Myth: White Women Support Immigration More Than White Men

We are constantly being told that White women have “voted leftist” therefore, the world is coming to an end and blah blah blah.  Well, for being such “logical” and “unemotional” people, they completely disregard the facts.  So here they are (trigger warning: facts that contradict your narrative that allows for you to be the victim and not have to do anything, may upset you and cause you to lash out and call others emotional as you yell and scream)

  • This poll found that women in Scotland were more likely to want immigration cut (69%) than men (60%).
  • About half of white men say immigration help more than it hurts, while 42% say it hurts more than it helps – that’s a net positive of 7 percentage points.
  • Just 39% of white women say immigration helps more than it hurts, while 52% say it hurts more than it helps – a net negative of 13 points. Add it together and that’s a 20-percentage-point difference in how white men and women see the issue.
  • Only 4% of American women support Hillary’s proposal to admit 100K+ Middle East refugees…
  • WSJ/NBC Poll: Americans Steady on View of Immigration – Does immigration help more than hurts?:
    Men 49%-42% (+7% positive)                                                                                                               Women 39%-52% (-13% negative)We are also told that this recent story is proof that White women, as a whole are activley “working against” our people.

    They say, “Every single party, of whom all spokeswomen were notably female, rejected the proposal as “racist”. NO SHIT! Germany has been occupied by AngloJews for 70 years, of course they use (((females)))!!! All of these (((parties))) are AngloJew run!!! But this is yet “more proof” that White women destroy nations.

    A guy on FB just told me “WOMEN ARE A DANGER TO SOCIETY.” He was an American.  American men have never fallen for propaganda and destroyed societies? Dresden Germany? Apartheid laws in South Africa? I could go on.

    I keep getting told that White women are not faithful to the tribe because White women were taken as war brides. Well wouldn’t that mean that White men aren’t faithful to the tribe because they were taken as janissaries and slaves?  Janissaries were European men who were kidnapped as children and trained to serve as elite infantry units for the Ottoman Sultans who would first attack the Christian villages for muslim armies.

    The gross oversimplification of alt right logic at its best. I actually unfollowed this guy because he was posting a daily reminder that women shouldn’t vote. Literally daily. So now black ppl chimp out as a direct result of “Cat Lady” influence? Not the warrior gene, fact that they’re limbic, excitable, or murderous. It’s because cat ladies want them to. In the deepest darkest ghettos of Detroit and Chicago blacks want to please “Cat Ladies” and all liberals are women, specifically of the unmarried persuasion. They are officially parroting rhetoric without the slightest bit of discernment or thought at this point. The alt right is not only the gayest place in the internet it’s also the most retarded.

    And also, while I’m at it, what is with this push for war and more dead White males? I keep seeing this all over the alt-right/manosphere. Sit back, don’t do anything, wait for war, kill non-whites and rape/take white women as sex slaves & broodmares.

    If we can, shouldn’t we try and stop White genocide peacefully? Why would these men want more dead White boys? I say boys because it won’t be these men who will be doing the fighting, it will be the men who are young boys right now.

    If you look up the comment section on right wing videos about women you really get the impression that the alt right is full of women haters. I get attacked all the time when I express that I don’t want to be treated like second class citizen or like muslim women.   People like alt right’s resident fag hag, Lana Lokteff, claim that the woman haters are just “internet rambos” She’s a bigger idiot than I thought. Does she really think she and the alt-right can promote White-women-hating nonwhites like DooshV, Heartfag and Fat Horney and guys won’t believe them and start hating, blaming and attacking White women?  At this point I believe that Red Ice is compromised and is activley working against our people.





31 thoughts on “Myth: White Women Support Immigration More Than White Men

  1. (perspective of a man who thinks the alt-right is one “gateway” to help wake up egalitarian Whites to racial consciousness, since that’s how I got there)

    Plenty of anti-women rhetoric on the alt-right – plenty of neckbeards with no strength of any kind blaming white women’s “traitorous nature” for not getting married and playing Warcraft in their mama’s basement forever.

    Sure, there’s that. But, I guess witnessing miscegenation fuels the idea that women lack race loyalty.

    Personal primary source: as a NYC project manager I see white women with nons, and barely any white men with nons. Is it because urban white men in the marketplace are cucked, weak & afraid of having a strong white identity? Probably all that, and much more is wrong with the neutered white male.

    And these alt right brothers they, rather than look to cultivate their strength, the alt-right right blames women for not embracing: weakness of body, lack of pride and inconsistancy of identity.

    Uncivilized as they are, at least nons have that.


    1. I witness a ton of white guys with Asians, and, more recently, I am seeing white guys with black women. I’ve taken mental note on purpose the last couple of months: most interracial couples I have seen have been a white guy with a non-white. I was actually surprised. I am wondering if this is actually the case and that I was programmed to only notice it if it was a white girl with a negro or something… but, no shit, the majority of interracial couples I’ve seen on the streets the last couple of months have been white men with non-whites. I am sure this depends on geographic region also, but my personal experience of witnessing it lately has been surprising. The last one was only yesterday: white guy, black woman, and their baby in a stroller.

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  2. Bullshit invented by chauvinistic semi-homo fools to vent their frustrations. White women are bombarded with negative Jew-propaganda 24/7 and still retain more conscience than many men, if not most. If more women don’t get involved, WN is doomed, simple as that. The Jew-Elite image machine can’t just openly demonize a large number of women – it’s just too low, even for them. In the end, white women might save the day.

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  3. It’s all shilling on “both sides” of the Rothschild spectrum. The one fake Jew side hates on White men. The other fake Jew side hates on White women.

