The Kinsey Institute of Sexual Perversion

Apologies again for taking you on such a terrible journey of a discussion, but my articles tend to lead on from each other and this piece is no exception. The Kinsey Institute has taken degraded, deviant and sick sexual acts, and told us that these degenerate and harmful criminal behaviors are ‘normal’ through their research, paving the way for a sexual ‘revolution’. The Institute is a long standing research unit within the university of Indiana. It all sounds so fantastic; lets liberate the people and talk about sex, but then you discover that the Institute was founded by a man who was a sexual deviant himself. He used to push objects into his urethra, gave himself a circumcision, had intercourse with a lot of his male and female colleagues, students and clients, as well as their husbands and wives. He filmed quite a lot of it for other people to watch, in the name of ‘research’ of course, and explained in intricate detail how some children behave during orgasms, so detailed in fact you would think he was involved personally or present, or at the very least viewed the event afterwards. There are a lot of books that are happy to relay his detailed accounts word for word, but unlike lots of Jewish academic perverts who enjoy talking about his ‘research’ into children’s sexuality, I would rather not be that particular. On the ‘Kinseyan concepts’ of normal sexual releases for males, Kinsey says Masturbation, Nocturnal emissions, Heterosexual relations, Homosexual relations and Bestiality are all acceptable forms of release.

There have been six directors for the Kinsey institute, with Kinsey himself at the helm from 1947-1956. Kinsey has apparently been called out by Jewish Judith Reisman, who formed a case that he is a disgusting piece of pedophilic shit, but she then attempted to link him with Nazi fascism and called him an anti-semite who would not even employ a Jewish man. I believe this was done in the hope to give the great big ongoing psychoanalytic perversion a good goyim name. Her conclusion ignores the overwhelming amount of elite Jewish colleagues and employees he had. Jewish bankers, Jewish Lawyers Morris L Ernst and Harriet Pilpell, the lady who won ‘the state vs 31 photographs’, ensuring the ‘confidentiality’ of his ‘research’ was maintained and his institute was not condemned. There were Jewish felons within his ‘research’ and the Jewish media, like Arthur Suzberger, heavily pushed his books upon the masses through the New York Times and also helped to financially secure Kinsey a seat on the board of the Rockefeller Foundation. Kinsey was also on the advisory committee for the Mattachine Foundation, co-founded by Jewish Franklin Kameny; the foundation was an early gay rights organisation. Kinsey sent his transsexuals to his Jewish friend Harry Benjamin; it is said that Harry Benjamen gave the first transgender reassignment therapy to one of Kinsey’s referred clients, but that crown goes to another Jewish man named Magnus Hirshfeild, a pioneer sexologist who paved the way nicely for the Kinsey institute to get all ‘gender’ on us.

It sure looks like Kinsey is a massive anti-semite to me. Also, Freud’s Psychoanalytic theories of sexual repression, which the Kinsey institute carries like a badge of honour, began in the name of anti-semitism. If you didn’t know already, Freud explored why the west are so damn anti-semitic and concluded it was because we all need a good fucking from our parents. Yes, we are sexually repressed and if the good old Jewish elite could just loosen us all up a bit we could all live in peace and harmony. Oh, the utopia – if only we would have sexual relations with our parents, our siblings, our pets and our children, we will no longer be aggressive pieces of shit they say; we will literally be too fucked to care about fighting. Maybe they are right, we do seem to have loosened up a bit with the whole “let’s get rid of evil elite Jews” thing, which quite a few nations before us tried, thanks to all of their derived deviant distractions for us. However, the theoretical stance that we are just aggressive and anti-semitic may just be because we are actually the morally superior ones, and they had to brainwash us to degrade us, so we lost that part of ourselves and then they could just carry on being sick in the head without us noticing, and banishing them like they have been banished again and again and again…

Back to the point, Paul Gebhard was the second director of the Kinsey institute from 1956-1982. Gebhard helped Kinsey attain his ‘research’ and has past claimed that their ‘data’ for gathering social norms was acquired from prisoners who had sexually molested children and animals, as well as raping male and female adults. Gebhard told the documentary ‘secret history’ in 1998 that they collaborated with offenders who had not yet been arrested, and that they could have handed over information to the authorities of active sexual deviants, but chose not to because their ‘research’ would then end and they would no longer have the information coming to them from a major pedophile ring in Britain who were happy to share their experiences.

