Dear Boomers – Please Share If You Agree


3 thoughts on “Dear Boomers – Please Share If You Agree

  1. Shareable, though there is some logical fallacy here and there in the vid:

    1) introduction: omissis….”comments below regarding comment criticisms regarding technophobia, over population, and the supposed Jewish domination of the world”

    ‘supposed jewish domination’…:it’s not a world’s domination in the real sense of the word. It is a just a slow sneaking movement of a creeping creature, occupying the button room in very important places of the wesatern countries. But why the adjective ‘supposed’?

    2) The generation of the 60ers and 70ers and over is guilty and suitable of capital execution. They have been seating on the pole of the zio-enabled system for decades. They have made the buck on it but they have sold their soul. Their soul is now a part of this terminally decadent and rotten society of induced consumerism. What have they done?
    They have been the semen-donors of another generation of reprobates, hyper narcissistic and nichilistic individuals who are alone. a Sum of individuals. Thus, just individualities, each of whom, caged in its modernistic vision.

    This society drives a man to be alone with himself. No community, no values, no family. Family is the pillar of society. That’s why they have disrupted it via their inoculated poison: hedonism, genderism, ‘mongrellism’. It the liquid society this one, where man is alone with his hardly earned gitzmos.
    A number, a consumer not a man, which is eager to be manipulated by the tele-vision (tell-a-vision), trendy-trashy fashions, scams, democrappic buzz words and rituals.

    But, to get rid of the current, perverse society you need a back up plan: awareness, culture and inheritage. Where are these young people taking the ‘real meat’ from?


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