Waiting For Hitler

Since my article Hitler: The Great Awakener showed how women felt about their fuhrer, I will attempt to find out how men perceived Hitler. We will find as much love for Hitler in this piece as we did with the women’s quotes for their beloved Fuhrer in the previous piece. Alongside this loving dedication was also a willingness to sacrifice themselves to something they fully understood they may not see the fruits of, but that if they were successful the future generations of Germans would. Just as my partner has a romantic ideal of dancing with death on the battlefield for honour, so it appears do many men.

When I use Hitler’s words in this article, they will be taken from a translation of the National Socialist German Workers Party, Public meeting in the Great Hall of the Hofbräuhaus, on Friday 15 August, 1920. The discussion was Edited by Carolyn Yeager after her team translated the works for us to read, and I thank her for this greatly. I urge you all to read the entire text on Carolyn’s own website by clicking the above link. I feel the speech has a massive relevance to everything for which we stand. Hitler says, about the jewish problem, ‘very few have learned to view the problem free of emotion’ and now because of the believed holocaust it is even more of a problem for people, especially those older than myself, as most of them cannot and will not get past this emotional trickery.

It became clear to me that something was stirring inside of the nation and people were waiting for a leader, to take them where they were already willing to go. I would like to use the information I have gathered to explain why I feel, people were ‘waiting for Hitler’. Throughout this text I shall use words from the men that followed Hitler, using quotes taken from the book by Theodore Abel named Why Hitler came into power (1938). The quotes are from ordinary men who discussed in written essays why they chose Hitler to lead them. Most quotes are from these men, telling why they joined the NSDAP and what Hitler gave them.

Jung had discussed this stirring in the European man, he called the awakening Wotan and began his essay with this quote from Nostradamus:

In Germany Shall diverse sects arise, Coming very near to happy paganism. The heart captivated and small receivings, Shall open the gate to pay the true tithe.

Jung also discussed these sects as the ‘Wandervogal’ a group of young people who had taken to living outside of the society with which they no longer felt attuned. Many joined the First World War, and many of these growing men died at Langmark. They would chant:

It may be for years, but it is not be forever, Our fatherland yields to it’s enemies never, Each brave lad his life for the fatherland he gives; what matters our death, if our Germany lives?

After the war the Wandervogal split into separate groups, some renamed as ‘the white knight circle’. When Hitler rose these young men signed up on mass to for the Hitler youth.

Wotan, should awake, like an extinct volcano, to new activity, in a civilized country that had long been supposed to have outgrown the Middle Ages. We have seen him come to life in the German Youth Movement…By 1933 they wandered no longer, but marched in their hundreds of thousands. The Hitler movement literally brought the whole of Germany to its feet.” (Jung, 1936).

Something was stirring in our young Aryan men, who rejected the way of life before them, but would die for a better life for those after them. When I reference a romantic notion with death, I do not know how else to explain such a male perception, as I am not a man. But going through quote after quote, it is clear that men have a sacrificial role for their larger community, and a woman has a sacrificial role within the smaller community. I am not stating men want to die, and women want to clean up the disaster if they do. If you have viewed footage of women cleaning up the devastation after war with few men at their side, this is because our Aryan men died for us, cold and hungry in trenches, fighting wars that the jew began, trying to reclaim and save our homelands. Their natural roles of defense are forever used against them as a weapon to manipulate their need to protect, this working mans belief abused by the jew.

I find Hitler’s comments upon our need to work as a people quite telling, and something I feel goes largely unmentioned by us as a movement. We are a working race, and our work today is suppressed and controlled, our inner drive taken, our souls robbed because our nature as Hitler put it is  ‘unable to bear absolute rest’.

Hitler’s companion Augustus Kubizek, who lived with a very young Hitler, claimed he had never before heard the words ‘bread and butter job’ of which Hitler had spoken in utter contempt. Kubizek said he could not make the connection as to why he would say this at the time, because Hitler was anything but work-shy. Of course Hitler meant that most work is pointless, as most people know today, who are aware or not. There is very little to get excited about. Everything is a sweep over, quick fix. Nothing can be tended to without a real guiding philosophy, without an aim, a focus or a will. Hitler gave his men this; he gave them something to get excited about:

When I joined the party my life once again came to have significance.