Jewish June Reinisch was the third director from 1992-1993. Reinisch renamed the Kinsey Institute to ‘The Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender, and Reproduction’ – funny since some of the names mentioned in this piece aided the decriminalization of abortions. The addition of Gender to the title is also quite telling, since Jews are continually screwing with our ideas of gender. Reinisch created a whole new floor with a new library, art work and ‘The John Money Visiting Scholars Study’, which was very nice of her to pay homage to the man who thoroughly believed that sex was only a social construct and nothing more. When he was referred a little baby boy of 22 months who had been harmed so badly by circumcision that his penis was burnt away at 7 months old, Money decided that he would ensure he was given reassignment surgery and put on hormonal therapy treatment. The little boy/girl called Bruce/Brenda had a mental breakdown at the age of 13, his parents decided to tell him that he was a little boy not a girl, to which he changed his name to David, David had a twin brother and both boys suffered heavily from this trauma that interrupted their upbringing, and both committed suicide as adults. But, gender is just a social construct, right Reinisch?

Stephanie Sanders was given the reigns for just two years as an interim Director. Most of her work involved writing up research on condoms falling off, sliding off, and being hard to put on. I stopped counting after 20 plus studies, but this is obviously important. Well, important to ensure that they keep their research in the remit of ‘sexual health’, allowing their institute to have influence over sexual education.

John Bancroft was the Director from 1995-2004 and told the New York Times:

We are often attacked for not allowing people to come here. And yet, if we made the material that we have here generally available, there would be outrage, as well.

I think that is the point. They protect their massive catalogue of filth that could destroy them, almost as if they get off on it just being there, possibly literally since it is practically pornographic.

maxresdefault (11)

John Bancroft edited the book Sexual Development in Childhood. It begins:

Over the last 50 years we have seen a substantial change in the pattern of sexual activity among adolescents in the united states and many other parts of the world

No shit Sherlock, maybe because of your institute? The Kinsey Institute’s sordid history of sexual abuse and remaining silent about the perpetrators to gather evidence, was so that they could tell us all one day that it is okay to be a pedophile because children are unharmed by abuse. Sexual Development in Childhood was put together after a three day seminar on the sexual health of children. It was concluded when discussing what they call child/adult sex contact, not ‘abuse’ and ‘pedophilia’. The way they use terminology to normalize these criminal behaviors makes me feel sick. They state:

The Kinsey researchers agreed; The emotional reactions of parents, police officers and other adults who discover that the child has had such a contact may disturb the child more seriously than the sexual contacts themselves.

You see, those of us who think pedophilia is bad are just scaring children. What about all of the children who keep silent and grow up and take their own lives then? No authorities were involved to give them societal conditioning that being sexually abused was very fucking wrong and consequently ‘disturbing’ them. I guess they eventually felt the society frowning upon such activity as they grew up, since most people don’t see it as ‘contact’ but as horrendous predatory behaviour deliberately inflicting injury to the body and mind of those vulnerable and needing protection from their elders. Blaming society’s views on such sick and sadistic harm is shocking. The book also often refers to children as ‘aggressors’, saying that they not only enjoy sex, but initiate the activity and sometimes the victim here is not the child, but the man who is seduced by an 11 year old girl. Half the pedophiles when questioned believed they were led on. This book is using sick reasoning to ‘prove’ that children are sexual beings; a lot of this literature discussing children and sex tells us they are frustrated if they do not know how to masturbate properly and that sex education should include techniques of stimulation, since they naturally touch themselves and for some reason we should be involved with that exploration. My children all fiddle with their bits, and they also sit and pick their noses for probably the same length of time, but I do not see books everywhere obsessed with their nose picking techniques and satisfaction. I also do not see it as a fit argument that anybody else should go and pick a child’s nose for them, seeing as they like it and do it themselves.

Jewish Julia Heiman directed the Institute from 2004-2013. She has pointed out that there will be big changes to research within the subject of sexuality due to information and data collection from internet sites and, of course, migration. Migration and race mixing will show another side to western sexual behaviours. She sure is right. I know of one or two changes – rape increases and perhaps the lowering of sexual age consent?

Lonely girl crying with a hand covering her face

Finally we have Sue Carter, who is the present Director. Her work is based on the ideas of pair bonding; maybe now that they have brought in all of the migrants for us to cross breed with, they actually don’t want us to sleep around, and are happy for us to settle down? Carter is married to Stephen Porges, which is another Jewish name. How bizarre! If you think the massive over representation of Jews is a coincidence, you are mad. C. Sue Carter testifies:

I am honoured to follow in the steps of Dr Alfred Kinsey” (Kinsey Institute).

Those steps advocate criminal research, bestiality, pedophilia, gender reassignment of minors, the idea that homosexuality and bisexuality is the norm and that gender is a social construct, and all out sexual perversion and degeneracy. This is what they are teaching our children at school, our workforce, our students at university, our doctors in the hospital, and our pharmacists in the lab. These sick perverted people are forcing what they consider ‘normal’ onto us. They are anti-nature, while we are pro-nature.

They want us to believe that anti-nature is now ‘natural’.



