Disgusting Propaganda Urging Whites to Adopt Black Babies

Get the vomit bag ready.  Not only is this creepy as hell that the man is just hanging out in his underwear but this is clearly propagandizing Whites to be “cool” and “trendy” and adopt Black babies.  Not only is this absolutely appalling for Whites to do, it is selfish and hurts the Black children too.  They will grow up with a family that looks nothing like them and will most likely grow resentful and grow up extremely confused.  I have a feeling little Tyrone here will grow up to rape and murder “mommy” and “daddy”.


10 thoughts on “Disgusting Propaganda Urging Whites to Adopt Black Babies

  1. How about they cut their breeding rates, or stop slaughtering each other, so less of their babies need to be adopted??? Adoption is a cop out, they need to deal with the causes…


  2. This kind of ‘mongrelling’ propaganda is no news.
    When I was a kid I remember the fried mantra of the ‘black kids to be saved’. Not so different from today.
    At the time only radical-chic families could afford the expenses and receive the proper tribute for their humanity…..
    It was cool and altruistic for benestant, white families-already with their kids-to adopt a black children and guarantee him…’a better future’ (SIC). And Wooo…Very, very modern.

    Misgenetion, melting pot: alternative terms for genocide.

    Then, if we look who’s behind the tragedy in african nations, if we check who’s pushing for the invasion, we’ll see the same hook nosed ones.

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  3. Adopting black babies, is great, but what the heck does UNDERWEAR have to do with Adoption!!??? AND…..where is his wife???? I hope to God his “wife” is FEMALE from birth, as there is no other kind. Gays should be banned from.all adoption!


  4. and what negros would do, screwing around, pop up niglets and we should raise them? no thank you i better adopt dog and cat knowing it won’t kill me in my sleep or rob me when I have few bucks.


  5. Is it supposed to be an underwear ad with some social engineering mixed in? “Show him your jockey” – *barf* Whatever it is, it´s really fucking creepy!


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