Onision Shoah


16 thoughts on “Onision Shoah

  1. Sinead,
    I have posted a reply below the vid on YT.

    We are risking to carry water to the windmill of a pervert.

    A dumb, insignificant hybrid. Nevetheless, you raise fair points and use good reasoning.

    my little suggestion about subjects you could develop:

    -Runes, the magical alphabet used all over Europe
    -Ezra Pound: his poetry, his ideas, his role, his sacrifice by the hands of the ‘allies’. The fight against Usurocracy
    -Linguistic manipulation: we are what we talk. Neo-modern mantra used as weapons to silence the opponent: fascism, racism, homophobia, democracy, war on terror, diversity, conspiracy theory etc etc.
    -Art and degenerate art: the role of Art and the role of degenerate, jewish art in the current, dying society (see you’ve posted something already)
    -History debunked: from the creation of the jewish Bank-o’ -England to Jekyll Island.
    From the FED to WWI and Communism. From the artificially induced 1929′ depression to WWII etc.
    (I have some easy-reading source about)


    1. One last thing on this thread:
      They are tools connected to some Adl or Idl. The perverted dumbasses despite their ignorance, do know they have no hope on this topic. They use their illiterate and risible rantings for two main reasons:
      -brainwash the disgraced and misguided teens acting as ‘leaders’

      -keeping you busy with them, diverting your attention from topics their masters consider more dangerous…


  2. They can spam all the jew-vids they want. They are dead.
    Just ask them to provide a single Proof about the holoScam.
    Later I’ll post an interesting link to a site dealing with the inane narrative of the holocau$t. Dozens ‘survs’ get hilariosly bashed. Its food for the soul and relax for the mind.
    Again my personal take is to simply ask them a proof which can withstand a trial. Something unfit for the laughter. Just for once. They will fail. Take my word.


    1. No..? Where are the gates keeping the female zio cattle apart, popping out in your synagugue.

      Where is located the separated portion of ‘the wall’ where the submissed zio women can go and smash their shock-absorber-provided forehead over some disrupted rocks?

      Trolling here won’t bear any good to the ones you get the buck from.


    2. Not only in i$rae£…

      also elsewhere. The cabbal wants all jews to overtake a serious scrutiny by their talmudic service in the strip. Any local community must comply if they want the blessing from the beast.


  3. ‘Free Speech, Demokracy, RaciSm, Homophoby, Human Rights, Hate TM, nazi (WTF?), fascism (typed with lower case letters).. (Rolling Eyes!)


    The simple fact you adopt the debunked, dequalified P.C. jargon makes of you a dangerous libtard. For your own offspring, in particular.

    If you want to make a public jocke of yourself, you can ask with relentless masochism to be ‘rented’ to the public laughter. If I were in you, I’d skip it, though.
    Where is your sense of decency…?
    I’d go back to the CO2 related ‘issues’….


    1. I’ve deleted this jews comments because they are somehow getting approved without being moderated first and that’s just not cool.


  4. Which truth hasbara..?

    I see only PC rantings about ‘racism, homophoby, nazism’ and debunked, unspendable tricks from a deranged, illiterate zio-libtard.


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