An Invocation To Frigga

By John Michael

O revered Goddess Frigga – to thee do I yearn,
To take my belov’d to you and to help her learn;
To give her Love like unto yours that makes the Seasons turn.

Blessed, hallow’d Frigga – I send request to thee,
To cause her heart to bloom like the living Life Tree;
And to make her limbs reach high so her Spirit may be free.

Noble, loyal Frigga – your favor do I ask
To guide her fair fingers and bless in every task,
And may her pink and supple lips drink from your Wisdom flask.

Royal, regal Frigga – your beauty as blue rose,
Let Strength pump through her heart as your Divine Blood flows;
And give your gift of healing so around her circle glows.

O celestial Frigga – so fertile do you bloom;
Give her fruitful power as lies within your womb-
So she gives birth to brilliance like the Stars, the Sun, and Moon.

Just like you O Frigga – who holds Allfather’s keys,
May she become faithful like you, but unto me;
And may no cross of darkness overcome her Loyalty.


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