Your Daily Dose of “Cultural Enrichment”


3 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose of “Cultural Enrichment”

  1. Just a short note: being able to protect yourselves is not only a benefit, but a duty (for yourself and your family).
    I’m quite acquainted withe weapons and if you have the chance of making some practice in an isolated landscape, along with somebody who’s teaching the principles, that’s fine.
    But a weapon in order to be a defensive tool needs to be masterized. You have to know how to draw it without getting disarmed. In a life-or-death confrontation, it’s not easy task. You always fall on your training. Remember this.
    Your weapon is your brain. Now, how to recognize a threatening scenario and how to properly react using the fear and adrenaline as a boost, it is the golden rule.
    There are many OTC (off the pocket) tools which can be used as an equalizer, against the stronger and bigger opponent. A self defence pen, for example, which can be carried along easily with no restrain and looks like a Kubaton it’s one of the best choices.
    There are many alleged instructors out there. Some good, some lesser. I have already talked about this matter previously. It’s the control of your mind avoiding you to be caught like a deer in the headlight which makes a huge difference.


  2. Gotta say, the music with the clips makes me want to laugh, which I then feel bad about because I see the clips. I’m conflicted.


  3. News from zio world

    New York City Public ­Schools Join Fight Ag­ainst ‘White Power’
    New York Post­­6/07/23/nyc-public-sc­hools-follow-in-racia­l-privilege-brainwash­ing/

    On the last day of sc­hool, Principal Darle­ne Cameron of Star Ac­ademy-PS 63 in the Ea­st Village gave her s­mall faculty a chart ­defining racist and n­on-racist institution­s and asked them to t­hink about where thei­r school fits in. A n­on-racist institution­, among other things,­ is conscious of and ­aims to wipe out a cu­lture of “white power­,” “white privilege” ­and “inherent white a­dvantage.” “We fit in­to the category of wh­ite power and privile­ge!” a white teacher ­at the K-5 school tol­d her colleagues. The­ concept that whites ­enjoy everyday benefi­ts simply because of ­their skin color has ­become the rage. Elit­e private schools hav­e grappled with the n­otion … Now public ­schools are jumping o­n the bandwagon.


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