Jewish Psychopaths (I/III) The Jewish Family


From the jewish horse’s mouth. Doreen Dotan, wife of a Rabbi. This informant offers very personal, candid, and valuable insights into jewish psychopathy. She used to have a youtube channel, now deleted, her presentations show her own psychopathic mindset which is namely; she upholds the view that jews are an ‘angelic race superior to the goyim’. Her diagnosis of jewish psychopathy, excellent though it is, needs to be regarded with caution. At minute 4.46 she mentions she has never observed in her psychopathic family “any satanic worship and cultic activity”, “none of that really goes on”, her body language saying something different.

The subtle and typically jewish spin of her discourse makes it so that she absolves herself from that she is describing, a psychopathic ploy in itself. Her pleading empathy for victims of jewish psychopathy is simply a pretense and a disguise, part of the ‘jewish Mask’ or, ‘The Ass in a Lion’s Skin’, as the great History Reviewed Channel calls it:

In her talk called ‘What jews Really Mean When They Say Goyim’ which was posted about 7 years ago, then disappeared about 5 years ago, Doreen admitted the Talmudic ideolgy of jewish supremacy. She said in that talk that jews see the goy as “colorful”, they want to be colorful too and go play with the goy, only they cannot play nicely, they just infect and pollute the world and lives of the goy.

Her expositions of the Talmud are brilliant but bear in mind they endorse and enforce jewish supremacy for which she is an apologist. She comes across as a sweet, intelligent, psychopath. Which you can view a little of here:

“You are not sub-human..” “but we created you” – gee, thanks jews! You can view the entirety of these talks but it will cost you some sheckles on


3 thoughts on “Jewish Psychopaths (I/III) The Jewish Family

  1. They say ‘first cousins’ but if you find my video testimony from Jews you’ll see it’s father daughter and father son sex. I’ve known this for some time. When you embed these vids DL and upload to two or three different platforms; naturally they’re all Jewish, but at least they cannot take down your blog in one fell swoop.


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