German Nationalist, The Immortals March (Eng Sub)



5 thoughts on “German Nationalist, The Immortals March (Eng Sub)

  1. Unluckily and quite obviously the German Nationalist is quite like the ‘sacred Graal’.

    Everybody keeps talking about it. Nobody ever saw it


      1. There are some. But certainly we wont see them in the AdF bunch.
        Skinheads, neo-nazis are unable to build a real counterpower to the ZOG. THEY are tolerated by the occupying zio system just because, willingly or not, they represent the systems own scapegoat. Any time they need to point out how ‘racist, bigot, anti$emite’ a naZZI is, they come in handy. Only a few cultured, prepared Nationalists and Researchers do have wit & knowledge to fight the zio beast in the proper way. But you’ll hardly see them parading before the cameras or acting as vigils. That said I agree that many young Europeans partecipating to these marches are honest buddies. Nevertheless the whole parade is often worth lesser than the rubber soils used to walk it.


  2. Let’s make no mistake: AdF (Alternative für Deutschland) is much akin to zio led, French Front National and Italian Lega. Controlled opposition. They are IN the system. They’ll never be able to really get rid of it. Kind of Pink org on one side, and Trump alt righters, on the other: not a happy marriage indeed.
    Blank cartdridges shot in the night on a horrid new year’s eve.


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