The Divorce Industry

Yes, that’s right.  The “Divorce Industry”.  There is an actual industry dedicated to making large sums of money off of people’s divorces.  A 50 billion dollar industry to be exact.  Unfortunately, I’m not too shocked about this one.  What I was shocked about, however, was the amount of people that are using these “services”.

I’m sure you’ve seen something similar before.  Ugly sashes, party favors, and penis straws, but no. This is not a bachelorette party.  This is a “divorce party”. People are now throwing huge parties for when their divorces have been finalized.


(not sure what the hanger is for, but let’s just hope she’s not pregnant)

How about your very own custom divorce cake?  In the same style as your wedding cake, only more…divorcey.


But where will you find that special venue to host your epic “divorce party”?  No need to worry.  We’ve got venues exclusively for divorce parties.  You’re welcome.


Need custom divorce party invitations?  We’ve got those too!

Are you stressed out from all of the lawyer’s fees and paperwork?  No need to worry! Come to the “Divorce Hotel” and $5,000 later you’ll walk out feeling refreshed, renewed, and…divorced.  That’s right folks!  In between meetings with you and your soon to be ex-spouse’s lawyers, you can relax at the spa, or go for a walk on the picturesque grounds.  We’ll even throw in some free “swag” so you can proudly alert passers by that you are now divorced…and the hotel gets free advertising.



 Don’t forget to wear the proper “divorce party” attire.


How do we put a stop to this madness?  End the marriage industry that started the whole thing to begin with.  This isn’t to say people shouldn’t be married to each other, but when you involve the state in your personal affairs, it never ends well.

Below is a recent documentary done by Vice on the Divorce Industry.  Trigger warning: Intense sleaziness may lead to feelings of nausea.


16 thoughts on “The Divorce Industry

  1. Bah. I’m surprised ‘free gang-bang’ fringe benefit gets not properly advertised. A great lack in marketing & communication strategy, by the industry.


  2. When your chrome Lamborghini was paid for by the tears of broken families…ah fuck it! It’s a CHROME Lamborghini right?! THAT’S what’s important! The Shekels! The Shekels! SMDH


  3. Now see, when you said “Divorce Industry”, I had assumed you meant lawyers, mediators, judges, and government bureaucrats that profit off the conflict that comes with a hostile divorce. Because that’s the real problem. The cakes, the party favors, the hotel – who cares? Marriage can be stressful, divorce even more stressful, so what’s wrong with a little celebration once it’s over? I don’t think that divorced people should just see themselves as failures and become resigned to living a life of sadness and regret. They have every right to celebrate their new beginning on a positive note.


    1. Did you uh, watch the video Wally? Cuz, uh, I don’t think you watched the video…..there’s a video in the post… should watch the video, then comment. Do you think the $50-billion all comes from cakes and party favors? That’s a shitload of cake, don’t you think? 😛 Don’t mind me it’s 2:47am and I’m kinda tired. G’nite!

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      1. I can’t say I agree with celebrating it. I was such a mess through my divorce I ended up disappearing for 3 years and pretending I was someone else. When I came back to reality nothing had changed, I still had to deal with it. Everyone’s situation is different. I did figure out you can’t blame men or women, maybe the individual and the society as a whole for losing ourselves in a game created and controlled by the Jew. I will never bring the state into a relationship again, that’s for sure. Removing them from the equation solves much of the problem.


      2. Well, I can’t say the Jews had anything to do with it. I was married in a Catholic church, and I was encouraged to get married by Protestants, so I’ll let them have some of the blame. Totally agree with you about not letting the sate get involved however.


      3. Well, who controls the state, the courts, the media (over 90% ownership), biggest lobby in DC, Hollywood, the psychiatric industry etc etc etc ?? The Jews are the cancer in this world. They have most of the world utterly mind-controlled to not even consider they are behind EVERYTHING that is wrong in the world. I understand why you can’t approve my comments on your site, I know all too well. Anyways, if you really wanna know the truth, start researching the facts about the Jews. I’ve been at this a long time and they are truly the bottom of the proverbial “rabbit hole”. “Heathen Women” is a great source for this info, I know and trust the folks who manage it. Best of luck to you 🙂

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  4. The system gets us screwed with its ‘legal registration’.

    Paraphrasing Cartesio, we can say : ‘Do you formally exist? Thus you are zio-scapegoat’

    Not to mention that the loads of interest-driven marriages and quick divorces or separations (we have all been involved in those extreme sports in our short life) are a typical flavour of our rotten times. Hedonism & Atomization of the peoples, we could name it. The factory of loneliness and desperation, is the one the scum in the button-room has been planning for centuries.

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    1. Mr Singletone looks quite naive in his statements:
      who sits behind his catholic and protestant rabbis? Religion in the west is a mere proclamation of zio-onanism. Void formulations of dogma, dressed up with an unspeakable amount of inter-racial garbage and politically correct shit. A real democratic ‘religion’ of the zio-jewish NWO.

      Today the sources to know FACTS are there: available for any normo-provided brain. My gut is, time for moral acceptance of people in mental denyal, is running out quickly.


  5. Another short note: our friend is celebrating his divorce.

    There’s nothing to be celebrated here, Mr Singleton. It is a capital failure the one you are moving yourself to solemnize.
    It’s a declaration of impotence or disinterest for your past & future plans. I’m not proud to say I’m separated, even if my relations with her are still normal.

    From any side you look at it, divorce is a declaration of defeat.

    You simply get back part of what you had before marrying.
    Lesser money, moral sufference (& a bashed ego, in some cases) and a few, heavy years adding up on the back.


  6. My intent is not to be too provocative, It is an invitation to ponder our own behaviour extrapolating faults and merits from it. Trying hard to heal the wounds the wrong relation has caused to our offspring and ourselves
    The idea is to improve the self so not to fall into the society-driven mistakes again.

    An important lesson to be leant by heart by anyone, expecially by the couples with kids.


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