The Bagelian Dialectic – Left vs. Right


17 thoughts on “The Bagelian Dialectic – Left vs. Right

  1. When a very rich White race person states or posts in White race controlled media /s , (If there are any), that the primary issue is stopping White race genocide & separating from its causes by living in ALL White race only communities & reproducing more almost pure White race kids, Then I might listen to that almost pure rich White race person for a few minutes . The media/s that most everyone listens to is for the insane world peoples not for awake White race people , we are very different & much wiser than them we will always be the outsiders looking in but at least we know the truth & are (In theory), resistant to brainwashing which gives us a small advantage to see things coming in the future.


  2. I hope “Reality Calls” chick will watch this. I feel bad for her in a way…2% Jew and proud of it. Still, she didn’t ban us and close her 2% Jewish mind, she said she’d look further into the truth of Jewish fuckery. Seeing someone willing to learn and change gives me some hope. Good work Sinead 🙂 “Bagelian Dialectic”- lol

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  3. I dont get whos the rich white guy. I only see a fair amount of hairy hypocrisy been aired by a pervert who’s on jooz’ payroll. Damage Control, his stance is named by the friendly folks of zio cointelpro.


    1. Excellent question rudo………. , Where is she / he ? I have not seen or read of She or He in the medias . Who is, the richest “ALMOST PURE” with 93.75%+ White race genetics on the planet that can control at least 9% of the planet with her /his money / wealth ? WHY , have they not communicated in their controlled medias to separate & join together & STOP White race GENOCIDE NOW ! WHY? ALL of us awake Almost pure white race people know that the Anti-White races that control everything have appointed T.P. or H.K. as their head dogs or ponies for the dog & pony show for the goyslaves for who controls things . We awake almost pure White race people know they are just appointed HR people for the unknown richest Anti- White race controllers that control everything on the planet . WHY doesn’t the richest White race person STAND the f..k UP & tell White race people to separate from the causes of our White race genocide ? We Almost Pure White race people WILL be so reduced in numbers in less than 5 years that we WILL NOT ,(Because most of us will be to old to reproduce), have enough numbers to stop & reverse our Almost Pure White race numbers (Through reproduction with other ALMOST PURE WHITE RACE PEOPLE) , that , we will be extinct forever ! The HYBRED White race people (75%-93.75% Almost pure White race genetics) , have another 20 years or so before they also will be too far gone to come back from extinction by increasing their HYBRED White race reproduction rates . The RICHEST Almost pure White race people have sold us Almost pure White race people out to the Anti-White races world controllers . They have caused our White race genocide & impending EXTINCTION but they will still give billions to save endangered animals ie. whales , eagles , frogs , minnows , ect…. but nothing to save one of the highest developed human White race phenotypes. It’s a sad state of affairs .


      1. You wont see nor hear anything from the almost white race wealthy guy,
        Why? Because he is a product of the cabal.
        Check Usurocracy, Dainestocracy, Demo-cracy, Capital-ism etc for further lights.


  4. You nailed it as usual. Only thing we disagree on is the “Palestine” stuff, but you nailed it as always, Sinead! Excellent work calling out the Alt Kike and shaming those who know better.


  5. The Tibetan genocide is another clear point of connection to the left. It was trendy to want to “Free Tibet”, and it is exactly the same technique being used against us. Plus, even the Dalai Lama recognizes white genocide!

    +1 to the environmentalism that was a mainstay of National Socialist policy

    and to anyone who might disagree, virtually every sentence in this could have a footnote taken directly from Mein Kampf. One could call them eternal truths, but they will have an end when we have our ultimate victory, and a new era will dawn, so long lightening the sky above us.

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  6. Did Cuckteff and co. get money from the (((NPI))) crew or something? Because I just listened to her interview with ‘Lady LaSSarus’, and it took Lana only a hot second to start talking about Trump. And of course had to talk about meeting “Alt Right” guys. While Lana doesn’t shy away from the Jew Problem per se, I noticed her guest this time referenced feminism being a Jewish influence – twice – and Lana immediately jumped into “Liberal women” instead of being like, yeah, Lady SS, clearly this stems from organized Jewry intending on destroying white people. No need to make the whole show about that – but why not at least mention that once and clearly? Lady SS obviously tried to go there a couple times!


      1. When Alan Watt broke from them, he mentioned that “British money” was running the operation there. There’s an audio on the net somewhere of him saying this. And Palmgren mentioning him as “delusional, paranoid” ( the same petty insults normies throw around all the time ).
        Palmgren/Lotkeff are throwing a soft, semi-normie line there for resented fools who wanna be cool. Just like the homoerotic Alt. Right. Attacking “feminism” is as inoffensive as supporting Mega-Jew Drumpf.
        Changing topic, what do you think about little Masonic bitch David Duke announcing today he’s running for office again ? You’re already full of enemies, might as well talk about that. I consider that guy a joke.


      2. I’ve talked about him before. Seems he’s just another politician who doesn’t actually really want the whole truth revealed.


  7. Wow. Henrik on (((RT))) selling out hard. 3 hours 21 minutes in.

    No mention of White genocide, no mention of Kalergi, no mention of an impending police state, no mention of mass deportations.. . just “politicians aren’t keeping Europeans safe.” – lol! is he suggesting more security? why not suggest repatriating these third worlders back home as the security measure?

    truly a beta asshole.


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