    The end sum is for Whites to die. No one that’s one of us or ever going to be is going to be involved with that sort of thing.

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  4. Women, if young and single, tend to vote democrat/liberal. The system is rigged anyway. Women should gain power based on merit rather than equality.


      1. Guess your request will remain unanswered…………………..-:)

        There’s no difference in political stance between women and men.

        The contrary is a lie.
        Possibly, some young gals today tend to fall more easier for the zionist propaganda of ‘tolerance, equality, justice and liberty for all with no distinction of sex, religion & blah-blah-blah.’

        This is what they generally indicate as a feminized society’s maxime (meaning ostracism for values such as Fight, Honour, War etc.) I don’t agree with this onanistic axiom, as I consider the term itself as a subproduct of our decadent, feminist (& anti-females) society.

        Yet I’ll be awaiting some rigged statistics demonstrating what our ‘jurno’ upwards claims.

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  5. Well then, where are those vigil white women? Srsly? Where are they? I have never met a single one. Here in my country, my area around two thirds of women vote for the most left leftists, especially the young ones. Also that is the impression I get on dates – 2/3+ progressive leftists.


      1. Heh. Yeah. What else. How could I have been so blind! That’s it! I’ll simply “work on myself”, so I start “attracting good women”.

        Great advice. Sadly you can’t hear my slow sarcastic clapping.

        You don’t know me sineadmcarthy – so don’t make assumptions about me.

        Also – you asked about stats. There you go.

        Almost 70% of all young women voted for the >far-left< candidate in Austria.
        And keep in mind that this was after/during the european "refugee"-crisis. The weeks before the election there were women and children abused and raped by "refugees" every week and yes the largest newspaper reported it.

        Also shortly before the election a woman was killed by an illigal Black from Africa, who has been unchecked in the country for years. He smashed her had in with an iron rod – in bright daylight – in the middle of the capital.

        And. They. Still. Voted. Left.


      2. Buying the crap of the system is no good for somebody who’s supposed to oppose it.
        Statistics and news provided by the msm as well as exit polls or final results of local freak shows must be trashed as obnoxious lies or hilarious zio propagada at best.

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      3. Wolf,
        What gals do in Europe matches what boys do.
        There is no difference.
        The sheeple doesnt deserve to be partitioned into females and males.
        They’re the same good old cannon fodder.
        Thus, if most females support the aliens’ invasion, most ‘males’ keep cuckin on.
        Its as simple as that.


  6. Wolf, I agree with you on one thing. Its extremely hard to meet a girl who matches our general stamdards, nowadays. Wherever you go, job, gym, bar, club or theatre you’ll find only what I call ‘zio-chicks’ . A specimen you can hardly talk to. Read in between my lines..
    On the other hand, if the majority got already redpilled, we wouldnt be in such a situation. And we would live in a world where average females and males could well be considered as Thinking People. Which is sadly not.


    1. These women will never come to the truth with men that blame everything on them instead of leading them to a better way of life. My husband woke me up to a lot of this because he was a real man, who fought the real enemy (the jew) and did not blame me for what was happening.

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      1. Right.
        Sadly you need two basic, fundamental things to get what you say:
        – a thinking brain
        – en plus, a girl falling in love in the traditional way.

        Things not so easy to get today.
        You may have hedonistic women, women in career. Women who fall in love too but are devoid of brain.
        Look: Im not putting the blame on women for this. I simply say they are today’s product, as the alleged men are.
        In my personal quite recent experience I can say 2 girls out of 10 matched my ethic standards or came close to them. And btw, I consider myself quite lucky. Other guys, maybe more deserving than me happened to harvest lesser than me.


      2. And finally YES!
        Blaming women is the wrong choice. Wrong tactic & strategy.

        Expecially when dealing with them. We, men, must be cautiously propositive and assertive.
        Nonetheless I can hear Wolf’s disgust for the current situation. Which I fully comprehend.


      3. It’s one thing to state the obvious, that our people are severely sick but it’s another to make it a gender war. I will not tolerate that on this platform.

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      4. If you read back my messages on any thread you’ll find out I support the opposite. I oppose sex war, being it a zio tool and a filthy way to break the community, let alone the fundamental principles I stand by.
        My aim was just to express the common feeling of men in our current situation.


      5. I hear ya! I wasn’t implying you were. I was more directing my comment to the other commentor. I know you’re on our side my friend. 🙂 Women feel the same kind of hopelessness too. I wish I could be a matchmaker because I know so many great men and women that should meet each other. Distance is the one thing standing in the way 😦

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      6. Your idea sounds great, Sinead.
        Indeed sharing a net site and interchanging views is important.
        Meeting in real life and becoming friends or more, would be fantastic under many aspects, truth-sharing included.


  7. I just had an interesting discussion with two friends I haven’t seen for years, last night. The location I was in was hosting a Miss Movie event. Newer Miss election, music, routine applause and a few politically correct ‘male’ deviants attending the event on behalf of the local msm.
    Our chatting hit rapidly the topic: ‘nowadays’ girls’ . And, quite surprisingly, despite our different, personal experiences, we agreed on most.


    1. Your source is some random bloke on twitter who may or may not have any idea of what is actually going on in Austria and who may or may not know a word or two of German. Some “journalist”, who uses stats that are promoted by the #1 state propaganda organ ORF to prove his point, that in this totally fake election, women voted for the bad guy. Bravissimo. You are a perfect idiot.


  8. “From the corruption of women proceeds the mixing of races; from the mixing of races, the loss of memory; from the loss of memory, loss of all understanding; and from this – all evil.”

    — Sri Krsna, ‘The Bhagavad-Gita’


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