CIA Director John Brennan Admits To Stratospheric Aerosol Injection


4 thoughts on “CIA Director John Brennan Admits To Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

  1. The matter of the geo & bio-engineering is one of the filthiest things witnessed in this slanderous era.

    You can fight the system, you can avoid those you dislike and punch those who attack you but you can do little to prevent the monstrous quantity of heavy metals, nano-particles, modified bacteria etc that come from above to end up in your body and in the water you drink. Let’s remember chemtrails go embedded with RF frequencies.
    GPS, 3-4G mobile communication, aeronautic ILS (instrumental landing sys), new gen aero-navigations systems based on transponders etc, do work if humity in the air is reduced potherwise the signal gfets disturbed. Also the MW saturated athmosphere is fit for Haarp and other criminal experiments or military black ops against ‘those who dont comply’.

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    1. Fuel today is named A1 jet. In the past we had the good ol’historic JP4. Theu use special kerosene now containing anti-static additives for the fan of the engine. These additives contain aluminium and create micro filaments. The name of the fuel is Al-Ice. The additive they use is Stadis 450. Then they have special nozzles which spray Aluminium Barium Strontium, radioactive nanoparticles, filaments, modified bacteria and viruses.


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