The First Holocaust : The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure


6 thoughts on “The First Holocaust : The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure

  1. Why is it so important for you that this number is wrong. Let’s say the right number is maybe 5 or 4 or even 3 million. Does that make it more acceptable or tolerable somehow, the murder and persecution of so many Jews?


    1. It matters that jews were not systematically exterminated in gas chambers like we’ve all been led to believe. It also matters that jews have been getting reparations and special privileges based on a total lie.

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      1. Not only Sinead. NOT only.

        They have unleashed (WWI and..) WWII for their sick thirst of blood and for fear the anti-capitalistic Nations of the Ax would have turned their banksterism and Usurocracy-based demo-regime into tatters. Then they have killed, murdered and indeed holocausted millions Europeans. After that they have brutally occupied, confused, braiwashed, manipulated the minds of the Europeans by sneaking into the power unseen as per ancient talmudic habit. They have polluted and destroyed what once were nations.
        Germany is a actually a ‘Organisationsform einer Modalitaet der Fremdherrschaft’ by the very words author of the illegitimate Grundgesetz (german constitution) Carl Schmid. Germany is the cow from which the zionist porks gets milked. That’s why Germany is still an economic power in Europe! Italy is no different. France is held by a Voll Jude, like Germany.
        Brai Brith, ADL and such scam are omnipresent. Not to mention the powerful ‘communities’ linked to the democratic regime.

        And they still cry fake tears, these psychos.

        We will end like the disgraced South Afrikan Whites if we dont stand still against the lie.

        The US may be the next to be silenced, like Canada.

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    2. Avi, you risk to become an easy banter.

      The greatest scam of all times, your holoHoax is dead. Burnt in a real oven of laughter and booing. Get finally a reason of it.

      You have been implementing illegitimate, outrageously shameful ‘laws’ against the free speech in Europe simply because your thousands ‘Survs’, overpaid PAIR reviewed (*) historians and holo-pornographers have been framed n’ screwed by only a small number of holo-oppressed researchers, truthers and (real) historians. It’s all vain, folk. You have been pinned like a butterfly on a A4 format paper sheet.

      In Auschwitz you’ve already sold out your 4 millions..Take care: the six gorillions will vanish in a blink if you keep driving at this average speed.

      (*) PAIR Reviewed Committee of Zio Grass-Rooters. Composition: two lil rolling members on either side. The bigger president permanently sitting in the mid.

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