I noticed in these men’s words, the difference they recognized in the attitudes of many political parties back then, and I have also noted the similarity today that the main ideology of a political party is for them to save you and for you to be a victim. There is no talk of saving yourself or your nation. We have a mass mentality of victim-hood, and await our savior, like Trump daddy building a wall. Germany awaited their savior also, but the most towering of difference is that these men were ready to help, they wanted a leader to follow, whereas today the jewish elite have brainwashed us to the point of not only inaction but deliberate apathy. Hitler told his people that THEY were the saviors of the future of their men, women and children, and that he would help them to help themselves. Hitler understood fully the difference between the races of men, and what in particular it means to be an Aryan. He knew that Aryan men are builders and creators, that they work for one another in a way no other race does. Hitler said that our race became such a great force because of three simple beliefs that are now biologically embedded within us (although fading fast in the hand of the jew): our ability to work hard and see our work as a duty; our necessity of bodily and mental health; and our spirituality.

If paradise really existed, the land of plenty, then our people would be unhappy in it.” (Hitler)

Many believe we are there, although the “plenty” we are given is degenerate and not of a thriving nature, but still we are spoilt with hedonistic pleasures, and thoroughly unhappy. Our work is only of benefit to the jew, either financially or morally; what Hitler deemed our best asset has been removed from us all and been taken by those Hitler calls, ‘plunderers’. Hitler hit home the point quite well, using the bible to get his point across, ‘as we know that Jewry was very liberal in writing it’ and then stating “By the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat bread” Hitler explained how Aryan man would happily work, in comparison to the jew who will unhappily rob and groan about everything they have to do. Hitler said:

What hundreds of thousands of others do as a matter of course, means to the jew another chapter of suffering and persecution.

Hitler understood the difference between the jew and the Aryan; the jew would sell his grandmother for his own greater good, but the Aryan would give his life for his grandmother for the nation’s greater good. Hitler explained that the jews cannot have this essence, since they wander and do not have a nation to love and protect. They are nomads with no love for land and nature. Why invest in a land that you will not be around to watch mature? Aryan man is different, as quotes from the essays reveal:

We acted as if under compulsion. Even had we wished to, we could not be untrue to the movement without having our hearts torn out of our breasts. Unshakable faith and unselfish devotion to the hallowed cause were our weapons against apparently invincible opponents armed with the power of the state, and the determination to use it at any cost to curb the achievement of our aims. Many an honourable opponent had to admit, albeit unwillingly , the readiness of the National Socialists to sacrifice everything for their cause; this despite the fact that the leaders of the opposition did nothing without first considering what they would get out of it. What fellowship was there among the men who left their wives, families and parents, preferring the sacred sign of the swastika to their means of livelihood! They mocked Hell, death and the Devil in their faith and just cause. What joy and honor to be allowed to fight side by side with such comrades!

This shows a prime example of what motivates the Aryan man; his motivation is greater than his immediate need. Today we are taught to be self consuming and hedonistic, but this is not the natural state of our white European man, who has honour and goals and a will to work for the future. Why would this man thrive when building, if he was not building for his fellow mankind? For his blood and soil! His efforts would be of no relevance. As Hitler did with women, he also fired a belief in his men, he brought them back to life from a existence of emptiness, he gave them a purpose, he gave them something bigger than themselves. I believe men need to know that their existence is not just for them but for their people. It is unnatural for a man to be the narcissist he is taught to be and this is why he is so unhappy. Another quote:

I was attracted to the National Socialist Party because it did not indulge in the high promises other parties made in their campaign literature. On the contrary, we were told that we must suffer and sacrifice; that the end of our striving must be a greater Germany rather than a personal aggrandizement.

What was it about Hitler that brought these men to him, to fight for him? Many have said that Hitler was seen as the saviour of his men, and I would agree, but I feel it may be because he asked them to save their people together. With men waiting for their orders, Hitler rose amongst them speaking the words of action they had longed to hear and as a nation they supported him. These are their reasons:

“What impressed me most about Hitler was the courage with which the wartime corporal attacked all evil. I felt the urge once more to be a soldier”.

“I saw his illimitable faith in his people and the desire to set them free”

“His never-to-be-forgotten speech affected me as the words of a prophet”

“I first saw Hitler at an S.A meeting at Gera in September 1931. The experience was a revelation to us, and we should have rushed blindly anywhere Hitler commanded us to go. The sun shone all the time Hitler was there, in proverbial ‘Hitler Weather’. Before his arrival and after he left, it rained so hard we were drenched. Yet to have seen and heard Hitler was ample reward. We had travelled in mufti all the way to the Thuringian border, since brown shirts were once again taboo in Prussia. Afterwards an old comrade, who had for years been out of work, confided to me with tears in his eyes that Hitler had looked straight at him. The fact is, Hitler looks every man in the eye. His looks wander from one trooper to the other as the S.A marches by. We oldtime National Socialists, did not join the S.A for reasons of self interest. Our feelings led us to Hitler. There was a tremendous surge in our hearts, a something that said ‘Hitler, you are our man. You speak as a soldier of the front and as a man; you know the grind, you have yourself been a working man. You have lain in the mud, even as we-no big shot, but unknown soldier. You have given your hole being, all of your warm heart, to German manhood, for the well-being of Germany rather than your personal advancement or self-seeking. For your innermost being will not let you do otherwise’ No one who has ever looked Hitler in the eye and heard him speak can ever break away from him”

