Induced Neurosis And How It Is Used On Us



7 thoughts on “Induced Neurosis And How It Is Used On Us

  1. Conspiracy theory is a linguistic manipulation minted by the Cia to cover and silence the critics to the laughable results of the Warren commission. Since then it has been abused by the ziosystem.
    The experiments on animals are unacceptable by any human being. I see a link between violence on animals and humans. The committers are the same ones who invented the holoHoax, Dr Mengele tales and such mountain of crap.
    Great points about the hydra.

    Now, for a hoax to happen, a staged event to take place you need not ‘hundreds people’ to witness it. The bubba will ask: hey there are thousand people who saw the teRRRRorist. Are they all lying?’
    Deflective inquiry. Reality is you need:
    A drill, a cordoned zone, crisis actors, a couple mossadomites, a holly holly art director and the zio msm.

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  2. The biggest example of this is in the gender and miscegenation BS. We are literally supposed to be confused about the sex of a person we see right in front of us, and to think that black/white is the normal state of affairs. And it’s working.


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  3. Thank you for a most interesting presentation. It is definitely food for thought and I will look forward with great interest to your future presentations. I admire the work and effort you are putting in to keeping us informed and I appreciate it very much.
    Always wishing you the best,

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