19 thoughts on “The Kinsey Institute of Sexual Perversion

      1. The northern countries when once the Vikings lived, where the Waffengrenadier Division der SS Viking saw the light, are now in total control of the psycho jews. Teenager dressing like chicks and chicks dressing as boys at school. A chance? Meanwhile the country is invaded by ordes of low life mongrels coming from places where the zio ONGs prepare and fund them to flood Europe. All this human crap is represented by young males. See the agenda here?
        As an important blogger stated yesterday, the parents who allow all this to happen, must be hanged and the kids taken away to some Lebensraum where they can be raised properly.
        I see little hope and Im waiting for the downfall to come.


      2. In a collapsing world from all points of view, more slaves, white slaves in this case, are required. Whats ur IQ if u have any?


  1. Great article of Sinead.
    There are many ‘institutes’ the work for the same sick aims in many different nations. They all must be unveiled.

    A side note: anti-semitic is an improper term, a linguistic manipulation aimed at pqinting the zionit jews and jews in general as the Semitic ones.

    They have nothing to do with the real Semites. On the contrary, they are the only, real anti-semites.
    Let’s avoid being trapped by their tricks. By equating themselves to the Palestinians they want to appear as victims. It’s a typical twisted talmudic way to retort things against whom they hate more.


    1. “On the ‘Kinseyan concepts’ of normal sexual releases for males, Kinsey says Masturbation, Nocturnal emissions, Heterosexual relations, Homosexual relations and Bestiality are all acceptable forms of release.”

      Great article my ass. Bestiality indeed is wrong, the rest are normal. Sinead or whoever she is needs to learn to make the difference.


      1. Do you not understand how to read an article properly? If you cannot read something in it’s entirety of critical evaluation, you need to read something aimed at those with a lower intelligence.
        Because his concepts of sexuality state normal as well as abnormal behaviour, and call them all normal, are you then defending this piece shit? Who took timed accounts of child abuse from pedophile rings for years, as ‘research’ to tell us that children enjoy abuse!
        Are you defending this institution?


      1. There was an interesting article somewhere on the net or in a book Ive recently read.

        It dealt on forcing a heinous belief into the sheeple’s mind.

        The example the author used was antropophagi, cannibalism.

        How to make it acceptable to the public?

        A controversial book dealing on ancient supposed civilization: how were they dealing with the matter, would help introducing the filthy argument by breaking the ice. The book would win a notorious award and raise as a best sellers on the politically correct shelf.

        Then a movie, showing the same thing. A few holly-jew actors enacting the good and the bad one ending up eaten for a ‘good cause’.

        Then some ‘scientific conventions’ would take place, explaining that our pseudo-evolutionist fraud fits perfectly the matter. Eating each other is natural and sometimes, even fine. The story of the passengers of the south american airliner crashed on the Andes would be tele-programmed for weeks.

        Marketing: T-shirts reading:’ You are beautiful, can I eat you?’ would appear on the net. Mugs, too. ‘You are beautiful, can I drink you?’

        Fake Witness would pop up telling their mom survived the ‘nazi’ gas chambers eating the neighboring jew.

        Colored-Hunger-pride parades would take place in any zio controlled nation. Epic music, archery and rainbow colored undies would be displayed: ‘we are are just hungry humans’ they would read.

        People would easily get the habit of this ‘new wave stance’ in costumes…

        Building consensus, they name it.


  2. Important alert:

    Yourward news, the anti-zio, anti neo marxist physical paper with 1 million subscribers is launching a campaign against femimarxists, SJWs and the like.

    Now we can have doubts about Red Ice Radio, but my take is Dr Sears is a honest and relentless fighter:


  3. Of course Jew-Hollywood had to glorify this sick f**k in a movie, played by Liam Neeson. They tried to make him appear like a pioneer, doing research that no one else would do (or could stomach). Like he did society a big favor. While in reality he was just feeding his own twisted sexual perversions and working to normalize heinous degeneracy. His institution is absolutely responsible for making it possible for perverts and pedophiles to thrive in their sickness and get away with it. I hope his legacy burns to the ground and takes his successors with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think that, like many other things, the truth about any of these matters didn’t matter to the Semites. They just use it as a weapon. The very recent notion of “muh age of 18” is just that, a recent invention. Not everything is as cut and dry as the flooring in a Masonic temple.

    But none of that matters to the Jews or their “institutes.” I think, more than anything else, it shows how redefining terminology is a powerful tool, and one that we should continue using for our purposes.

    In our own countries free from occupation, our people can solve any and all issues. Our real problem is that foreigners, in particular, the Jews who bring other foreigners in, create more and more problems and use them as tools to…create more and more problems.

    Truly, they are the cancer. I doubt very seriously that outside of their fringe group of weirdoes that much of this other stuff is popular at all, nor would it need to be if our people could have their stable home and husband or wife. They always play two insane extremes to destroy the middle of anything reasonable.

    Liked by 1 person

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