The Divine Order (For: PC)

The Divine Order: This is a short video created by Nordlux Bellator. This video is banned worldwide on Youtube. This video is about Adolf Hitler and the others who worked with him like Dr Goebbels and it sees National Socialism as a new religion.

Watch ‘The Divine Order’ here.


2 thoughts on “The Divine Order (For: PC)

  1. In reality, National Socialism left a discreet amount of freedom of choice to the citizen, not differently from the ancient Rome. In the famous Leit Heft of the SS in fact it is stated that your faith can be catholic or protestant, but you have to be faithful to your nation and people. Your religions beliefs must remain private. Lets remember the Russian Ortodox Waffen SS Division and the Muslim one.


  2. Any email or other means to contact Nordlux Bellator?
    He has the bulgarian subtitles for Hellstorm and I’m looking to have a copy of them.


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