if blue flames shot out of the chimney it meant an Ungarian jew was being burned. If green flames came out of the chimney it meant that a Polish jew was being murdered, and so on, and on…

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      2. Yeah, but they are egregious tall tale tellers alround.
        In fact, how many ‘oscars’ and ‘nobels’ have they won?

        the reported zio miracle comes from the Tales of the HoloHoax. Ill report a few more excerpts later on.

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  9. -The miracle of the Jumping Buckets of Flesh-

    ‘According to the ADL-certified eyewitness and HoloHoax ‘survivor’, St Filip Muller, in his book “Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three years in a gas chamber”, naZZi doctors cut flesh off the Holy People’s legs and tossed the fresh cut flesh into buckets at the crematorium…yet somehow the flesh was still alive, and as Filip tells us, made the buckets jump around!…’


  10. -Mr wiesel miracolous geysers of Blood-

    Elie Wiesel was not only a miraculous gassing survivor, he’s also been an eyewitness to a wonderful miracle!….Wiesel who quite recently won a Nobel ‘Oscar’ in Stockholm as best tall tale of the HoloHoax, has written that, after the naZZis killed some jews in Eastern Europe, the blood of the jews began to spurt out of the ground in Geysers! These Geysers of jewish blood….according to Mr Wiesel….continued to flow for months…..


  11. -The miracle of the Gas Chamber Barber Shop-

    From the Holy Movie ‘$hoah’:

    We meet St. Abraham Bomba who ran a Barber Shop in the gas chamber at Treblinka, which according to him, featured 16 barbers plus 140 inmates, plus some benches in space that was only 16 square meters wide! This may well have been the most crowded barber shop in the world. It was a miracle the barbers could get the inmates hair cut in time for the next scheduled gassing, which according to St. Bomba was every five minutes…but it would have taken hours to vent the poison Zyklon Gas….


  12. Ye Olde Gas Bag:

    ….”Hollywood hasn’t made enough holocaust movies! Americans should be forced to see those movies 24 hours a day and step up their payments to i$rae£, You Americans….we could use the money for my son’s new casino he’s building in Atlantic City.
    Soon Im going to start my own holocau$t museum. For ten bucks I’ll show you my tattoo. The lampshades, the soap, the gas cannisters, the hair, false teeth, eyeballs, my Auschwitz uniform and if you pay a few shekels more, I’ll even show you the uniform I wore when I was a poor, persecuted Commissar in the Soviet NKVD…
    …Is the camera off, yet? No?…O.K….OH, It was terrible…you are all guilty, you didnt do enough to stop it. Nobody suffered like we suffered.
    They tried to turn me into a Bar of Soap, but I escaped, it was a miracle. But they did turn aunt Sophie into a pair of alligator Boots that I saw Himmler wearing once…
    …Then they gassed me….50 times…No, it was one hundred times, I remember now….”


    a classic I warmly advice anyone to download:

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  13. Redice, when it was young, was one of the sites, that made me aware of many things. I always wondered how they found themselves, but of course, being a good little German, military funding would never have occurred to me. From what I read here it now seem a very possible option. When Lana arrived on the scene with her came the women-bashing, which I cannot recall having been there before at this extend. I will be 50 next year and thus can very well remember how the world looked like for women before women’s rights were even a thing. Both my grandmother and my mother being victims of what you so wonderfully termed the “gayarchy” and it’s specific requirements on women’s behaviour, looks, and wishes. I always thought, that she is a thankless brat, for bashing women who paved the way for her travelling like she did, having a business and very generally being able to lead her life according to her own ideas. Godd for her that she looks the way she does. ;o)

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