Why Is There a Wave of People All over the World Randomly Having Sex in Broad Daylight?

by Piper McGowin of The Daily Sheeple

There are an awful lot of people claiming they are possessed lately. And a lot of people randomly attacking people on the bus and other forms of public transit without any obvious provocation.

And now here’s the latest new bizarre trend hitting the sunlit streets in the last few weeks… people randomly having sex in broad daylight in public places right out where everyone else can see it (and film it and put it on the internet) without a care in the world (such as getting arrested or having someone film you having sex in broad daylight and put it on the internet).

It’d be one thing if it was one or two people or even one or two couples, but this is happening with lots of couples all over the globe.

And it isn’t just people with people, either. For example…

On June 17th, it was reported that a man was caught in New Zealand having sex out in the open in the middle of the day with… the road. Yes, that’s right, the road, right outside of a building in broad daylight to filmed by the office workers inside. “This is what we’ve come to work to this morning, this little ground sex session going on just outside the window,” one witness retorted on the video he shot of the incident.

On June 30th, a couple in Modesto, California thought a good place to have sex would be on that little cement island for all the traffic passing by at the intersection of 19th Street, H Street and La Loma Avenue. In broad daylight. A passing police officer stopped them.

On July 2nd, it was a guy down in Florida filmed being inappropriate with a tree… and again, in broad daylight.

On July 5th, a couple was filmed in broad daylight doing it on a bench on the waterfront in Novorossiysk, Russia’s main port on the Black Sea on the Western side of the country… without a care in the world.

On July 7th, a couple had sex in broad daylight right outside the Wales football team’s Euro hotel.

On July 15th, it was a couple on the ground right outside the Barcelona Library, again in broad daylight.

On July 22nd, it was a couple right in front of everyone just off a busy street on the party island of Phi Phi in Thailand.

On July 23rd, it was a couple on a sidewalk in a residential area in Minsk, Belarus. The man was filmed with his pants around his ankles wearing a Nike hoodie, and when the story went viral, it prompted a series of really lame “Just Do It!” memes.

And no, this is not an exhaustive list.

Not all of these people were drunk and/or on drugs, either. So what is going on? Is this some weird mass mind control experiment? Is CERN on the fritz? Is all the WI-FI finally frying people’s brains? Why the sudden epidemic of random public sex in broad daylight?

Obviously we don’t live in the Victorian period but damn, is modesty that dead?


6 thoughts on “Why Is There a Wave of People All over the World Randomly Having Sex in Broad Daylight?

  1. Mental manipulation, mk ultra & monarch, more modern MW targeted programs and neural control may be experimented on unaware people.
    Check where your closest cell antenna lies, buddies.


  2. When a man or a woman is not unconditionally balance in itself and can not be unique and absolute author of his actions, then inevitably it has an insane need to be seen and to be recognized as generating other people without an identity a ripple effect endless.

    All this is typical of decadent societies and cultures as the current ones where the children are taught to ask for help and to depend to others rather than to be proud of their indipendence and to conquer his own life with with absolute independance of judgment and unencumbered by religious and ideological superstitions dominant of all the still churches and sects rampant and still mass religions dominant.


    1. This is an interesting analysis. There are all kinds of techs that have been tested for messing with people’s minds, to say nothing of the common ones that did plenty on their own, but a lot of people fail to recognize that this sort of behavior happened long before microwave-anything was ever around.

      Personally, I find the mindlessness behind many of these behaviors far more disturbing than the behaviors themselves. We will never reach sanity so long as ZOG is in power–that’s the other thing I know for sure.


  3. The Communist Global Revolution aims to take societies, civilization, down to the lowest possible common denominator, the basic animal instinct, for it is there that the ‘cattle prod’ is most effective on the human.


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