They Are Bound to Turn to Nothing

Repeat after me
“The beauty of diversity is the vibrancy”
Repeat again,
and again
as we are sacrificed on the altar
of growth for the sake of growth,
of willful destruction
hand in hand with naivety.
Sometimes it’s hard to know
who pulls the strings,
who holds the power.
Looking deeper,
at the heart of it is evil.
All the death and rapes
are only distraction.
The end is far worse,
if it comes to that.

I hear her cackling laugh.
Her voice like a shard
of putrid ice,
stabbing at the heart of all that is good.
The sickly voices
of those that are elite in name,
never in deed.

It all appears as if it’s crumbling apart
at their hands.
The power taken by the most sickly,
the most destructive,
their useful idiots walk in line.
That line shall be pushed
the voices of putrid ice shattered,
smashed, never to return.
To attempt immortality
at the expense of all else,
they are bound
to turn to nothing.


4 thoughts on “They Are Bound to Turn to Nothing

  1. The buzzword here to promote misgenetion and white genocide is ‘diversity’ and ‘resource’.
    Yes Ladies & Gents: we are receiving so many ‘resources’ from the Mediterranean sea we’ll soon get rid of our own life style. Neanderthal New Age they call the new social trend.


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