“I made the personal acquaintance of Hitler, and discovered that he emanates a power that draws everybody to him”

“When the Fuhrer administered our oath at Weimar and we marched past him, we felt that all our sacrifices had been amply rewarded by this experience. As the Fuhrer addressed us, his eyes became like hands that gripped men never to let go again”

Hitler managed to give a man a mission in which he felt was just, and not only that, for a man to be respected and have others follow him without question, they must prove that they too are warriors for their cause. Hitler was a normal man, who showed ‘superhuman endowment’ unlike any other.

People cried for Obama and shout for Trump, but acting is all I see. When I look back at the men, women and children who Heiled Hitler, they did not look away, scratch their noses or look to the sky yawning. When I watch Hitler talk, I do not see a crowd of actors, I see people, real people. I am not suggesting the entire crowds of today are paid actors, I am saying that whether people know or not, they are programmed beings setting in motion actions for which they have no real love; the world is watching and they know, so they play the role as they go.

The men who rose for Hitler had been told the realities of the first World War and knew they had been unjustly portrayed and cheated. Hitler joined these men together, he united them, and then their Nation, to attempt the defeat of what they knew was wrong.

Young as  I was, I was puzzled by the denial of race and nation implicit in Marxism. Though I was interested in the betterment of the working man’s plight, I rejected it unconditionally. Instead, I often asked myself why socialism had to be tied up with internationalism-why it couldn’t work as well or better in conjunction with nationalism.

Men understood that their society was becoming something of a puzzle to them. I believe the jew pushed too hard and fast and the change was noticeable by all; the way of life was altering at a pace with which they were very uncomfortable. Today in the west they have pushed bit by bit, without any real scrutiny their actions, although they will constantly pull the jew card, saying they are the race with the most hate crime towards them. People dare not attack the jewish agenda, and it is their agenda that they are pushing, creating this filthy rotten world, in which they steal our work and rob our spirit, because the jew cannot build a state of his own, only take the state built by another, by us.

Hitler states that:

So it is work which created kinships at first, later tribes, and still later, led to the creation of states.

Hitler again gave no illusions. He told his men that this would not be easy, that the task ahead was difficult. Hitler turned up at the door of a mother who had just lost her son, but he said no words, only held her hand, and she said she knew her son died for something worthy of his soul. This understanding, more in depth with men, but with women also, is our vision, our bigger picture perception, our ability to see holistically. Hitler claimed we are successful because we see work as a duty, we put our mental and bodily health as paramount and we have a spirituality. That these three things make us.

In the exerpts of letters within the book Why Hitler came into power it becomes clear that many men where looking for the abolishment of evil Marxism and to find a leader, one man tells of how his home town raised a monument in 1923 with the words:

Descendants who read these words, know ye that we eagerly await the coming of the man whose strong hand may restore order.

Again we wait once more, and I believe we are ready to work again, and this time the jew will not direct our workmanship. Like Hitler did, another great leader will rise, because something is stirring again. I know you can feel it. Again groups are forming, rejecting their society. There are once more wondering birds and white knights rising. There are circles being formed and symbols being drawn. Hitler asked in the woods so long ago for our gods to return, and we (some consciously, others not) are asking now.

National Socialism would not be the last word. Things must be concealed in the background which we cannot imagine at present, but we may expect them to appear in the course of the next few years or decades. Wotan’s reawakening is a stepping back into the past; the stream was damned up and has broken into its old channel. But the Obstruction will not last forever” (Jung, 1936).

Our men are not weak men. The jew is altering them from the inside out, with chemicals and social constructs. Our men are warriors and they know, when they ask for Wotan, they ask to fight. And our real men understand that our real women are strong. We are not full of hate for our men, we love our real men, and will be there to sew their cloth and tend to their wounds, to bring up their children and suffer with them and for them. Our men may be together in the fields but their hearts will be carried at home. Hitler said to our men of the past:

The salvation can never come from above, it can and will only come from the masses, from the bottom up…Do you believe that you few can do it, do you really believe that a couple of guys can do it? Because we understood that we had an immense battle ahead of us but also that anything created by men can be destroyed by other men. And another conviction has arisen within us, that this can not be a matter of whether we think we can do it, but only a question of whether we believe that it is right and that it is necessary, and if it is right and necessary, then it is no longer a question of whether we want to, but rather it is our duty to do what we feel is necessary. (Stormy bravo!).


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